Sunday, January 30, 2005

:: Jay's Wonderland ::

Haha, welcome to my Blog with the new skin ^-^!!!~

Whatddya think of it?? Very "Jay" ne ^-~? Thats why its called, ":: Jay's Wonderland ::", and i'm wandering in his Wonderland right now ^-^!!!~

Deary Auntie made this Blog skin for me!!! Thank you very very much Auntie!!! I love it ALOT ALOT ALOT (And ALOT ALOT ALOT ALOT ALOT x100 XD!!!)!!!~~
BTW, Auntie's Blog also very "Jay" yo!!! Hers one very very nice too (And me rabbu her Blog ALOT ALOT ALOT ALOT ALOT TOO XD!!!)!!! Its better XD!!! Faster go check it out!!!

Don't be jealous of our beautiful Blogs ne ^-~?? Muahehe XD!!! I'm so naughty!!!~

"Poke poke XD"!!! That piccu of Jay very cute na ^-~?? Like Jay pressing button, than me Blog page OPEN XD!!!~

Welcome to Jay's Wonderland! We hope you have a pleasant stay here ^-^ (Yeah right! Listening to eiko-chan's ramblings is not a pleasant stay XP!!!)!!! Muahahaha *grins*!!!~


Em, Jay left Malaysia around 10am this morning for HK! So sad =(! We'll miss you Jay, faster come back ^-^!!!

On a happier note, Initial D will be released around July 2005 ^-^!!! The sneak preview will be in cinema around March!!!
And if i got go cinema and saw it, i'll scream like mad XD!!! Waited so long dee mar =)!!!~


Saturday, January 29, 2005

「無與倫比演唱會」 2005/ 1/ 29 @ 8pm

Muahahahahahahaha, muahehehehehe XD!!!~
Just came back from Jay's concert in Stadium Merdeka, KL!
It was held on 29th January 2005 at 8pm!!!~

Eh? Roses? Who give one?

Haha, just guess lar ^-~!!!

Answer in eiko-chan's report for Jay's Imcomparable to Jay's concert ^-^!!!~
(Pics credit: Auntie)
For more piccus of Jay's concert, go to Auntie's Blog (Clicku the linku above, or from my "Links" page!)!
But let me warn EVERYONE first, NO STEALING THE PICS!!!


Me bro fetch us there! Got a bit jam one when almost reach there, as everyone go use the Jalan Hang Tuah and the road towards Stadium Merdeka! Bro turned left at the road towards Jalan Hang Tuah, thus no jam, and stopped us next to this white building, some chinese association or something, and we walked across the overhead bridge towards our day of heaven and paradise XD!!!

When reach there
- We walked around, looking at the stuffs on sale, and just checking out the entrance.
- Than we go look at the stalls, and saw "Si tao po", one of my LWSSOM schoolmate! Too bad, she can't remember me T_T... but luckily, her mom remembered me! Yatta! Her mother very nice one!
- We wanted to buy 2 Jay files, but want to buy after the concert, cause scare will spoil it or something! So ask the nice Auntie (Not Auntie May XD!!! "Si tao po"'s mom XD!!!) to help us keep it, we'll buy later!!! Really lucky she can remember me ne, or else sure cannot help us keep it dee one ^-^!!!~
- Than, because on our way there, we talked about eating dinner, and i was reminded that i didn't eat my dinner yet, so i hungry -_-"... and mar eat burger lor XP!!! Yummy!!!
- After that, we walk around, buy the "ying guang bang" (What is that called dee 0_o??), than took the biggu Hotlink hands and wanted to go in when we realise cannot bring water in, and maybe camera too 0_0?? Die lor, i bring a bottle of water, Auntie bought camera...
- So we stayed outside a little while to hide stuffs to be sneaked inside XD!!! Hide inside a sorta "secret compartment" in Auntie's bag (Yatta XD!!!)!!!
- Than can go in safely after being checked XD!!! Hehe, they didn't find the stuffs we hide ^-~!!!~
- On our way in, the 8TV is giving out the "jia you bang" (The "bang bang" sticks, make noise when hit together one... what is that called too 0_0??)!
- Actually, 2 person take one, because inside got 2, so i pretend i don't know Auntie, and we both took 1 packet each XD!!!
- Luckily we did that actually, because inside got 2 sticks, and you need 2 sticks to knock each other and make noise!!! If only one, it won't make noise one ^-~, so lucky lucky??
- Our seat is not very good, but not very bad too lar! Its the first row of the VIP seats, but its in VIP W, the side VIP row and not the middle one! Still, not complaining! We're very grateful for being this front ^-^!
- Ooh, and before concert, raining one ne X0!!! Somemore kinda heavy one too!!! But luckily, like S.H.E.'s concert, it stopped before the concert!!! I got bring raincoat go, just in case, but lucky lucky no need to use ^-^!!!~
- Oh haha, and i wore contacts there! At first don't want to wear one, because eyes will dry, but than like what me mom said, wear specs later get wet or something have to take down and wipe mar fun!!! So wear contacts lor!!!~
Got wish i'll cry during concert, so i'll wet the contact lens and eyes won't be so dry XD!!!
But as expected, when see Jay, all emotions run high, i don't even remember my eyes being dry or anything XP!!!~ Got tell this to Auntie, than Auntie went -_-"...
- Suddenly, people behind make noise!!! Don't know why, than Auntie say its Zhou Ma Ma, but i looked behind and cannot see them -_-"... haih, poor me...
- People got continuous make noise awhile, i looked back everytime, but still didn't see them -_-"... or anyone, or the reason they make noise... aiya, nevermind lar...
- Than we wait, look at the big screen tee-vee (Jay's Panasonic ad [LENGCAI XD!!!] and a short video documentary sorta for him...), and also busy searching for empty seats in the middle row so we can rush there when concert begans XD! Than we waited patiently...
- Well, Auntie waited patiently lar... i was busy knocking the sticks together, making ALOTA noise and annoyed Auntie XD!!!~
- After awhile, WE SAW ZHOU MA MA AND ZHOU PO PO XD!!! I think they were going to the toilet? Because everyone was busy cheering when they saw both of them, and we turn around and saw them!!!
- Zhou Ma Ma, Mdm Ye Hui Mei, very cool! Auntie saw half of her face, i tak nampak! I only saw her hair covering her face because she was looking downwards at that time!
- Zhou Po Po she very friendly ^-^! She always smiling one! She has the very "fu qi" looks (Of course, with such a fillial grandson ^-^!)!
- Than... at around 8.41pm... when the sky darkens... the concert begans XD!!!~

Concert begans around 8.41pm!
- It started with "Yi Fu Zhi Ming"! But unlike his previous 無與倫比 concert, he didn't come down with the cross, he just came up like that or something!
- Than everyone stand up, and we found this seat! Auntie go to that seat, cause her task is to take piccus ^-~!
- I also found a seat behind Auntie after awhile ^-^!
- Poor Jay =(! He sing halfway suddenly cough! Actually, when he came to KL dee, and during press conference etc, can hear like his voice very sexy!
NOT SEXY AS IN SEXY XD!!! His voice already and always sexy one ler ^-^!!! As in because he got cold, so the "sexy voice"!!! Hope he gets well soon if his not feeling well =)!!!
- But unluckily, around "Qing Tian" that time, i got shooed back X(!!! I should've pretended its my seat =(!!! But nvm ler, our original place is not bad, still ok wut ^-^!!!~
- Ju Pao and Gary from Nan Quan Ma Ma came out to play guitar as Jay sings! Sing Qing Tian mix Rasa Sayang (Everyone also sing this song XD!)!!!~
- And i always keep on looking at Auntie and to look for empty seats around the middle there XP!!! But of course, all taken -_-"...

