Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Blog really needs to be revived soon.

I find that i'm so busy nowadays (procrastination from work = busy, too) i don't even have time to digest my thoughts.

Gone are the days i am able to poop out a hipster-poetical entry within a few seconds.
Ok never able to (the hipster-poetical entry, but poop entry yes), but still! I like the stuffs i wrote even if nobody else understands what i'm saying or mean.

Sometimes there are so many things i just want to express, and i know when i had expressed them i would feel better... but when you try to fit them into 140 words on Twitter, then try to shorten them so they fit... it just kills the mood!

This Blog has been with me for 5 years and more, through thick and thin through almost everything (even if it was neglected after Twitter). It deserves its comeback... even if all i write nowadays are random emo stuffs. 8D

It's also a good practice on how to organize my thoughts?

Hoping as busy as things get, i will keep this vow at least till i had to make this vow again. =)

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