Saturday, August 08, 2009

Do i attract "weird people" or something?

Ok, maybe it's not exactly "weird", but when i'm out shopping alone, i usually really don't like to be approached by strangers (people who i 100% don't know). I actually loath it so much, i would give you a stare so evil babies would cry being in it's 100km radius.

Ok, so drama. But i love being drama so it's ok =P!

But seriously, i don't like being approached by strangers, be it sales person, "charity" (don't believe in those "approach" charity, especially when you're eating!!), bla bla when i'm out alone!

So anyways, here's what happen.
Was at the post office in OU (should've listened to my iPod!! Guarantee nobody come near you!), when suddenly i was approached by this smartly dressed woman. I think she was standing outside the post office around the time when i entered. Anyways, she introduced herself, asked where i'm from studying or not bla bla, and then she asked me if i know anyone who want to gain weight then lose it!

Naturally, i was a bit shocked by what she said. I mean, which idiot would want to gain weight and lose weight weight? (anyways somewhere in the back of my mind was wondering if lose weight nya for FREE i guess i wouldn't mind hehehe) But i think, and the first person which comes to my mind was LeggyPoo, then again, she vouches to be underweight, so i cross her out and said NO.
Then *can't remember what happen* but she went on to ask me to contact her should i know anyone who wants to do so... and asked if i know where some condo is. I know, and she said tonight (well, yesterday night anyways) they will be having some party to test some health shakes(?) or something, and ask me to try make it if i can (like yeah i would go what turf).

I thought she would leave after that, but she came back and asked for my FB add (told her i don't use FB that often), or if i use MSN (nope, Yahoo! Messenger. I can sense i'm becoming DongHae (cue the nick HeeChul gave him.)).
Then, she asked if there is any way she could "keep in touch" with me. I so wanted to say no! But i thought it would be impolite (bloody booger, like she knows me lar! I should've just be rude =P!) so i just give her the email to my FB, and said although i don't use it often, if she message me there i can receive it, so... yeah.
Note to self: Be quick thinking and give fake email addresses next time this kinda situation happens.
I stupidly give her my real one (= ="). I hope she never emails me. It's just all very weird to me honestly!

Ooh, and these were the thought that go through my head when she was talking to me.
"What turf, i'm trying to mail a letter, GO AWAY! STOP TALKING TO ME!"
"I want to SUE! She's intruding into my own personal space! I'm going to call Cheryl now!"
"Is she going to spray something onto my face, where i'll faint and she'll proceed to rob me and everything? OMG i'm so drama, and i'm at the post office."
"Quick, think of a way to get rid of her!"
"Bla-bla-bla, LET ME GO!! I have a movie to catch!"

To be fair, i guess the whole thing wasn't *that* weird... except the part when she invited me to the "party" (who knows if it's actually real or not? And if it's safe! Weird much?), and wanted to "keep in touch"... eeeeeeeeeee!

So seriously, do i look like an open invitation to weird stuffs? Or i just look dumb that it seemed easy to con me or something something?

I'm so bringing along a baseball bat the next time i go out alone. And glue my iPod to myself. Bah!!

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