- Than when he sang "Luan wu chun qiu", at the telephone part, he do the voice rapping thingy!!! Diao XD!!!~
- Oh yeah, and his dance... ICHIBAN XD!!! I love to see him dancing and especially, i love that chair dance of his XD!!! Too bad my seat so cannot see properly =(! But anyway, i still love that chair dance (And when i get his Concert LIVE DVD, i'm gonna play it over and over and over again XD!)!!!
- Wow, his waist really geng XD!!! No wonder they say... nevermind XP!!!~
- I think his really great in the dances!!! Sugoi, ganbatte ^-^!!!~ Dance more!!! Me want to see more!!! Me rabbu alot your dances ^-^!!!~
- Than erm... don't know what song dee, either "Jian Dan Ai" or is it "Hong Dou", he walked to my side, he pointed at my direction XD!!! I'm not going to give out any information about it, its a long story to be enjoyed in eiko-chan's fantasy XD!!!~

- Than Nan Quan Ma Ma came out XD! They sang my fave song, "Xiang Zhao Ba Bu" and "Xiao Shi Hou" XD! I shouted like mad @_@... i sounded more like coming to see NQMM instead of Jay XD!!!~ But the girls dancing during "Xiang Zhao Ba Bu" so "hiao" -_-"... They like always want to go near NQMM, stick close close to them and smiled like... like that lor...
- And their dance for "Xiang Zhao Ba Bu" so cute XD!!! I love it and i'm gonna learn it ^-~!!!~
- When they sing "Xiao Shi Hou", Jay got came out and sing too yo ^-^!!!~
- And Auntie got say, when NQMM finish singing and wanted to go back to backstage that time, my fave in NQMM, Yu Hao, he fell down the hole where the Grand Piano supposed to appear @_@! Ju Pao tried to grab him but missed! He fell and maybe hit the grand piano? Auntie's side can see it all, and they all very very worried, but i didn't see anything because my side cannot see one! I don't know anything about it until Auntie told me after concert -_-"... maybe cause i'm still busy cheering for NQMM XP!

- After awhile, Jay came out playing the grand piano (Stupid... its red -_-*... Thanks to The Star perhaps... don't want talk about it dee lar! Ruin my mood nee!), sing sing, and i can see him play XD!!! His fingers so *v*!!! So geng, he play piano!!! Of course, Jay mar ^-~!!!~
- Than Yu Hao came out to do the piano duet with Jay! Auntie say he holding his waist when he came out! Maybe he really hit the grand piano @_@? Kesian poor baby boy =(!
But their piano duet, unlike previous concerts too, it was not on grand piano but on the keyboard!!! Maybe cause Yu Hao hurt his fingers when he fall down that time, and grand piano's keys are harder to press one, thats why change to keyboard?
- Nevertheless, their performance was superb!!! Me rabbu he and Yu Hao play!!! Really geng XD!!!~

- After that, my fave song, "Zhu Wo Sheng Ri Kuai Le" by Jay (LOVE IT XD!!!)! I love Jay's version of that song better, but Landy's ones are very good too!!! I love both of it lar ^-^!!!
Unfortunately, Loo2 called me at the time, so i didn't get to appreciate when Jay sing that song properly =(!!! But luckily Auntie got record, so i can enjoy over and over again soon XD!!!~
- Jay sing the song halfway, than Landy came out and continued the song XD (Pupu will definately fly up the stage XD!!! Luckily he tak come!!!)!!!
- After that song, she sang "Ren Lai Feng"!!! And again, REALLY LUCKY PUPU DIDN'T COME!!! When she dances for "Ren Lai Feng", really @_@... she can shake her butt and really geng ne she!!! Hebat body and dance really sexy and geng!!! Landy dance until so hot, Pupu's bound to fly up to stage!!! No doubt about that!!! Gurantee 100% one!!! So really lucky lar XP!!!~ Cause maybe we'll be shooed out if Pupu really fly up?? Hehe, just kidding lar Pupu XD!!!~
- Like for NQMM, i shouted for Landy like i came for Landy, not Jay XP!!!~ Somemore she sing this song of mine is my favourite *v*!!!~ Wanted to standup often but stupid guard always ask us, me and Auntie, to sit down -_-*...
- Hmm... i think me and Auntie only really cheered for Landy because Landy's fans? Because others like normal normal, enjoying her songs and didn't went crazy like me and Auntie XP???

- Sing song sing song, than Jay wear my fave shirt!!! He came out singing "Hei Se You Mo" with Dan Tou!!!~
- Than a few fast songs, wow, they dance the "Shuang Dao", "Long Quan" and "Shuang Jie Gun" medley, i can see their sweat all flying around when they kick each other @_@... ewww... scary for me X0 (Wonder if the person in the first row kena the sweat @_@...)!!! Luckily dancers all do and tak kena Jay? Jay got hit and kick kick some butts!!! Hebat XD!!!~

- After that, me and Auntie go give Jay the flowers XD!!! We bought 2 roses for him (Me buy pinku, Auntie buy redo!)!!! Yup, those flowers Jay holding is from me and Auntie one ^-~!!!!~
- Auntie wanted to give the rose to Landy one, but unfortunately didn't give at the end!
Cause we thought Landy will have a duet with Jay, and we'll give it to them at the time (I give pink to Jay, Auntie give red to Landy!), but after Landy appeared she didn't appear anymore for duet dee, so didn't give to Landy =(!!! And cause didn't bring pen that time, we cannot write on the tag to tell Jay to please pass the flower to Landy X0!!!
Nvm ler, at least Jay got hold the flowers when he sing ^-~!!!
- The story we go give the flower very long, so i lazy tell everything again XP!!! Ones thing for sure, HE TOOK THE FLOWERS WE GAVE HIM XD!!!
Well... the flowers from us, but the security pass it to him one lar -_-"...
- We waited for encore to pass it to him one! When he sang "Long Quan Feng" or issit "Hei Se You Mo", he took the flowers than (He take pink one first XD!), i cried as i listen to him singing and he was holding the flowers!!! This lady security guard looked at me XD!!!~ A few times somemore!!! Like shocked someone will actually cry??? Hahaha!!! So happy ne XD!!!
- Than sing "Qi Li Xiang", came back for "Shuang Jie Gun" with NQMM than... than... they really ciao dee =(!!!

- I chase out and saw the car, but i cannot see Jay inside =(! Saw alot of other people but not Jay! If i continue running up, maybe will see because they stop to wait for people to open the gate =(... But i didn't chase up lar...
NQMM one also, i saw the car but i'm not sure they are inside anot! Than i saw Gary inside and shouted, but no use -_-"... i didn't chase after the car too ler... which i should've did to both cars T_T...
- Auntie always very lucky one XD!!! She saw Jay inside the car, and she waved bye bye to NQMM!!! Proves that pink brings luck to you too ^-~!!!~
- HAPPY HAPPY XD!!!~ It was really great ^-^!!!~

Hope Jay come back fast yo XD!!!~
This concludes eiko-chan's report on Jay's 無與倫比演唱會, Imcomparable to Jay's concert ^-^!!!~

Countdown to 無與倫比, 29/ 1/ 05 @ 8pm...

Before i start this, let me say a few words...

