Saturday, August 08, 2009

I'm home!

Super backdated post. Written when i got back from Australia few months back =P!

A lot of people asked me what was my cat's reaction when i got home (er, actually no, just my cousin =P!), and i can tell you it was hilarious!
To me at least it was (^^ )!

This is the first time i was away from Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul for so long, that i was actually wondering how would her reaction be when i got home.
Would she "scold" or "nag" me non stop? ("Why are you away for so long?")
Total ignorance ("You ignored me so i'm ignoring you now.")
Happy that i'm back? ("I miss you~~~~~~!")
Or... well... i hope this never happen but...
"Oh, you were away?"
(= =")... knowing HeeChul, that's a possibility.

So after an 8 hour flight, 2 hours in the airport, 1 hour journey from the airport, 30 minutes breakfast and another 15 minutes to get home (lols!), i was so excited to be home!
Before we reached, i was half hoping HeeChul would be waiting at the door (something about how pets would know when their owner are coming home or something like that), but she wasn't.
... ok, fine!

I then got out from the car and started yelling, "HeeChul, HeeChul", but still no sign of the fat thing!
Isn't she happy i'm finally home?

So i got in, and i saw her at the patio, looking at me.
Probably wondering "Who is that person? Why is she calling me?"
Or more likely, "What turf. You're the one who left me and now you want me to come to you?"
I was walking to her, but of course i have to greet my Grandma first! Was talking to her when HeeChul suddenly walked to me and started meowing aloud.
Either is:
"OMG YOU'RE HOME!" (because she finally realize it was me, and not anyone else)
or "Hey you, shouldn't you come to ME first?"

"I'm BACK!!" i told her, and carried her and sayang her abit... and...
She totally ignored me (= =").
Like seriously. She wouldn't even look at me, what turf!!

I went to get some treats to feed her (she still remember all the tricks i taught her), and she was back to normal, lols! How quick!
Then, HeeChul went outside to play (i think), so i went upstairs to unpack my bags when she suddenly run upstairs and started meowing non-stop outside my room door, until i open the door to let her in!
How adorable can she get XD!!

She proceeded to sleep at my window sill, something which i think she hasn't done for a long time, that i think she misses it. She looks contended sleeping there! And i give her more treats which i bought from Australia, and she "forgive" me soon after
Yes, she loves her treats!

That said, i discovered something foul-smelling when i first entered my room, after so long.
I *thought* it was because nobody was in the room... until i saw... "this".
(Please look away if your stomach cannot take what you're about to see below.)

Yes, the "present" for me because i was away for so long, what turf!
AND ON MY RUG!! (don't worry, it's washed now!)

Oh well, i guess i do deserve it to some extend, but still! BAH!
But oh well, it's ok, because i'm home Baby (^^ )!

"Yes yes, stop disturbing me!!"
Oh yeah, she's such a Princess! ㅋㅋㅋ

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