Saturday, July 25, 2009

I heart shopping in Korea!

Competition there are just so tough, they just *give* you stuffs so you would go into their shop, and no pressure to buy anything!
Of course, it's a gimmick (enter shop you'll probably end up with something out despite not needing it), but still! It's a brilliant idea! I LOVE free stuffs, and getting free stuffs are just wonderful!

And being really suaku, sometimes when i see them giving out something i wanted, even though i just entered the same shop (but located at the other side) like... 10 minutes ago... i'll still go in just to get the stuffs =P! Hehehe!

Half the stuffs in my shopping bag today are FREE! Don't you just love it =D?
Hahaha, and pretending i'm a fan of Lee MinHo and KimBum (oh so hot!) has it perks! Wait, i do like them! But does that make me a fan?
Anyways, got lotsa freebies! Love it!~

Forever 21 Korea is awesomest! They gave out this really fab yellow environmental bag today! It's huge, you can stuff everything in it, and it looks good most importantly! Can bring it everywhere =D!

On the other hand, and i think Korea weather hates me, lols!
Yesterday, i didn't bring my umbrella, and i got drenched in the rain.
Today, i brought my umbrella out (sky was gloomy), and it didn't rain. What is this?

Korean internet is WONDERFUL!
I can know watch all the boys show in peace now =D! Yeah!

Korean's customer service is awesome!
Was at the bookstore last week, and because they ordered the wrong book for me, there was some hoo-hah, and they were (figuratively) running around trying to help me sort it out! I had to go again the next day, but it is ok! Good customer service is above everything else (well, technically speaking!)! =D

ps: Still, forever more, hate Korean subway.
Sekian, terima kasih.

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