Friday, March 04, 2011

That first week.

When i returned from KL back to Oxford for my second sem, things sure were a lot different.
I was not as homesick; i guess perhaps i'm used to being back here?

That said, the trip home was much needed. To soak up on food (oh look at the weight i've put, which was all so worth it!), the sun and just being home.
It certainly helped curbed the aching feeling of wanting to go home every other day last year!

Though, the first week back this time round was pretty hell-ish.
It was straight to classes as i've skipped a week of class to be home for Chinese New Year.

But classes aside, being back here - at the airport, on The Airline, lugging your luggage two floors up to your room... then unpacking and basically just settling down... it actually brought back horrible feelings from when i first got here last year in September.

Last year when i first got here, sure i was excited yes, but the novelty dies off the very night i arrived, when i was in my room by myself... no annoying brother and cousins to annoy, no cats to abuse, no parents to bully... and it struck me that i will be by myself here, in this place, for the next couple of months.

I miss home so badly... and being in a foreign place where everything is different... it's just horrible.
I remember crying almost everyday for the first week, and i took 3 weeks or more before i had the courage to Skype home with my parents after i was sure i was more or less settled... because i know seeing them/ hearing them would only make me cry and i would very badly want to go home.

I didn't even dare to call home because hearing their voice would certainly made me pack my bags that instance and fly home!

Well, the spoilt pampered brat's more difficult time of adapting sure is over... but it surprises me how sometimes when the feeling of that first week creeps up to me, it still send shivers down my spine! =)

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