Monday, August 10, 2009

A "FYL" moment.

Today i went to watch "Kungfu Tootsie" (bloody movie, wasted my RM7. Luckily i have enough sense to leave and watch Harry Potter (again) instead) alone, and when i bought my ticket, NO OTHER SEATS WERE TAKEN!! I was like, "OMG! I'll be the only one in the whole cinema!!"
It was still ok... then when it was time, and i entered the cinema, IT REALLY WAS ONLY ME! And the lights were dimmed the minute i enter ok!! It's like i was the one who brought darkness upon the cinema what turf!

But admitedly, it was all fine and dandy (initially quite scary... how if suddenly got someone talk to me from behind?) having the WHOLE cinema to yourself! In fact, i got so comfortable and "at home", i just proceeded to call someone and talk aloud in the cinema, not needing to worry about disturbing anyone else! Awesome isn't it?

Then, upon hanging up my phone, they showed the following trailer.


ps: 15 minutes into the movie, a couple came in. There goes my "plan" of having the cinema all to myself! And i have to "Silent" my phone too! Bollocks!

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