Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy 2016!

Wow wow.

It's already 2016.

Quite apparent last year's "resolution" didn't work! Hehe.

Thoughts on reviving this (as I do every year), but realized I'm so out of Blogging I have absolutely NO IDEA how to change the layout and everything. It should be easier now right? Since everything has somewhat improved from their older version? I don't have to painstakingly edit the HTML to get the layout I want any longer right?


Ok I seriously need the time to figure it all out... but I really couldn't be bothered, whats with so many other platforms.

Like, I have no idea how to properly upload pics onto my Blog without relying on Blogspot's image storage quota.

Do they still have such thing on Blogspot?

Does Imageshack still work?


Yeap, that's how long I've been out of all this.

Also it has been quite some time since I last sat down to pen my thoughts.

It was so long ago typing this actually makes me feel like I am Ichabod Crane trying to "get along with the time" wtf.

Baby steps, I guess? Hehe.

Let's see when my next update will be before I say anything more wtf.

EDIT: I just realized the size of my Blog's layout (notice a lot of wasted space on both sides?) was made for the older computer screens wtf how old am I, really?

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