Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My bro ordered whale meat while we were having lunch today in a traditional sushi-restaurant, and i actually cried when the plate was served to our table.
He took it to the other table to eat with my cousin brother, but the damage was done upon seeing it, and i immediately cried FEL.

I'm not crying because he ordered whale meat. I'm not crying because of the environment bla-bla-bla (because i realized i could never live up to my own's expectation i'm weak AKTEL)... but rather i'm crying because i felt pity and sorry for the poor whale.

During my last trip to Australia, i was very lucky to be able to go for a whale watching cruise.

Seeing these grand magnificent animals swimming right next to the boat (out of pure-luck, because we are not allowed to approach the whales but luckily, when they came up to breath they appeared right next to our boat!!), despite that i was puking my guts out from being sea-sick, it was an awesomely awesome feeling no words can truly describe the feeling! It was just pure-awesomeness and more!

And thinking of the fact that an animal so magnificent having to die for human greed is just sad.

Maybe the meat today was not from a humpback (the one i saw the other day was a humpback). Maybe it's not even endangered. Maybe there's an abundant of them in the ocean(?)!

But the fact remains it's still a whale.
Unless it was breed for its meat, nothing is going to "make me feel better" because in the end the whale was still hunted and killed for its meat.

The whale was probably a mother (i don't know how strict Japanese whaling laws are, but they kill tons of whales every year so i won't be surprised if it's actually lenient). Baby whales only leave their mother when they are FIVE-years-old. So what is going to happen to the baby then?

We don't and won't know.
But all i know is a whale was cruelly killed for its meat. And i just felt really sad for the whale. And i'm also sorry for contributing to what could possibly be more whales dying (for its meat) in the future.

When the buying stops, the killing can too. You know the saying.

My favourite animals are marine animals. I love the ocean, i love the beach... i love sea turtles, sharks, dolphins and whales.
And to see them being served as a fucking meal is just wrong.

ESPECIALLY when it has to be served on the same table i'm eating from!!

AKML for crying in public, and everyone's for the whole drama happening, and the whale's for being ordered today. May the poor thing rest in peace =(.

ps: If you would please leave livestocks out of this. I don't find a need to explain myself to people who are out to find a wrong point in me so as to justify themselves.

Finding someone else's fault to justify your own actions is never a right justification, no?

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