Tuesday, March 09, 2010

You bitch.

Yes, this is my little Princess who is the bigger bitch.
And yes, i will update more soon =P!!

To start of:
Lots of things have been happening recently.
Ok, well, *not* lots of things - it sounded wrong, like i'm being chased after by CIA or Mafia or something - but let's just say things have not been right.
Ok still sound wrong what turf.

Conclusion, things have not been going too well (in a very NOT end-of-the-world or the-whole-world-is-in-grave-danger-only-Hugh-Jackman-can-save-the-day type. It's just my choice of words, please don't take it word-for-word kamsia!), but i'm fine, no worries, i'm Awesome! So it'll be ok (^^ )!
Just in need of loads of discipline!! Have been slacking off a wee bit too much, coupled with this and that, my health, blah-blah-blah till i've been emo-ing and procrastinating and lots that i really don't like how things had become, and am annoyed with what i've been doing. So yeah, time to pick things up again =D!

But fear not, I'LL BE BACK. *cue corny action-movie theme-song*

In the mean time, follow me on Twitter where i swear i am getting weirder, lamer, randomer, retardeder and just plain ME day-by-day. Oh yeah ♡!!

To my wonderful friends, my bestest The Family™, and everyone else, i'm sorry if i seemed a bit distant these days! I promise to be fine and even more Awesome than i am now! I love you guys (especially you peeps!)! Sorry and thank you for always standing by me whenever i needed someone =D!

Till then! (^^ )

Lots of love and Awesomeness,
@_eikochan ♡~

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