Friday, July 10, 2009

The thing with haircuts.

I'm always up for cutting my hair and getting new hairstyles and everything. Even changing hairstylists till i find a suitable one who i'm comfortable with, otherwise i don't mind going to different hairstylists. Your hair grows back, so even if it's a very sucky haircut, it'll grow.
I still stand by what i say now, despite realizing i'm getting really picky and fussy after being spoiled thoroughly by my current hairstylist.

But anyways, today for the first time i so badly wanted to kill the new hairstylist. Thus, the above "standing" i've made DOES NOT APPLY to me now, because:
a) There is an important "event" i'll be attending a few days later.
b) I just conveniently gained a few pounds. The new hairstyle did not compliment the weight gain and other way round.
c) See point a).
I'm supposed to look good for the event! And now... *bawls*

Because my hairstylist wasn't around, and i badly needed a haircut, so i thought i'll just go to the other hairstylist at the same salon. BAD CHOICE!! BAH!!!

Dangs! I'm not being a drama queen ok. I so totally looked like a little dude now!
Like *the* HeeChul's short hair, just girlier or something i think.
The ironic of it. Today's his birthday.

Gimme back my old hairstylist!

Ok fine, i admit that i myself am probably part of the "fault", but but in my defence it was because i was so used to my old hairstylist... and i probably give that guy too much credit rofl =P! Hehehe!

ps: It's not that his bad! He just didn't know how my hair is like, and don't understand how i want my hair, unlike my usual stylist. Oh well, you can't win them all lols what turf. Now i'll have to look for a way that will make my hair look better!

And i can go back to styling my hair when i go out. I came to realize as much as i love my hair, laziness got over me that when my hair was longer (before the cut), i got very lazy to wash it so i didn't bother with any hair products before going out =P! Kekeke!

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