I lazy write the whole thing out (XP!), because i have to go to soon, so i just summarised my whole day using "point form" ^-^!!!~
Anwyay, if i were to write all out "story form", by the time you finish reading this, your eyes will go @_@, and you'll probably won't get anything (Being that its eiko-chan's language mar XD!)... Haha! Better don't confuse anyone ne ^-~? Besides, its easier to write like that! I senang, you guys won't need to @_@ and wasted your energy reading, but not understand a single thing XD!!!~

I wanted to write what happened today!!!~ So thats why i seperated this from the concert report, or else it'll be very long XD!!! And i want a special entry for the concert too ^-^!!!~
And thats why i name this piece as "Countdown to 無與倫比, 29/ 1/ 05 @ 8pm..."...

So... Countdown to Jay's concert, STARTO XD!!!~


Ah Leng jie jie today getting married XD!!! Shes suppose to go sign the marriage certificate with Uncle Joseph!!! Congrats Mr and Mrs Cai =)!!!~
- Woke up at around 7am-8am!
- Very sleepy lor @_@...
- Go Restaurant OK eat breakfast and berkumpul sana!
- Thought i was the earliest, but actually Ah Mei jie jie earliest XD!!! I arrive at around 8.05am, Ah Mei jie jie at 7.50am (@_@! Thats REALLY early! I'm still sleepy when i was there btw...)! The rest arrive a little later!
- Pergi ke "Jabatan Perkahwinan"! It was at 7 floor! Ah Leng jie jie drive all the way up the narrow and sloppy driveway to 7 floor! It was so "circlish" and so narrow and... pening kepala ne @_@!!!
- By the time we reach up there, the whole car, consisting of me, Ah Leng jie jie, Anna jie jie, Kaijie and Ah Mei jie jie, became @_@ and @_@ dee XD!!!
- Waited for their turn! The pengawai damn geram ne!!!~
- We were all quite noisy outside the "signature" room! But its cause marriages a happy thing ne?
- Instead, we got scolded and the idiotic WOMAN pengawai threatened that if we make more noise, only Ah Leng jie jie and Uncle Joseph can masuk! Those who came to witness the wedding cannot masuk!
- Although i know we all noisy is our wrong, plus we got a bit disturb the couple that time punya signing ceremony, but her face no need so "black"! She make wedding sound like a bad thing! We're noisy cause we're happy! She really very... idiotic!!! That was just pure mean ne, what she "threatened"!!!
- So hehehe, at first she's suppose to be the witness to Ah Leng jie jie and Uncle Joseph's wedding, but because she so "black face", so we requested to change pengawai witness! Ha! Padan muka!
- Witness Ah Leng Jie Jie become Mrs Cai XD!!!~
- The pengawai, an Indian man, was very friendly, nice and a cheerful face!!! Make the whole suasana ALOT better!!!

After the wedding, we all go Petaling Street to see Sai gu jie! But Sai gu jie very busy ne, alot of customers busy preparing for CNY!
- We; Me, Ah Theng jie jie, Kaijie and Uncle Ah Guan, went to Petaling Street in Uncle Ah Guan's car!
- This stupid Kancil rampas our parking spot!!! Pay us back RM4 for the parking fees!!!
- Walk across the street from Sai gu jie's shop to the pet shop opposite!
- CUTE DOGS XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
- The Golden Retriever is sooooooooooooooooooo kawaii yo XD!!!~ Normally dogs in Pet Shops ignore you no matter how you touched the glass door! But this one, almost all the dogs will come to the glass door, and try to lick or paw paw or look at your hand which is on the glass door XD!!!~
- Theres this French Bulldog, very small only, also chooooooooooooooo kawaii!
- He was inside the cage with 2 Chihuahuas!
- When i went to him, i squat down and place my hand on the glass door, and he walked to me XD!!!
- Than his head like always nodding nodding to my hand XD!!! Like trying to manja to my hand only (And the Chihuahuas always kacau him XD!)!!! Than, he fell asleep XD XD XD!!!~
- His body was sitting down, but his head is slump down on the floor (Don't know how to explain, but ones thing for sure, ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE XD!!!)!!! CUTE LER XD!!!~
- Too many cute dogs, hamsters and rabbits dee! Don't want to talk more or else i'll be super jealous!!! I want that Goldie XD!!!~
- Ok, enough!!!
- Oh yeah, and i was looking at the dogs that time... suddenly i heard someone yelled my real name from behind -_-"...
- I went 0_0... who is it?
- I turn to see who is it...
- -_-"... kia kia... why nampak her one?
- *Auntie whacks eiko-chan's head*
- eiko-chan: "Adoi!!! Ok ok, i'll tell the truth!"
- I turn around and saw Auntie!
- Than i went, "XD, Auntie, its tonight XD!!!"!
- Than i continue looking at the dogs XD!!! -_-"...
Haha, no lar, just kidding XD!!!~ Auntie suddenly appear behind me, with Thean Yee, her BF and their supervisor!!! Shock ne!!! So coincidence!!! They were going to Petaling Street too ne!!!~
Amanda contacted me earlier, she say she saw her in LRT one, i got wonder where she, May Yee, go; but never imagined she would come to Petaling Street and i would meet her there!!! The world is so small (But why i never meet Jay in the streets before one =(??)!!!

After that, we go to OU watch Elektra!!! Not bad lar!!! Thought i would be late to prepare for the concert, but i was not XD!!!~ Phew!!!~
- After movie, went home, mandi!
- Mandi dee, wear baju, wear contacts, than go take camera from Kaijie (Borrowed hers!)!
- Come back home, style up hair!
- Very yeng XD!!! Too bad the hairstyle was ruined after a while, because don't have the "teng fatt sui" X0 (The hairspray used to make your hairstyle stay!)!!!
- Everything done dee, waited for older bro a while, than go to fetch Auntie!!!
- Jay's concert, HERE WE GO XD!!!~

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Its just eiko-chan's style XD!!!~

Haha, its just eiko-chan's style XD!!!~
- To save piccus like mad XD, than realising that she have too much pic later, and its difficult and time consuming to organise it (And its @_@ also...)...
- To save videos, clips like mad, only to realise that the computer's storage limit will be bursting soon...
- To write about a certain day in the Blog, which is already 10 days after the event...
- To input Blog entries late...
- To write long posts in the Blog... sometimes a few days in one Blog...
- To write long entries in forums and being slow in the update of the forum -_-"...
- To not finish stories she've written halfway...
- To think about a story, write almost whole storyline, inserted really interesting plots dee!!! Only to be too lazy to start writting the story -_-"...
- To say "Go online awhile only...", only to stay glued to the computer for 4 hours -_-"...
Wow, i think this will be another long post if i don't stop XD!!! Hahaha!!! Too many things dee XD!!!
Its just eiko-chan's style nya ^-~?

Ok, erm... Monday (24/ 1/ 2005), supposedly go out with Mandy watch "National Treasure" XD, but unfortunately, time tak compatible, so in the end didn't go lor! Nothing much happened!
Oh, something DID happened *grins*!
Someone from Aussie came back and surprised me (She surprises everyone lar XD!) as i was rolling around in my bed (Hihi, lazy to get up mar *blushes*...)!!! She came back in secret to surprise everyone (She did the same last year -_-"... but it didn't work on me then because she was busted XD!))!!! Oops, i let it out loud here -_-"... but anyway, i don't think anyone in the family would come here often, so nevermind lar ^-^!!!~

Than on Tuesday (25/ 1/ 2005), went driving at testroad and the side parking those! Just to practise lar! It was holiday (And i didn't know bout it -_-"...), and by right, Mandy had homeworks so she'll be busy and cannot go out one... but the super woman finished everything (Around 6 assignments @_@...) before 1-2pm, so shes free than we go out watch "National Treasure" (It was a great movie XD!) in the afternoon and shop shop, and Mandy will be getting pets XD!!! Shee, won't say anything about it yet ^-^!!! And me their official guardians XD!!!~

On Wednesday (26/ 1/ 2005), went potong rambut with Loo2 (Loo2's hair is so cute XD! Mine a little sai lar... after i wash my hair that is -_-"...), than watch "Bridget Jones 2: The Edge of Reasons" (Great movie too XD! Love that British accent ^-^!) and continue shopping for new year clothes XD!!!
Than when i went home in the evening... XD!!! My package from Yes Asia arrives XD!!! Ureshii ^-^!!!~ So happy!!! And opened my "Works Vol. 3", "SOA" and "Yume no Basho he"! Planning to open "POL" today, but hehe...
Anyway, really happy, although sad that "Yume..." is not first press, but because its w-inds. (Keita XD!!!), so HAPPY (Besides, i've already manage to pull myself together regarding THAT issue ^-^!)!!!

