Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Blogger Roadblock.

Every now and then, you came across what i would like to call, "Blogger Roadblock", where you don't know what to write you just leave your Blog idle for a few days.
Not that i'm much of a Blogger to begin with, but still!
Then when it's over, you get "Blogger with a Diarrhea" (not the best "comparison", but it works) where it's possible to come up with 10 posts or so in like... a day or something, lols!

I don't think i have much to Blog these days. I don't know if Twitter played a huge part in causing this (Follow me on _eikochan) because honestly, sometimes it's just so much easier summarizing everything into one small bite size piece and tada!

Either ways, i think i have to get my butt to blog some good stuff soon, otherwise i should just close down this Blog lar seriously.

Ooh, and i just realized my Blog is one month past it's 5th Year Anniversary. Awesome! Happy 5th Birthday (^^ )!
Wow, we've come together for such a long time, it's just awesome possum kangaroos and wallabies!

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