Monday, March 01, 2010

This Blog is still alive. Part 2.

Because i used that title before what turf.

But as the title said:
I blame Twitter. Follow me here.

I'm Twitting so often, it's like when i diarrhea Blog entries last time... before i started Twitting (and hence, "Twitter-hea").
Not even a year, and i have more than 8,000 tweets ok! Lols!

Apart from because i am super random and may just tweet random stuffs and all, i also tend to go on "Twitter-splurges" (or "Twitter-hea") whenever i have a lot to say (can go up to 10 tweets on one topic lols), which, if you think about it, i might as well just Blog about it right?

Anyways, apart from that i always have a lot of stuffs to say, lots of opinion - good, bad or retarded - so basically, tweeting is easier, and it's so accessible everywhere!

But i promise to tweet more often ok! Will try to lock-in a Blog entry tonight with some pics! Going out with Joshua (to be honest, i lost track on the names i call her adee EH!!) in awhile! If you miss me check my Twitter, i have some exciting news to announce soon!

Or rather, only i am excited lar what turf XD!!

Ok toodles!!

Edit: I meant "But i promise to Blog more often ok!".
Crap, Twitter is running my life now isn't it?? GAH!!

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