Saturday, August 15, 2009

Laziness brought to another level?

MPH has this Clearance Sales, and the Pilot pens are on sale... so i bought some G2 pens of different colours because i'm a sucker for pretty colours and discounts.

Well, the main reason for the purchase... even though i already have "still-working" coloured pens in my pencil case...
Because i very lazy to remove the cap.
What turf. Laziness brought to another level really!!

This one just "click", tada! Hehehe!
But to justify, the laziness is only for pens which i frequently have to use, and it's such a hassle having to remove the cover ok! Some more the slight "panic" it may cause when you want to recap it, but couldn't find it!! (OCD speaking, because will not rest till i cap the pen, then would waste time liao etc.)
Furthermore, you don't usually use "coloured pens" to write right?? It's just to make short additional pretty colours notes, so honestly, "click" ones are a lot faster and convenient!

Ok, making excuses for wasting money =P!

BTW, just remembered something silly which happened that day. While i was buying my Pilot G2 pens, the lady dropped one while packing the pens. I didn't mind, so i didn't say anything... but maybe my face looked alerted or something, but anyways, she looked sorry(?) and then hastily added, "You can buy and change the refill inside."
I looked back at her weirdly and say, "Ok, thanks," hastily adding a smile in return.

Because seriously, DUH, of course Pilot G2 can refill lar! Otherwise why i buy G2 for?
(Ok, i'm being mean lar, maybe she just thought i looked like a bimbo or something.)

Another thing is, most would know that G2 gel-pens are freaking sensitive, and may cease to produce ink if you ever dropped in (in other words, die liao)... but seriously lar...
If you had the nerve to tell me "can change ink", might as well you just change a new one for me right (= =")??

Blah blah blah, can find a dozen contradictions etc etc in this, but case in point, i still a bit the "char" at that moment! Hehe!

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