And as for today... 27/ 1/ 05... Thursday... JAY CHOU ARRIVE IN MALAYSIA DEE XD!!!~
Don't know he arrive today or yesterday lar, but his here today for sure ^-^!!! Together with Zhou Ma Ma!!! His grandma not sure yet lar, because chinese papers say got, english didn't say anything, and it is known that his grandma afraid of flying!!! Although Jay and Zhou Ma Ma persuades her to come alot of times dee (Because Zhou Ma Ma also likes Malaysia, food good and nice people XP?? Hahaha!), so... have to read newspaper lar XD!!!~
Stupid thing i'll always think of is... his grand piano, one of the SUPER important things i've been anticipating for a very long time dee eversince i've found out is pink... Anyway... now, the piano is dyed red -_-"...
From what i read in Chinese papers, they dyed red because "a certain English media" requested for it, and Jay agreed!
Everyone knows which paper in Malaysia, where their "colour" is red... Thats right... Its "The Star" newspaper's fault -_-"... dai kirai da... me rabbu pinku!!! Me don't want red... *sob sob*...

Saw 8TV's ent news, and he appeared there live for some events!!! Lengcai *melts*!!!~

And on a happier note, i think he stays in PJ Hilton ne ^-^!!! And me test road got pass by PJ Hilton XD!!!~
Don't care about that, when i'm taking my exam, it'll be Monday, and he'll be back to Taiwan dee...
Anyway, yes, on Monday, 31st of January 2005... will be my driving exam XD!!! Kia kia *shivers*!!! Talk about it later...

Back to Jay in PJ Hilton (Kya XD!), because tomorrow right, i'll go for driving lesson, and VERY SURE, will practise around test road dee!!! Hehe, the test road includes passing by PJ Hilton mar XD!!!
Although chances i'll see him as i drive pass is as little as small as a microorganisme... but one can't help but to imagine what'll happen if i saw Jay as i drive pass XD!!!
1) As i drive pass PJ Hilton, saw Jay by the road, than went "0_0, ITS JAY XD!!!"... than... -_-|||... hehe, you know what happened...
2) Or as i drive pass, saw Jay, and went "XD ITS JAY XD!!!" and my instructor went "Holy crap, keep your eyes on the road!!!" and grabs steering wheel as i continue drooling over Jay XD!!!~
3) I drive pass, saw Jay, tells instructor "Sir, hold the steering wheel!", and starts looking at Jay XD!!!~
4) I drive pass, saw Jay, immediately stops car at safe place (Don't want to risk instructor's life ^-~!), than runs out and glomps Jay XD!!!~ Yatta XD!!!~
5) This one my mom say one... I'll go "KYA XD!!!!!!!!!!!!..." than... "Bang..."... -_-"...
Ahh, alot of imaginations floods into me mind as i think about it!!! But the possibilities are very little, so like what Auntie ask me to do, "STOP DREAMING!"!!! Hehe, ok... just let me dream just a little bit more...
*Sa-chan smacks eiko-chan's head and ask her to concentrate on driving lesson tomorrow!!! Not to drool on Jay XD!!!*


Back to Thursday, 27/ 1/ 05 (Hehe, set aside Jay first XD!), i went buy my New Year clothes, bought a shirt lar! Thank you Julie XD!
Oh... one embarrasing thing happened... because i was trying on pants earlier, so urm... i urm... forgot to... urm... zipped my pants after trying on the jeans X0!!! So malu *blushes redder than the reddest tomato*!!! But hehe, when i think the same thing happened to Keita (XD!), and his was probably worst than me (XD!)... and his was again... sorta make me feel gladder ^-^;;...
I walked to buy drinks from Freo (0_o...), than walked to Pets Wonderland (0_0...), somemore talked to this male promoter (@_@...), than walked like normal towards doggy section (*Faints*...)... when this lady promoter who was walking pass me just tell me "Excuse me, you forgot to zip your pants!", and i went "XD! Thank you XD!" and quickly zip it!!!
I don't know how many people saw that (*Blushes*), but luckily she told me! Thank you ne! It would've been more embarassing if a guy told me 0_0...
But normal human reaction will be leaving that place immediately ne? Well, i still stayed there and look at the puppies notice awhile, and the sugar glider, than only ciao -_-"... Hold on... that normal human reaction thing, maybe i only think people will do but people won't? Ah XD! Ignore what i said XD!~
Ooh, and my Baby Boy, Keita's one... hehe! They were taking shots when the female photographer went and tell him he forgot to zip his pants XD!!! And its an "again" somemore (Means he forgot to zip his pants before once or a few times already XD!)!!!~

Than came back, got stuffs to do one! But my butt sat on the chair infront of the computer and i erm... hehe... it stayed there for around 4 hours @_@ (tak count the times i stood up to get drinks lar...)!
Surf the forum (Thats why i said, ITS ADDICTIVE XD!) like mad!!! I'll continue one about "Keita's Fanclub" later, because it'll take ages for me to finish _-_|||...
Than around 11pm only manage to go do all my stuffs, including change my babies' diapers, hang pants, wash dishes and bath ^-^!!!~

Oh yeah, i don't know how to choose now ne... the rabbits cage thingy got 2 types... one is a h*ll lot more expensive, but its imported and the quality... the guy say stainless steel and all! I touch already feels good lar, but i saw one of them got like, the paint came off dee one...
Than another one is almost half price cheaper... but its just like the normal painted cage lar... and its local... don't know stainless steel anot...
Oh, the horror X0!!! And dad just informed me the place i chose for my rabbits are like... HOT X0!!! I imagined and thought the place I chose was good, and the other will be hot, but its the other way round -_-"... aiyoyo, now how?? My rabbits will be hot rabbits there XD!!!~

Sunday, January 23, 2005

S.H.E. in OU and MidValley XD!!!~

Last 21/ 1/ 05, went to watch S.H.E. in OU and MidValley XD!!!~

Ok, i'll first start with them in OU! Hehe, 2 days ago now only post, of course, eiko-chan's style XP!!!~
*Gets hit by Sa-chan on the head*
Itai XD!!!~ Ok ok, let me continue with the story...

Because i thought since i already got the tickets to see them in MidValley at night, so i didn't go early to OU! Reach there around 5pm (And they would be there at 5pm XD!)! But of course, they haven't arrive yet! But the fans there was @_@... if you don't know S.H.E.'s going to Watson OU, you might've thought that the people outside were trying to break into Watson to ruin the store or theres some big sale or something!!! The shutter was closed, fans etc have to wait outside (Of course, or else the number of people who'll enter Watson will make the store go @_@...)!!!~ But the host chose a few lucky people to be allowed inside to buy S.H.E. stuffs earlier before S.H.E. arrives!!!~ S.H.E. will be the cashier and promoters serving them yo XD!!!~

Oh yeah, they came to Malaysia to celebrate Watson's 12th Anniversary and to promote Encore, their new album! They were to first artist to have their own special booth, which sells all their items in Watson! Thats why they came to celebrate Watson's 12th Anniversary as well!

