Saturday, August 29, 2009


Ok, Poo's right, i do have a lot of stuffs in my Angel (my car).
Hahaha, ok, it actually took me that long to realize =P!
(Ok, i actually realized it for quite some time liao, but if i said so (the sentence above), it makes it more "bam bam bam~~" kinda feeling, don't you think =P?).

Anyways, Angel was sent for polish last Tuesday, so i cleared out everything in my car, and today i had to put everything back in.
Confirm a lot a lot of stufs.

But it's ok, i love the stuffs! It makes me feel very homey =D! I think the only thing missing from my car is a toilet. HAHA =P!
(And a television, but it's ok! And internet, LOLS!!)

On the other hand, i really have to control my OCD-ness!!
I always have this super strong urge to have my car cleaned the minute (more like second) i spot a dust or something dirty on it!
Eeeeeee, so OCD!
But you know what... i like! XD
Ok, i stop, toodles!

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