Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The thing with me and poems.

Speaking of poems, i seriously hate poems.
I prefer lyrics definitely. No competition. And i hate poems. I just said that right? Good. I HATE POEMS!
But ahah, here comes another contradicting part of me.
I hate poems, but then i love meaningful words and phrases WHICH sounded as if it could've come from a poem.

I think this has something to do with because poems are usually very rigid etc, whereas lyrics, phrases etc are free flow. You are free to fill it in, you don't have to be so rigid, and you're not limited by the way you express yourself.

Ah, i learn something new about myself everyday. Things i don't really think about, sometimes it just hits your head "Yeah, i really don't like it/ like it" etc. And there'll always be a contradicting part when it comes to me. I think this has something to do with being a Gemini. BUT ANYWAYS...

People who judge or stereotype me will just surprise themselves as i laughed back at them! I don't care what they want to think of me lar, and nor do i think i'm being a hypocrite (but honestly, i do find myself being one in a way - see, contradicting myself again!).

Take it like it's a freaking bloody contract.
Party A and B wants to make a deal with each other. That's a general statement.
But then there'll be all those clauses involve.
Like when i say, "I LOVE guys who speaks in an accent."
And my "little clauses" what not will be: "But i so totally hate it if the guy speaks as if he's having a cold, and not accent. Total turn off."
There'll definitely be a never-changing general statement, but there'll also always be those little clauses, certain criterias here and there which contradicts the general statement.

Hey, i'm just being ME (^^ )!

People who take me "rigidly" (by the book blah-blah) and not open to changes easily will think i'm a hypocrite, but maybe if you're not so rigid, and more open, and let me explain myself instead of jumping to "omg you're such an easily changing person" in your head immediately and not listening to me when i explain, maybe you'll be able to find out more, and understand a little bit more me =)!

I find if you are quick to judge, you will never ever truly understand someone, because when you quickly come to conclusion, it's difficult for you to change that perception in your head no matter what!

Also, i don't like it when i to talk to someone, i need to keep covering the different loopholes nada wada. That's a lawyer's job, not mine. Do you want to talk to someone as if they are quoting from a freaking contract?
"Ok, you pay RM1000, but then clause A-bla-bla-bla, B-bla-bla-bla..." EWWW!!

Seriously, if you hear me out, instead of being so quick to judge me, you'll probably understand everyone else more too =D!

There is a lot of different situations to this kind of situation(?); i'm not talking about personality important stuffs, it's merely on preference and how someone handles a situation as well. I myself also don't know how to explain it too well, but all i know is i'm trying my best not to judge someone or take anyone else "too rigidly". I don't think i'm good at it yet, i think i still does so unknowingly... but hey, at least i'm trying!

I find this is better for myself, and also for people around me. Who likes to be constantly judged honestly? For me, i seriously don't (like to be judged), so i'm doing it as a favour to others, or maybe myself, that hopefully others would do suit to me too. Do you think you can do so too?

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