Sunday, August 22, 2010

My messed-up Japanese.

My bro and i wanted to get some ice-cream, so he asked...

Bro: "Do you have money?"
(ok, i'm sure he didn't ask this way, but ever since Hyuk and that line of his in Fullhouse, i can never utter that phrase in any other way but Hyuk's face AKML.)

Me: *spontaneously* "かね없어."

Bro: "..."

Me: "..."

Bro: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" *couldn't stop laughing*

Me: T^T.

It's as messed up as the way i look at ¥YEN as ₩WON. A few times i had ask my brother before paying, to make sure that i've paid the correct amount, and i did not overspent.*


*I have the tendency to view ¥1000 as ₩1000, which is VERY VERY DIFFERENT in terms of value.
I also have the tendency to go "8D *overjoyed*" at ¥980 till i realized how much it really is AKMLTTM.

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