I waited there and i called Loo2, my darling whose working in OU! I SMSed her earlier to tell her S.H.E. is coming to OU, but she misunderstood my SMS -_-"...
Anyway, ask her faster come! After a while she arrive, the crowd grew larger @_@... luckily i was quite infront, but at the side lar!

Waited around almost 6pm dee, we were stuffed in the middle @_@... and Loo2 she feel abit sick (Dizzy X0!!!)! I'm a very good friend, so i told her "Don't puke on me XD!" (Hehe, i'm really a good friend ne XD? *coughbullcoughshit*)!!!~ But luckily nothing bad lor!!!
I was thinking almost want to leave dee, because going see them in MidValley at night mar, no point waiting longer! But after that they arrive XD!!! I think they entered through the store door or something from behind Watson! Anyhow, definately did not entered from front door lar! When they came they're already inside XD!!!~

And naturally, all the fans pushed (And me and Loo2 turned into pancakes @_@...) and pushed, than the security gor gor always got maddy, ask us not to continue pushing or else they (S.H.E.)'ll leave...
And naturally again, no one listens XD...
After photo-shooting, they turned to be cashiers and promoters to collect money than pack the items for the lucky peoples chosen earlier! After everything settled, the crowd outside really pushed like mad, so S.H.E. mar stand at the only open "doorway" (The rest is closed by the shutter!), using the big microphone thingy to talk to the crowd!
Ah, of course, the minute they appear at the "doorway", the crowd went cheering and pushed to get to them (And me and Loo2 turned into super pancakes dee @_@...)! S.H.E. wanted to tell everyone to stop pushing or else they'll leave or something... actually, what they say i guess only lar... Because i can't hear them (No one can hear them to be honest -_-"...)... all because the crowd was too loud, and the microphone thingy was too quiet, so really, no one can hear them XD! The pushings continued, and worst, there were kids and an old lady at the front of the line @_@... so S.H.E., since we aren't listening to what they pleaded (Which is stop pushing!), leaves immediately!!! And all guards etc rushed in and they close the remaining shutter so no crazy fans could rush inside (And ruin the store...)...

I saw all of them clearly lor! Kinda close too but sad is Loo2 only saw Hebe and Selina, but the one she really wanted to see was Ella! Haih...
Than after that i send Loo2 go back to her shop... we're complaining about the stupid crowd all the way!!! If they didn't push, S.H.E. would've stayed longer X/!!!
I go buy Freo, than waited for me mom in PDI, but me mom didn't come when we said we'll wait there in PDI in 10 minutes!!! I waited roughly got 5-10 minutes there in PDI, called my mom and she was waiting at another place -_-"... naturally, plus what happened, i was pissed off XD!!!
One, just now stupid crowd pushed, we became pancakes @_@, and S.H.E. didn't stay longer, which made me and Loo2 waiting for them for one WHOLE hour (My time is precious ^-~... XD!!!) became totally useless and wasted!
Two, say wait at this place but go wait at another place and didn't even bother calling me earlier to tell me about it, have to wait me to call me mom... How if i didn't call me mom until half-an-hour later??
Three, prior to the second one too, i was running late to go to MidValley to see S.H.E. one ne!!!
So naturally (Again...), blood was boiling when i go to the place my mom was waiting... so... you know what'll happen ^-~!!!~

Around 7pm, me cousin bro Joo Yee (Whose also a S.H.E. fan XD!) came to pick me up and we went to MidValley lor! We thought we're like late @_@ because we went in around almost 8pm (Find entrance and carpark... you know MidValley on weekends -_-"...)! And the thing starts at 8.30pm XD! How if they won't allow us in anymore because we're late and the place'll be full?? We dare not think of it!
But luckily, although we were late, we can still go in, and VIP area (Yeah, luckily we got the VIP tickets or else die lor XD!) was not really full? Hehe, real lucky! Found a place to sit lor!
And surprisingly, basing on the time on me watch, S.H.E. arrives at 8.28pm @_@... so punctual... no, its EARLY XD!!! First time i attend an idol event the idol is EARLY!!! Last time F.I.R.'s one their punctual, just late by 2 minutes only! S.H.E. really hebat XD!!!~

And another "pissing thing" happened! When they came, everyone stands up and me and cous bro pushed to the middle XD (We're at the other end one but curi curi move to middle place XD!)! We're middle now, so we sat down... but idiots infront of us refuses to sit down, so they blocked my view -_-"...
Ok, don't want to talk about those idiots! It was only until before the autograph session started they sit down! No point right? S.H.E. decorate the cake, sang "Happy Birthday" song to Watson etc and all we cannot see! GRRRRRR! We all at the back call them sit down also tak tau sit down! Must us scold and angry angry (And this stupid idiot standing infront got thrown papers because he refuses to sit down! Haha, serve you right!) only listen... but useless dee... GRRRRRRRR -_-*...
Ok, don't care dee lar!
Than when they say the autograph session is starting, i faster rush to the right side! Luckily, get kinda "good" place in line?
Hehe! It was not actually a line lar, but more like a big pile of humans all squashed together wanting to get to the line lining up to the stage XD!!!~

Theres this gate thingy that seperates us from that line, so everyone rushing want to go into that line lor! The security guards are organising us to enter the line one by one! Because if us, the whole pile of humans rush in like that to the line, sure scare S.H.E. one XD!!!~
Also became pancake than @_@... but luckily, not as bad as last year in UE3 @_@... that was worst!!!~

Than i wonder why ne, i always got "blocked" when its my turn next!!! Happens alot of time dee!!!
Because the row i was in was going in to the line dee, but when its just my turn next, the security guard stopped me -_-"...
When my row was going in, i was very happily thinking "Its my turn dee XD!", and also looking at the security guard at the same time, also thinking "Don't you dare stop me when its just my turn!!!"... and... he did stop me -_-*...
I think it happened in S.H.E.'s autograph session last 2 years in Sunway Lagoon, one of Jolin Tsai's autograph session, erm... i think F.I.R.'s too? And than last year S.H.E.'s in UE3 and this year in MidValley one -_-"... haih... me so unlucky one...
But the sorta goodie thing is after the other rows, the security guard who looked like the senior wanted to give the next row one, but the security guard at my row says "Its this rows turn", and than let my row go XD!!! Yatta XD!!!~

Ok, than luckily, after a while, the security guard let my row in, and the crews at the gate before the line will write your hand with the marker pen to see how many copies you have and how many they should give you back etc!
Btw, they use the marker... i think 2, 3 days only came off -_-"...

Than after that line up for a while, saw the cakes at the side!!! I have the thoughts to run to the side and grab the cake XD!!! But no lar, i more interested to be in my line!!! But i can't really see the decorations they (S.H.E.) did lor!!!~

Than, after the cake... its my turn to go upstage XD!!!
If i remember correctly, i think i was about to go up the stage when the security guard stopped me again -_-"...

