Saturday, August 08, 2009

Laughing to myself in the subway.

Another backdated one! This one has no pics!

Ok, i guess i'll have to take back what i say about Korean subway.
True, i still hate transferring, but when you *don't* have to transfer, it's one of the best experience in life ever =D!
Oh yes, and you have to have a seat, especially if you need it, otherwise you won't enjoy it, lols!

Just now (27th July 2009), i met this really funny dude in the subway, that i completely forget to bawl (well, you know...)!
His friend and him were seated opposite me, and he have long hair (like, just below the ear, which curls out slightly at the tip (like omega hairstyle you know), and he wears red glasses. He was holding his handphone in his hand, when he felt sleepy so he bend down and sleep, like hmm... some way lar, i don't know how to describe it!
Anyways, i think he fell asleep that he dropped his phone onto the floor, AND DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE IT TILL HIS FRIEND NUDGED HIM!
He woke up with a jump, and pick up his phone before going back to sleep.
I'm sorry, but i seriously almost LOL when i saw what happen, till i reminded myself they are probably looking at me too, so i busy myself with my iPod.

Then, suddenly, he got up (sleepy look and everything), nudge his friend (next to him) and just sprawl over and sleep on his friend's lap!!
I don't know if his gay or not, BUT KOREAN GUYS ARE TOUCHY (among close friends), so it's probably not a very weird thing to do in Korea (sleeping on your friend's lap in public etc).

I'm thankful to be a Malaysian at that very moment. We live in a multi-cultural society, that personally, i feel i'm more open to how other cultures are and quickly understand and accept it.
Since i already knew some of Korean's culture, i accepted that it's a "normal" thing to do in Korea. However, if i were to be ignorant, i would probably think that guy is gay.

But anyways, that's not funny, but rather, the part when that guy woke up!! His friend wakes him up because they had reach their stop, and he got up with blurry eyes and immediately started fixing his hair!
And he looked really funny ok, i actually smiled openly and quickly muffle it by taking out my handphone and pretending i got a message (actually i did receive a message before, and was crying when i read it, kekeke!)! When ngam ngam another message came, and die lar, i cried out (ㅠ.ㅠ)... luckily they left liao.

And another funny thing to note was their friends! He looks like Sakuragi Hanamichi (but he was seated at another side with his girlfriend)!!
NaZi and i were (hehe) both giggling at his hairstyle when we first saw him at the station (before we parted), and laughed out loud when i forgotten the name Sakuragi, and said Kimura Takuya instead!
And which she say Fujiwara Takumi!!
Both also got confused! It was funny! Finally only we remember "Sakuragi Hanamichi"!

Overall, Korean subway is a freaking good experience! It's boring, yes, but every now and then, there'll always be something which captures your attention =D!
OMG i miss NaZi now!! BAH!!!

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