Saturday, August 08, 2009

One thing about being me.

Personally, as a Malaysian, since we're multi-cultural and everything, i somehow always feel that we're more "open" and can easily accept different cultures etc (of course, am stereotyping. Can come up with list of people who aren't so, kekeke!).

That is from what i see anyways. I find Malaysians are very into Asian and "International" (or Western) stuffs as well, aren't we? Whether in terms of fashion, entertainment etc.

We're a variety =D!

Anyways, why i'm writing this... well, was watching Misuda the other day, and they were talking about the different views on MEN between Korean girls and the Misuda ladies. Like their views on bald men, guys with moustaches etc.
I find that i linger somewhere in between! Some i agree with the "Korean side", and some the "Misuda" side!

One one of their "topic"(?) was their view on guys in skinny jeans (and pink shirt, but i'm leaving that out lar, main point are about the skinny jeans!)!

Ok, i actually don't exactly like their pants, but this pic will do!

Personally, i find guys in skinny jeans HOT! Or rather, very stylish!
But mind, the skinny i meant are not those "tight-tight" skinny, just "ngam-ngam" tight those type, you know. Gosh i'm picky.
But apparently, not a lot of girls like guys in skinny, they think it's gay (or at least, the Misuda girls thinks so... sorta)! What do you think?

Ooh, and also, apparently a lot of girls (even in Malaysia) don't like it if their guys take longer than them to get ready before going out!!

I don't know, i guess i won't like it if he takes ages to get ready and is always running late (lol, to myself: hypocrite much?)! But personally, as long it's not like "i'm-already-a-hundred-years-old" that kinda long, it's ok isn't it?
I like guys who actually bothers to take care of their appearance, and especially when it comes to hygiene!! Some guys (and even some girls) think it's sissy to do so (to be hygienic), but i think it's a way to show respect to yourself, and also to the person you'll be meeting! To look presentable, good, clean etc, isn't it?
And also because i'm an OCD.
So... yeah.
(ps: I'm so the biggest contradicting, full of irony hypocrite in the world! Bah! XD)

I remember when watching LOTR, the reason why i prefer Legolas so much more as compared to the rest is because... well... he looked like he bothered to shower (=v=")... the rest looked kinda er... yeah, hehehe!

So there you have it!
What do you think? Guys whose Zac Efron-ish or what??

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