Monday, October 20, 2014

Rantings on The Hunger Games trilogy.

Just finished Mockingjay, the last book from The Hunger Games trilogy, and all I can say is... WOW.

I watched the first movie before I started the first book, but I stopped before Katniss even got to the games for a long long time wtf... then I watched the second movie, and only recently got myself to finish the entire trilogy.

Funny how the internet being down actually pushed me to continue the book wtf.
And then I got hooked, so I ended up finishing it though the internet was back!

Anyhoo, initially I thought I should wait until all movies are out before I finish the third book, Mockingjay, as I had with the first two movies. But how glad I am that I did not!

Also because of the cliffhanger at the end of Catching Fire (both book and movie), so I kaypoh want to now what happens after wtf.

I'm glad I did not wait because now, knowing the ending, at least I know what sort of feelings may await me when I finish the movie.

Here's all my rants about the trilogy!

*Spoilers till the end wtf.*

Personally, I like Mockingjay the least compared to the first two books.
When I started Mockingjay, I thought I would dislike The Hunger Games most, but wow surprise.
(Evidently, my favourite would be Catching Fire lol.)

Firstly, because I felt that there isn't much content in Mockingjay, except Katniss being all passive and mellow and suffering from serious PTSD, wandering about District 13 and hiding everywhere.

I hope that the moviemakers may add a bit more content (like showing elsewhere besides what Katniss sees) to make the movies more interesting to people who had not read the book, while still staying true to the main plot and storyline.

I mean, don't change what Katniss is feeling or any major plot, but make it more interesting for non-readers.
This is because I think the entire trilogy, the story, their world, the message behind it... is amazing. It would be a pity if non-readers think the story sucks if the movie was boring, and having read Mockingjay which was from Katniss point of view, it does pose a risk of being rather dull after how good Catching Fire (both movie and book) was.

But will this mean seeing Peeta being tortured etc? D8

Second, I SO look forward to seeing Josh Hutcherson as Peeta!
Although there isn't much Peeta in Mockingjay, but the few scenes he had was pretty memorable, like when he warned District 13 about the bombings.
I feel his acting skills will be tested in the final movies to the series considering everything Peeta had to go through. It'll be difficult to pull through, but I have faith in him! I think he's a good actor.

He portrays Peeta perfectly, and I love (the character) Peeta since book 1.
So all that said, it is quite obvious I hope to see more of Peeta, and being super bias because I really like Josh Hutcherson! 8D

One question that bugs me while reading the trilogy is how I felt about Katniss.

I really liked her in the beginning (Then again, strong, useful female characters has always been to my liking...).
But the more I read the more confused I felt, because I didn't know if I still like, or dislike Katniss.

Especially in Mockingjay. I wasn't very happy with how she turned out in District 13 (her wandering about and hiding...), but I guess I have to understand what she had went through, losing Peeta... and also considering the circumstances of the world, not knowing who to trust when at any time you could be backstabbed (literally)... those are feelings you could somewhat relate to if you put yourself in her shoes.
But the passive behaviour does reminds me of Bella (who I hate), so maybe that's why I dislike her.

I also did not like how selfish she can be sometimes.

All that said, I feel Katniss is one of the rare, very realistic character in a book world. Her indecisiveness, insecurity, selfishness etc, her good points her bad points... all these are traits you can see from someone in the real world.
Her character is very real, and as someone who reads book for enjoyment, I guess I like characters who are er, not as real wtf. Someone who will never exist in real life... haha I hope I'm making some sense!

In conclusion, I think I do like Katniss character overall, even if I am unhappy with some of her decisions throughout the book.

Ooh, another part I dislike would be the ending, which I felt could've been written better because it felt so rush. I felt no emotions or feelings from Katniss at all. She was empty.
This is understandable considering Prim's death, and you did see that she got better towards the end but before there was any development, or at least some... it ended.

This made me feel that she just settled for Peeta, instead of really loving him. Considering everything they had went through, how she compared Gale and Peeta, I do feel that she loved Peeta too, but because of how it was written, it does not feel genuine to me, and I feel Peeta does not deserve this wtf (*coughBIAScough*).

And ah, alas, I guess I will always be super attached to supporting characters from books who are fated to face doom in the end. (RIP FRED!)

Although I expected Finnick to die (accidentally saw it when I was Googling his character! WTF GOOGLE!), half of me was hoping that it wasn't true, that I misread... but when it happened, I honestly did not see it coming because I did not expect him to die in such way!

I had always thought that when he dies, it would be because of an act of bravery, to protect someone or... to put it simply, a hero's death.

Ok, he did die trying to protect Katniss and the group... but the way he died, the way his death was written... felt more like when those kalafe dies in a story, and not a character who is as important as he was in the book.

So I wasn't particularly thrilled when he died that way wtf.
It's like it's bad enough one of my favourite character has to die, the way he died was just... ROAR!

And yes, I cried real tears.
Because I get overly attached to characters FML. (DAMMIT ROWLING!)

Will it be possible for the moviemakers to change his manner of death (without altering the plot too much) in the movie? Or at least made it seemed a bit more tragic?

Here's hoping that Finnick's death in the movie will give the closure I need, and also the detachment from the character wtf.

And if it's not obvious, I'm still very hung up over Fred's death, and it has been so many years WTF.

I really look forward to the last two movies, I am interested to see how they will present the book on the big screen, especially since Francis Lawrence will be directing it.

He did a great job with Catching Fire!
He managed to stay close to the plot of the book, without deviating too much from it, yet, he also made it interesting and easy-to-understand what's going on in their world for non-readers (I haven't read the books when I watched the first two movies.).

Although I do agree with some of the comments I read on Buzzfeed that Catching Fire should be made into two movies, because there is just so much they can put inside, as compared to Mockingjay, I do hope the movies will be as good as the books, and do justice to them!

Ah, if only he was chosen to direct the last few Harry Potter movies haha.

Now that I've finished The Hunger Games trilogy (FINALLY! Hahaha! Wanted to finish it since 2 years ago wtf.)...

ONWARDS to finish The Heroes of Olympus!
Ah, FIVE wonderful years coming to an end. How bittersweet it will be.

Let's go!

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