Saturday, November 06, 2010

Happy 5th Anniversary.

I remember when i first heard of Super Junior.
I was a TVXQ! fan then, in 2006... and apart from SuJu being their junior - what's with the collaborations and all! - it's not difficult to not know about them, what's with the 12 members and all!

From someone who is a J-Pop fan, you can't help comparing them to Morning Musume =P.
I only remember three members then, SungMin, SiWon and KangIn.
And yeah, i used to think HeeChul looks like a girl, and RyeoWook is a day younger than me!
That's about it.

Then, there was Mystery 6.
As a horror movie fan, of course i couldn't miss this!
And that's how it all started. =D

The song Miracle just sticks itself to your head!
Then came U.
And also TVXQ!'s concert in Malaysia where they were guest performers.

And it all changed then.
I became an ELF. And never for a moment have i looked back. ♡

Then flying to Bangkok to see them in 2007... we were going to Bangkok then, just postponed the date a little so i can catch them there. =D

And then 2008.
Super Junior's first concert, The 1st ASIA TOUR - "Super Show".
I've saved up some money, and decided that i really wanted to see them, so for the first time ever, i actually traveled alone! To a place where i've never even been to before, and it was winter!
Now thinking back, i have no idea what made me do so!
I have not traveled alone before prior to that, and more over mid-end winter where it'll be super cold! I just know i absolutely have to be there for the concert, and so i did. =D

And i have no regrets!
Because apart from being there for the boys' first concert, there's where i met 4 amazing girls, who i considered some of my closest friends! ♡
We came from different parts of the world, we are totally different people with different cultures and language... and we don't even see or talk to each other on a daily basis!
But every time i meet them, i can't help but to feel that i am extremely close to them lols! And especially that they accepted me for the weird person i am with all my annoying habits and what not =P.
If you think about it, the boys were the ones who bought all of us together. Teehee!

And from there it goes till now. (^^ )
All the fond memories. ♡
Especially our Seoul Girls memories ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. ♡

I wasn't exactly there since it begin.
But i was there for the 1st Anniversary, and i will always be there to celebrate each and every Anniversary.

I love you boys so much. Thank you for everything.

Happy 5th Anniversary. ♡

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