Saturday, August 15, 2009

Renewed views on Boys' Generation.

You know how when you know some people a lot better, you change your opinion etc on them?
This is how i felt after watching Gee again, after getting to know the 2pm members better!
Nichkhun: "What am i doing here (ㅠvㅠ )??"
Taec: "Yeah XD XD XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~"
JayBum: "Oh yeah, i'm Park JayBum!!"

But the best is still JoKwon, as quoting Cam-ssica.
Cam-ssica: "JoKwon is gay!"

Couldn't put it better than me =D! Hehe =P!

ps: HAHAHA, JUST KIDDING! Ok, we may have our "theory" and everything, but whatever, it's just a sorta inside-joke (ok, maybe not that inside now!).

pps: And i'm not being bias or anything bla-bla, but am so proud my boys are the manliest!~ ㅋㅋㅋ

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