Than (I used to many than XD!!!), the moment of truth came XD (I don't know why i used this sentence... just feel like using it XD!!!)!!!
I walked up the stage, and than organise my lyrics booklet into a row, place it on the table, than wait for S.H.E. to sign it XD!!!~
They have like tons of booklets to sign then, and theres like thousands more (The "none-VIP" line was like @_@... so many heads and orangs...)... so ke lian them!!! Ganbatte XD!!!~
Because you have to walk along the table, than as i reach Ella, i told her "Xing ku ni men le!" (Direct trans is "tired you guys" or as "troubled you guys"?), than Ella looked up and say "Oh, bu hui" (Means "Oh, no lar!"!), than sign the booklet, than look up at me again XD!!!~ Yeah XD!!!~
Than i almost reached Hebe when i asked Ella "Ke yi wo shou ma?" (Means "Can shake hands?"!) really softly (Because they so busy, don't want kacau them mar XD!) and Ella heard it and she say "Ke yi ah!" (Means "Can!"!) and we shook hands XD!!! 2nd time i shook hands with Ella XD!!! The last time is in UE3 when i thought cannot shake hands and Ella just grabbed my hands to shake it XD!!! Thats why i love Ella!!! Shes my favourite in the group!!!~
And i thanked her, go to Hebe, and shake hands with her too, but Hebe very fast let go! Than after that, shake hands with Selina (Ella friendliest XD!) than mar ciao lor! But something bad happened -_-*...

This idiot go gave me the lyric booklet WHICH IS NOT MINE! Somemore tak chantek dee one! My own booklet was damn chantek!!! Idiot! But S.H.E. got abit fault? Nah, thinking back, although S.H.E. ruined the line of booklets, that IDIOT also cincai give us one so its that idiots fault! Grr!!!

But conclusion, the autograph session was great! Me rabbu Ella XD!!! Shes so nice!!!~
And about the erm... what it is... yeah... Joo Yee's camera's battery finished at the nick-of-time -_-|||... so little pics nee, no nice ones... haih...

But still... IT WAS GOOD XD!!!~

Friday, January 21, 2005

Driving 0_0... kia kia...

Haha, i write yesterday's entry in today's because if i were to continue in yesterday's entry, the whole post will be like 0_0... So... like that lor XP!!!

20/ 1/ 05
Today got driving lesson! Kia kia X0!!!
Because learning slope today, and at first few attempts, it was difficult and so susah!!!
Than after that, calm myself by singing "Yume no Basho he"! The song was for the high school football tournament so naturally, it has like a cheering spirit, therefore, really pushed me to ganbatte, keep calm and just do it XD!!! After a while, really ok dee ^-^!!! Happy XD!!!
But when i thought of not getting first press for "Yume no Basho he"... i went -_-"... Haha...
But thinking back, its destinied whether i get it anot! If its mine its mine! And to cheer myself up too, i told myself i can see the trading cards online and if i really wanted it, print it out lor XP!!! Hahaha!!!
I still continue the shipment of "Yume no Basho he" because it is for such a big event (The whole Japan high school football tournament! And w-inds. are SUPER BIG fans of football ne!) and its released on a really good date (1/ 1/ 05!)! Dakara like that lor ^-^!!! Besides, its a really great single!!!
Oh ya, in my previous post forget to write about the YesAsia thingy -_-"... hehe. I received mail i think on the 16 or issit 17 Jan from YesAsia telling me they no longer have the first press in stock! So sad =(! But over dee lar! Don't care dee! Fated XD!!!
And today also go to see Auntie Rose's new baby XD!!! Cute!!! Very chibi chibi small small one XD!!! He was born on the 19/ 1/ 05 in the afternoon!!! Looks like Edwin and his face like smiling smiling one XD!!! And his eyes always roll around like blur blur thinking "Where am i?", "Where am i?"... although Anna jie jie and Auntie Rose say he cannot see anything yet lar... but still cute XD!!! Chibi XD!!!~
Hehe, but he late one day lor! Or else he'll be on the same birthday as Jay already XD!!! Hehehe!!!~
Jay's album out dee XD!!! Its officially out today but Victoria have it today and they and Chong May Yee tipu me X/!!!
Victoria called me tell me about it, i say i'll let May Yee take it! Than after that heard people laughing before hang up. Didn't suspect anything at first, than after bathing i call CMY lar... make me -_-*... Conversation as below (Not exact but roughly lar...)...
eiko-chan: Where are you?
CMY: At home.
eiko-chan: But i called your house they say you tak daa!
CMY: Penang home!
eiko-chan: Penang home 0_o?? Since when you're from Penang?
CMY: In LGC's house.
eiko-chan: LGC's house 0_o?? Why you suddenly go Penang one??
CMY: (Forgot what she said dee!)
I got suspect she not in Penang one, but i heard a guy's laughing sound and it sounded like LGC... so mar cincai lar!!!!
eiko-chan: Anyway, Victoria called me, and i say my CD you take ok?
CMY: Ok, you want take tonight or tomorrow?
eiko-chan: Tonight or tomorrow 0_o? I thought you in Penang now? (Got suspect abit she not in Penang and in Victoria!)
CMY: My sister take mar!
eiko-chan: Oh! Up to your sister's convenience lor! Eh, why you suddenly balik Penang one?
Than she let me hear Jay's song and after i guess its Jay (His voice so nice so sweet who tak tau lar XD!!!), she told me she in Victoria!!!
XD Tipu saya!!! And the whole bunch of them laughing there!!! Sob sob!!! Than going out buy McDs (I'm collecting the Prosperity Pal now XD!) so mar ciao dee lor!!!~ Geram XD!!!~

21/ 1/ 05
Today also got driving! Learn side parking!
Oh ya, yesterday when learning slope, the sun was bright and hot like don't know what! My right arm was exposed to the sun and thus, when i came back yesterday from driving lesson, it was RED... and very dark like "oh-ne-ne" now X0!!! Didn't put sunblock somemore!!! Today also, it was exposed again so it turned darker 0_0 and like really dark XD!!! My other hand because exposed abit due to turning the steering wheel while side parking, so abit bit dark!!! But definately not as dark as my right arm!!! If you see, your eyes will go 0_0... serious!!! And since i'm wearing sleeve shirt, obviously, the upper arm is white, the lower arm is black!
Mom ask me to wear long sleeve today, but i don't want XP!!! Serve me right!!! Arm turn darker dee XD!!!
Aiyoyo, the instructor really... controlled my steering wheel and instruct me do everything so now i still blur blur what to do while driving on road! Scare i fail lar for driving on road X0!!! But yeah lar, i admit i don't have "straight line sense" and steering tak control very good! But i'm sure if he just let me control on myself without holding onto it like always, i'll learn better! And will get use to it better!
He should only help me steer abit if i move towards one side too much and than let go! Now i really scare i cannot drive on road unless someone next to me instruct me X0!!!
Btw, because he always hold on to the steering wheel, so i just put my hands on the steering wheel and didn't move! The outcome, my left hand's muscle very sore!!! And today because learn side parking must turn more... became super sore X0!!! Aiyoyo!!! I really must find a way to practise car on road without my instructor next to me instructing me XP!!! Hehe, look for Ah Theng jie jie or Amanda!!! Lol, just kidding XD!!! Just "chap-sang" when driving on the road test lar!!!

Yeah, later go see SHE in Watson in OU and in Megamall! They came to celebrate Watson's anniversary and to promote "Encore"! Hmm... should i buy their "gai-ban" album? Nah, don't want lar! Waste money plus i already got 2 first version Encore albums dee -_-"... haih... long story, tak mau cakap dee!!!
Ooh, i must go get my free gifts!!! Aiyo, hopefully mom still have the receipt or else cham lor X/!!!

Ok lar, i go bath now! Hehe! Than later must reorganise my files in computer (Alot alot alot of files @_@... computer no more space dee... must faster burn...
Wait... even if burn finish, my pics file also haven't organise @_@... aiyo, cham ne X0!!!)!
Ok, matta ne ^-^!!!~

Thursday, January 20, 2005

The attack of laziness =P!!!

