Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Absolutely my favourite commercial.

Some of my opinions on ads i've watched in the cinema =D!

I heart is so much, it still makes me laugh even after watching it a gazillionth times!

I heart it so much (and has watched it so many times), that do you realize what the ladies did is exactly what the mans did? Except that the mans is so much more funnier, especially the one in light blue (blonde curly hair)!
His expression is SO PRICELESS, that Citibank (is it?) and Heineken should collaborate and do an ad together, rofl!

On the other hand...

This ad is starting to annoy me. (maybe because Heineken's so funny?)
(But salute to Arthur Guinness! I don't drink alcohol, but i take Guinness =P!)

And sorry man.

But this ad so totally sucks. They could've done better.

And also this dandruff commercial. I think it's "Clear"? I'm so thankful they stop showing it, because seriously... OMG!!

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