Saturday, November 20, 2010

You know what i find funny?

People who coin themselves as "real musicians", and then proceed to insult and ridicule idol groups saying they only have looks and no talent etc etc.

Yeah, you may be "real musicians" who have "talent" and all that, but look who is the one whining now?

You are not the one out there performing and earning the big bucks. Why? Is it because you lack the talent, or you just lack the good looks?

If you are not the one out there making it big, there's a big possibility that maybe it's only YOU who is thinking very highly of yourself, but you actually lack everything.

Blame it on the fans and music industry people who are out to squeeze every single cent from fangirls who very voluntarily hands out their money. Like it or not, it's all about the profit.

But please don't blame the idol groups just because nobody wants to give you ze money voluntarily.

Yes, there are people who are extremely talented who are not getting the limelight they deserve because consumers are easily distracted by all that glitter and sparkles.

But you never see those people WHINE.
They know they are good, they do not need to ridicule others just to prove they are good. They just keep improving themselves instead of staying at one place and whine.

Seriously, if you think you are good and you know it, keep it to yourselves. There is a fine line between being a talented musician, and being a big-headed musician with meh-okok-nya talent.

Leave the whinings to your fans, if you have any that is.

You need to achieve legendary status before you can even afford to be arrogant and big-headed.
If not, just stick to being humble, or pretend to be. Nobody likes an arrogant toerag.

Ok 끝.

ps: Rofl this is actually not about my boys (because mine's are Awesome ♡!), but another idol group instead. Some controversial stuffs happened when they visited somewhere, and i really can't help but to want to rant out my feelings. =)

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