Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Excuse me.

Since when was my TYPE young boys?? D8

It's really not a big issue when people who i'm not close to judge me as so, because they don't know me well enough so whatever lar... but when your ROOMMATE says *that*... wokay it's time to do some "reflection" before everyone else starts to think that i have craddle-snatching tendencies or something!!

YOUNG BOYS was NEVER my type.

I prefer guys who are not scruffy looking (although you can't deny some scruffy guys are hot!). You know, guys who knows how to take care of their appearance.
And just so happens the 90s generation boys are better at taking care of their appearance, what can i do about it right? That doesn't mean young boys are my type!

Even if young boys are really my type (which they are not), doesn't mean i can't like "older boys" too right?

It's nothing serious really, but i just want to rant this out while i have the mood to! Because i'm kinda tired of constantly being judged and stereotyped.

Like for example, just because i listen to mostly Pop music, doesn't mean i don't like songs from The Beatles.
Just because i like none scruffy guys, doesn't mean i don't find scruffy guys hot.
Just because i like Korean music, doesn't mean i am a K-drama addict! (actually i hate K-drama haha!)
Just because i can be a game addict, doesn't mean i'm a 24/7 gamer.
Just because i like food, doesn't mean everything in my life have to be solely about food.
And many many more.

I like having the freedom to like stuffs i want to like, instead of having to "oh because i like Korean music so i have to like everything Korean" etc etc.

I think it probably have to do with me being a Gemini. ㅋㅋ
(we can like a variety of things, perhaps we are just not that extreme. 8D)

I guess why small comments like this irks me much more than everyone else is because i hate being judged and stereotyped, same goes why i hardly does so to others. And when there's too many of such comments, it just push you off the edge that you absolutely have to rant them out!

But i guess just because you don't do so, doesn't mean others won't do so to you nya?

Now that i've rant it out i have nothing else to say! Let others think whatever they want, i know myself better! =D

So 끝.

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