Sunday, July 26, 2009

Koalas are awesome.

I heart them!
Super adorable!
His bloody Roonil Wazliby adorable!!
I'm super Roonil Wazliby adorable too.
Apparently you just emit radiant and happy and awesomely adorable feeling when you're near someone whose as awesome and adorable as you =D!

I shall rename Chilly, 3 years old, as Roonil Wazlib. Because it's a cool name, and he deserves such cool name!

ps: His the reason why i smell like a Koala that day. Oh yeah, his awesome! Lols!

pps: Do you know that it's illegal to touch a Koala in New South Wales?

ppps: Just in case you ask, no, i was not in NSW then, so i didn't commit any crime whatsoever.

pppps: Oh yes, Chilly's 3 years-old and a male and he loves me so i love him too =D!

ppppps: I MISS ANNIE (ㅠ.ㅠ)!!!!!!!!!

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