Hehehe, around last week like that, after the power down thingy, internet cannot run fast! But after it can run back to normal dee, the "power-of-laziness" (And the fact that FFX, lazy, going out, lazy, other things to do and lazy...) attacked me... so erm... thats why so long didn't update Blog =P!!!
So lazy me... lazy go make loads of post about what happened the previous days... i decide to write everything down in this post (Boy, will this post be SUPER long XP!!!)!!!

13/ 1/ 05
Today got driving! And just learn to stop car, driving around the Kelana Jaya track thingy for "L" peoples lor!
Haha, instructor go makan breakfast, so leave me along there to drive around, get use to the brek, acceleration etc, in short driving lar! And =P... one real scary thing happened!!!
Almost had an accident X0!!!
In KJ track, theres this slope! I was driving towards the slope as the car ahead of me had already gone. Haha, i pretending i drive like pro because already use to going rounds dee!
Anyway, while i almost reach the slope, this stupid car from the next track cut into my line and stopped a couple of feet infront of the slope i was trying to go up! So obviously i must stop ne, in order not to bang it! I stopped right before going up and waited for the car to leave. After it left, i mar continue lor! Clutch and accelerator... but because the road there is bumpy, so my feet cannot stay on well on the accelerator and keep on stepping and letting go of the accelerator! Thus, the car jumped and halfway up the slope, the engine died 0_0... and the car move backwards fast XP!!! I suddenly got cold feet, tak tau buat apa, somemore theres this car behind me and lucky thing it moved away fast (Or else bang dee!!!), than i faster press brek! And the car stopped! The wheels are out from track somemore! I think 1/4 of car out of track!!!
Luckily nothing bad happened!!! Thank God!!!
Everyone might've think i'll be nervous like sh*t or something... but hehe, i just start engine, and continue driving as if nothing happened, and as if i pro -_-"... Hehe... luckily instructor not there =P!!!
Ooh, btw, i drove on road XD!!! On the way home!!! But scary X0!!! Ok ok lar!!!

14/ 1/ 04
Ooh! Me today go KLCC get my mags! Made a hard decision between this Junon mag... don't want talk about it dee lar!
Dad go KL so drop me off at KLCC shop myself! Got around one hour one... but me spend around or more than half an hour deciding regarding the mag in Kinokuniya -_-"... and the remaining spend in supermarket XP!!!
Ok, so after purchasing the mags, mar go upstairs, plan go to the big Kinokuniya one, but than saw the Meiji bears with birthdays! The promoters organise it a little better dee (3 months in one corner instead of the whole year in one big pile!), so i went "birthday-hunting"!!! Because running outta time, so i mar just cincai look through to find Keita's birthday and to hehe, see if me and Keita "fated" anot (=P!)! Although always think "after finish searching through this row will stop searching dee!", but i could not put myself up to stop -_-"...
Ok, but after when i really really wanted and have to stop searching dee, i look through the last pile, and i finally found it XD! Hehehe!!!
Than go into Isetan... and saw my Lotte Soh XD!!! The ice-cream i've been craving like mad!!! But its in red bean flavour! I haven't try it before and the one i've been craving to have BADLY was vanilla (I last had it in Japan during 2001... i missed it badly *sob*!)... but cincai lar! Its Soh XD!!! And mami, IT WAS DELICIOUS LIKE CRAZY XD!!!
Though i'd reckon if its the vanilla, i might've died of happiness XP!!! Just kidding!!! Hehe!!!~

15/ 1/ 05
Can't remember exact date, but i think it was today i started playing back FFX (eiko-chan loves it!!! eiko-chan miss it XD!!!)!
Difficult to start, because forget all the controls, fighting, Blitzball, Sphere Grid (I think more than half-a-year or 1 year or MORE since i last played 0_0... i think i stopped playing before HS left for Japan or something... thinking back... it WAS very long since i last player...)...
Anyway, but after awhile got back all the info i need! Though... hehe, still forgetting some... which is ok lar... usually XP!!!

16/ 1/ 05
The internet ok dee XD!!! Can use back surf surf surf XD!!!
But... don't know why... MSN cannot open -_-"... So these days cannot on MSN dee... so ke lian *sob*...
And Anna jie jie came back from US in surprise XD!!! Hahaha!!! Funny!!! At night went out yum char lor!!!~ In The Curve's Starbucks!!!
Oh... and i checked my mail... Yes Asia replied me... they say they no more first press for "Yume no Basho he" dee =( *sob sob*!!!
All my fault, i should've send the stuffs earlier! Maybe i'll get first press than?
But too bad, too late to regret dee! Just accept it, and think that its "destinied"!!! If its yours, its yours!!!
Haha, at least i can go online and see the trading cards too lar ne? Hehehe!!!
I still bought it because its a very nice song, and the single released is for the high school football tournament! Very meaningful! And its released on 1/ 1/ 05 somemore ^-^!!!

17/ 1/ 05
Went out with Loo Yee today to MegaMall to watch movie!!! Than shopping, see stuffs... than go back (0_o eiko-chan, what you trying to say?)!!! Lol!!! Hehe... i went back to the shop to look for the "Keita earring" but no more dee =(... But left message with this nice promoter (The last promoter i left my message too quit dee, so thats why she didn't contact me or anything =(!!!), hopefully she'll really help me to get it!!!
Ooh, and bought this "crystal bracelet"!!! Hehe, not real one lar XD!!! Its dirt cheap!!! I bought transparent one, Loo Yee bought black one!!!
The reason i buy it is cause it looks like the one Keita wored during POL tour XD!!! Hahaha... it reminds me of my baby boy alot mar XD!!!~
And Loo Yee got say, i think when we were looking at Lead's album or something, she got ask me "Who is your baby" XD! She thought my baby is from Lead or something ka XD? Hehehe! I went XD, and showed Keita (Who is from w-inds. XD!) to her and introduced Lead to her too!!!
Lead members are my older bro, my younger bro and me best buds!!! Not baby lar XD!!! My baby boy is Keita XD!!! Love him loads XD!!!~

Ooh yeah, and after Pets Wonderland, we went to Momoe! Their playing w-inds. song there XD!!! The "w-inds. ~ Bestracks ~" album! Hehe, i know the album when i heard it XP!!! Muahehe!!!~

18/ 1/ 05

There is also another post under this date because its Jay's birthday today XD!!! So of course must make a special post just for baby Jay ne XP??? Hehehe XD!!!
Oh yeah, and went out with Auntie!!! Go shopping for New Year clothes, go see Julie in her working place 3.6, chat awhile, introduce her to Lead XD, and when we talking halfway Lead's "Get Wild Life" suddenly play, so i started singing although halfway in coversation XP!!! Hehehe!!!~
Also got drink this erm... this drink!!! Yummmy XD!!! But kinda costly? But its kinda big too... just love it lar XD!!! Fruity XD!!!~

19/ 1/ 05
Today... stayed at home the whole day XD!!! Hehehe!!!~ Play PS2 XD!!! Yatta ne!!! Nothing much lor ^-^!!!
Oh yeah... i found out i missed "Genki Dash" on NHK... Maybe didn't broadcast in Astro lar...? Hehe, actually i not sure got broadcast or not... but i think got -_-"...? Aiyo, but didn't check so feel really sad =(! In wFL Forums, they say they perform "Yume no Basho he" and Keita looked hot XD!!!~
Well, always one lar ^-^!!!~

Ok! That concludes this post for now! Boy, its so long 0_0... So the entry for "20/ 1/ 05" will be in tomorrows one lar!!! Because it'll be very long!!! I have alot to talk about!!! If i were to continue it inside here, will probably need the whole page and you'll probably need a whole day to read it XP?? Haha! Just kidding!!!
But trust me, it'll be long ^-~!!!

