Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Cat Her Royal Highness.

Bro's friend came over, so i carried my HRH Princess Kim HeeChul while they coo over her (the girls lar, the guys just praised how cute she is etc), because if not, she would just run away. LOLS!
Initially she was a bit grumpy i was carrying her, then complained when they petted her love handles (hehehe!), but when they stopped and petted her head, talk a bit to her, and praised how cute she was and everything, she calmed down and actually let me carry her a good few minutes with no fuss!

After they were done, i let her down and wanted to go downstairs to get her snacks for her, when she chased after me with (very) light attempts to bite and slap my ankle!!

I was suspecting, if they didn't actually praise and make a big fuss over her so much, my legs would probably be severed by her the minute i let her down, HEHEHE!

She's such a ROYAL!

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