Thursday, August 07, 2014

What I really really want now.

・ Burger. 
・ Pizza with pan crust. 
・ Fries. 
・ Salad with awesome dressing.
・ Fried chicken.
・ More fries. 
・ Tom Hiddleston. 
・ Pasta. 
・ Potato chips and crisps.
・ Fish and chips.
・This would definitely mean more fries.
・ Sushi and sashimi.
・ Korean ramyun. 
・ Fries again. 
・ Ramli burger.
・ Indomee goreng.
・ Godammit just gimme FRIES. 

This list is pretty much stuffs of all the things I want to eat every. night. 

And this is also the reason why I've never been particularly successful in losing weight, and as much as I "should" and want to care about it, I am like... meh, FRIES.

Oh good God I love fries.

And burger.
And pasta. 

And of course my love rice, but I usually only crave rice when it's bright outside wtf. 

Ok bye.

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