Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Horan, Alex, and OCD-ness.

One thing i totally love from watching Misuda, is the many opinions you form after watching it, due to the different topics and what different people from different parts of the world say, where the culture etc will definitely slightly differ!

Ah, the thing is not everyone watches the show, so i don't have a lot of people to discuss it with! But it really is a really good watch!

THAT SAID... one sad thing is, it's like a "trend"(?) among Korean varieties, it's like after they change to new format and all, it gets kinda boring!! Because i prefer seeing open discussions and opinions and stories etc, as compared to "doing stuffs".
They did the discussion story stuffs during the first half, which i really like, (then for this week) they did poem for the second half, which honestly, to me is quite boring, even though it was hilarious!
I will definitely still watch it, no change in that! But no denying, it is getting dull!

Anyways, from this week's... ALEX AND HORAN! OMG, they are just adorable!
I love watching Horan on varieties. I like the way her mind thinks, and how she doesn't "succumb" to the typical Korean girls on variety programs. (Regarding those girls, they are good to watch, but after a while it's just plain dull because the other 10 before her are the same.), and is pretty much herself!
Even though it was scripted, there'll always be some truth hold in whatever she said, and frankly, i really like the way she presents herself!

And Alex along (with Horan) is just funny! Horan just gives off a very seriously, seriously, super cold joke which nobody understand, and then Alex added, "You have to be with her for 5 years to know (understand?) her" (something like that, can't remember the exact phrase)!
It's like he has his own opinion, yet he wants to know and understand your opinion as well! What i see is it's kinda a very un-chauvinistic way.
(Well, maybe it's scripted this way, but it's ok, because the way he talks is still pretty hot!)

And this is another adorable point on Horan and Alex which added loads of chocolate sundae (everyone also use brownie, i cannot use chocolate sundae instead meh?) points for them!

This week was poem, and one of the "task"(?) is how poets "talk" to non-living inanimate objects as if they were alive.
Well, personally, for me i talk to everything and treat them like they are living. It's just me, i like doing so (^^ )!

ANYWAYS, Alex didn't really elaborate whether he does so, but he did say, example, he will relate his car's part's like "body parts"; like when he washes the bumper, he'll say "washing the butt" (because this is the only one i remember, i was giggling all the way. I think the headlights are the eyes or something!)!
I think it's cute! To me it feels like he's very himself, it's not like his hiding how he really is (or maybe it's scripted but i still don't care, haha!) - because honestly to some people they think it's stupid - and the best part is such a hot guy like him has such a cute side! Adorableness!

Then Horan said she won't "talk" to inanimate objects, but she will talk to her cats when they are waiting for her at the door when she gets home.
"How are you?" "Did (cat's name lupa liao, Miho i think?) bully you?" "Have you eaten?" "Have you go to the bathroom?" etc etc.
She talks more to her cat than me!! I would just go "HELLO! HELLO! Whose the cutest thing in the world?"... Then i would walk to my computer and ignore her until she started meowing non-stop to get my attention! Hehehe =P!
(But don't feel too sorry for HeeChul, she's good at jumping up onto the table when i'm using the computer (and ignoring her), then she will sleep somewhere which is near where my hand is, and use her "evil-but-in-a-very-discreet-way-that-you-just-think-it's-cute-and-nothing-evil" ways to stop me from using the computer and pay attention to her.

After the show, they showed one of my favourite songs, 바래 by FT Island.
The translation for the title KBS did, is, "You're the only one in my eye" or something.
When the title is only "바래", which literally means "HOPE".

I think this is another of my OCD traits, but i really don't like translation like that!! I prefer literal translation, like serious literal literal!
Because when you do translations like that, it just opens to more misinterpretations etc, or in other words: LOST IN TRANSLATION. LOLS!

So yeah, another OCD fact. Gosh, i'm so OCD i don't know to love or hate myself. What turf.

ps: So totally hate those mushroom hair. EWWWW!
I think ShinDong sported something similar before, but in his defence, it's nice on him. It's "just-nice". Not too jilat or anything!
And it's definitely not those overly act-cute "oh-look-at-me-nunas-i'm-so-cute-you-love-me-don't-you" type of style when it's on him, rather, just adorable! Unlike a few other younger stars who are currently sporting the same hairstyle, and for them it's just too cute until very over liao! Because they have baby face some more, so cuteness overload.
But it's not those "good" cuteness overload. No no no.
When i see those younger artists with such hair... i seriously want to puke (and i get bored of it after a few minutes) and want to slap them as well.

Oh yeah, i'm so fussy! Hah!~

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