Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life's too short.

The thing with Korean girls...
Do you know i can get you 10 girls in one train (if you're lucky, in one single carriage) who are far too white (mind, not "fair", but seriously literally WHITE!) than they are supposed to be, seriously.

In fact, this afternoon, i saw one which... scared the bejeepers out of me. Serious bejeepers, i had to use all willpower i had in me to try not to smile or laugh out loud.
And because i shall not be mean (karma and everything), even though nobody knows who the girl is, but still! It's still mean, so i shall not say a word.
(ps: You may ask me personally though, since it won't exactly be a "public announcment" if so.)

Haha, sometimes it just takes one word from the tee-vee to put you back on track =).
I can't deny that i wasn't disappointed that it had to come this way, and to think it still effects me (though not as strong as before) after all this while!!
But oh well, life's too short, i shouldn't waste it dwelling on unhappy negative stuffs or stuffs i had no control over! I'm so totally sick of mind games! I seriously wonder why people do that? (i hope i don't do it unconsciously man, because seriously...)

And well, i'm glad that it didn't "hurt" as much as before! It's an improvement, and hopefully it'll continue to improve in the long run =D!
What has passed has passed! Unfortunately and "too bad" it may be, but oh well!

Life's too short, use it to focus on the happy and positive things in life =D!

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