Sunday, July 26, 2009

Do you remember your first BOOST?

(Written 3rd of July).

Oh yeah, i remember it alright.
It was May 30th 2009. I had my very first BOOST in this shopping mall called Westfield Marion (if i'm not wrong).

I remember it was Mango Tango something. A smoothie. And even though after that very first one i moved on to crushes, but it was still my very first BOOST, and i remember it very well.
The first sip. Heavenly!
Holy marshmallow and chocolate. It's like falling in love for the first time. It's like going home and HeeChul sitting at the doorway welcoming you home. It's like being able to have freshly squeezed Orange Juice any minute you want.

Yes, it's just that heavenly!!

And this went on, mind, for the whole of my Australia trip. I had it every chances i can, anytime and mind, it was winter!! But the weather is no deterrence for BOOST! I LOVE BOOST =D!

It was with deepest regrets that when i get back to Malaysia, i have to part with BOOST, but fear not, i know someday, someday, we will meet again. Yes, we will.

Then my cousin sister informed me that they have BOOST in KLCC!! KLCC!!! It's near where i am!! Yeahs!
That said, it was still a bit inconvenient for me to go to KLCC just for BOOST, so you know how much i longed for it, when i dreamed about it... TWICE!
The first time was some nights ago. I dreamed going to KLCC and seeing BOOST in front of me! How happy i was! But somehow or rather i don't know why but i didn't get to buy any of it =(...

Then yesterday's, i've decided to go to KL to get some stuffs, and i purposely plan the trip so that i would be able to go to KLCC afterwards (for BOOST). And that very night, i actually dreamed i went to BOOST and bought a cup! So honestly, you can really see how much i miss BOOST and how excited i am that it's finally here in Malaysia!!

But alas, my dream was short lived. It was just plain disappointment!
No, the shop's open. If it was closed i would probably be happier if i knew earlier what was going to happen! No... it was because... the drinks aren't just up to standard. Tremendously!! It just tasted all wrong!!

I ordered my favourite Lemon Crush! I was so happy the moment they gave me my drink, happy memories from Australia comes swooshing towards me like those huge waves in Bondi Beach! BOOST! LEMON CRUSH! XD
Then the first sip brought me straight back to earth with a huge slap round the face.
It was just plain horrible!
Initially i thought it was bearable, but no, it was just toooooo sour, i went back and got it changed!!

The guy explained it was probably because of the fruit (it was freshly squeezed) so even if they make me a new one it would probably still taste the same. Disappointed, but nevertheless, there's still Mango Tango Crush!
It was really nice of him to make me a new one, honestly! I really appreciate it, but alas...
It's sucked as well.
The mango's taste just isn't rich enough. It's like they dilute it with water.


I was just so sad ok!! WHY LIKE THIS??? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS???
(ok fine i know i'm overdramatic lar, but if you love BOOST as much as i do you would react the same too... and an overdose of dramatic cells might help btw)

It was just sad, just so so so so so sad ok!
Hi Malaysia, thank you very much for ruining the wonders of BOOST juice for me.
Now i feel like buying a plane ticket to Australia just so i could be reminded of the wonders BOOST had bought me ok (which is ruined now).
Ah (ㅠ.ㅠ)!

Update: I emailed BOOST, and they replied, and were really nice =D! They want to know all our opinions and everything, so they can work to improve BOOST so it would be up to standard like Aussie's! Go go go! Let's hope it'll be much better the next time! (^^ )

I like good customer service! One who actually pays attention to the customer's opinion, and everything! Me likey! Let's hope other services in Malaysia will improve!

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