Oh... and i concluded something in this few days...
My face is getting horrible (Alot of breakouts due to sleeping late -_-"...) and i'm getting fatter _-_|||... i feel so bad...
Must ganbatte lar XD!!!~

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Jay's 26th Birthday!!!~

Today is darling Jay's 26th birthday!!!
Happy Birthday ^-^!!!

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to baby Jay XD,
happy birthday to you ^-^!!!~

Hope you have the best of birthdays with loads of presents ^-^!!!~ Hehehe!!!~


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

School memories XD!!!

Today, went back to SMKDU to visit with Jing XD!!!

I miss SMKDU *sob sob*...

No more walking down the corridors...
No more walking to the canteen...
No more walking to the science labs...
No more walking down to the field for PE...
No more sleeping in class... Oops, did i just say that XP...
No more disturbing classmates and teachers XP!!!...
No more experiment...

Don't want to get all sad and chummy mummy (Haha, weird word XD!!!) now!!! Hahaha!!! Continue with what happened that day XD!!!

Went to school, because we are considered "outsiders" dee... have to sign the "Guest Book" at the pondok security (1st weird thing...)...
Than go see Jing's little sister to say "Hi!", than go see teachers!
Jing saw Pn Ng at the office so don't want to go in XD (Do you have anything against her or something, Jing?)!!! Hahaha!!!
So went to staff room, say hi and chat awhile to our class teacher Pn Tan, and our Add Maths teacher Pn Tan, said "Hello!" to Pn Wee, and continue chat awhile with Cik Lee!!!
Hehehe, because i was wearing contacts than, and i had my hair dyed, so almost all teachers say "Wah, change alot har..." (Somemore cause Jing cut her hair REAL short!), and to me, "Wah, now can do colour etc to hair dee"... hehehe!!! Funny XD!!!
Than i get really wacky dee, so the moment after we greet Cik Lee i went touching touching my hair and say "See my hair!~"... hahaha, because Cik Lee is really funny and outgoing too, so hahaha... XP
Not that the 2 Pn Tans not!!! Its because i've never thought about doing that when we first met them!!! Its only cause both of them notice the colour in my hair (It was too "bright" dee XP!!!), so makes me want to show off it already... -_-"... Hehehe XP!!!~

Than saw Pn Cheng, Pn Muhanizah (But didn't talk to her =(!!!), and went down to canteen makan (And admire the boards at the corridor XD!)...
The canteen operator change dee =(... maybe because its after rehat or something... but there no nice food to eat one -_-"... i miss the last time one!!!
And somemore this one like unhealthy abit!!!
Neeways, i makan burger and minum teh ais lar (But the teh ais is cheap XD!)! The burger, not much difference lar...
And also saw Pn Zulaika in canteen XD!!!

Than saw the grey cat XD!!! I miss him!!! But haih... he ran away... forget me dee -_-"...
And me miss the "Ke Ai Nuu Ren"!!! The mix colour cat who has this really super cute face and stare and meow-ing sound that it makes your heart melt just looking at her XD!!! I really miss her (And i know her since F4 somemore... *sob*...)... but... don't know where she is dee... *sob sob*...
And she's just so tame and cute, and she likes massages XD!!! I love to give her massages, pats and scratches!!!
But shes picky in food... doesn't eat food you give her although hungry and always meow-ing...

Than in the afternoon, went out with Shi Yin, Sze Yin and Chun Tuck to sorta, celebrate Shi Yin's birthday!!! Just sat at Burger King and chat only lor!!! Nothing special!!!
I bought McD to Burger King somemore -_-"... hahaha... Shared with Auntie!!! She took burger, i took fries (XD) and drink!!!

BTW, yesterday also went out with Julie (Same place, did same thing except the McD part...) because her birthday yesterday mar!!! Than i went walking everywhere with Sze after it!!!~

Back to today, than after chatting at Burger King, went to "fetch" my lao po from work and we went walking around, chatting until around before 6pm, went 3.6 take pics with Julie!!! Than after that... chat about outing with Loo2, than send Loo2 back to work, than ciao dee XD!!!

Yeah, should i buy Lead's latest album??? I'm beginning to love Funky Days ne XD!!! But i scare broke... erm... ok lar, will reconsider it after buying Junon!!!
How i love that song one? Last time hear dee just think its nice but that day when went 3.6 with Amanda or is it Loo Yee or is it with both of them (-_-"...), fell in love with it because the shop was playing it XD!!!
Ask Julie to take the album for me (Cuz she working there!)... but she didn't get the joke -_-"... say "Cannot lar!" etc etc... i also satu punya... i didn't tell her its a joke -_-"... but Julie should've understand me by now? Hahaha!!!
Maybe i sounded serious than 0_o?? Have i ever sounded serious?? XP

Haha, still need to think... SHOULD I BUY LEAD'S BNE ALBUM XD???

Hold on... theres alot of other stuffs i want to get too one ne...


FLAME and Lead's DVD and all... -_-"... aiyoyo...

One thing for sure, need to go KLCC soon ne XD!!!~ Get Junon and check out the stuffs XD!!! Hehehe!!!~

Monday, January 10, 2005

w-inds. Nightmare!!!

Hehe, i'm back XD!!!

Went back to Penang on the 8th for Ah Qiang gor gor's wedding dinner in Penang!!! Yummy XD!!!~ The food is good XD!!!~
But hehe, before the wedding started... damn boring -_-"... can die than (Choy!)!!! Luckily my beautiful lao po (Loo Yee XD!!!) called me, chat awhile... than feeling better... otherwise...

Anyway, was like super down mood until Carson (My baby nephew XD!!!) feed me some milo ice-cream XD!!! Ice-cream really did wonders XD!!! I than went back to normal instead of the very moody-because-of-boredness me!!! Hehehe!!!
Or maybe cause chat and play with Carson lar!!! Hahaha!!!~

And balik Penang, only one very big and good thing you can and should do... MAKAN XD!!!
Yeap... i makan ALOT when balik Penang lar XD!!! Hahaha!!!

Oh yeah, and we went up stage to perform "Superstar" with Ah Theng jie jie and Ah Leng jie jie XD!!!
At first don't want one when Ah Leng jie jie pulled me, than suddenly i wanted to so went "Sing what, i shy lar"... while walking towards the stage -_-"...
I sang Selina's part (Because Selina sang the less inside XD!), and pushed Ella to Ah Leng jie jie, although my outfit that day and my voice was more suitable to be Ella XP!!!
At first singing very -_-"... than better abit lor (Anyway, Selina's part only 2... -_-"...)... aiyo, shy lar that day XD!!! Heart like jumping out XD!!!~ SUPER NERVOUS XD!!!~

Ooh, btw, on 10th morning... i had a nightmare about w-inds.!!!
Cannot exactly say "nightmare" lar... but more like a weird dream!!!

I dream that Ryuichi suddenly announces that he wants to leave w-inds., and the third member was replaced... was replaced... by none other than... Seigo Noguchi X0!!! The person who was chosen to replace Kyohei in FLAME when Kyohei left!!!

I was crying in my dream and reality (If i'm not mistaken =P...)... and Seigo was performing with my darling Kei-chan and Ryo-chan!!! It was ALOT like reality in the dream...

Scary X0!!!

Ok lar, until now =P!!! Hehehe!!! Ja XD!!!~

Friday, January 07, 2005

世界の中心で、 愛をさけぶ

Hehe, meanwhile can only find this pic XP! Its the older version of Saku and Ritsuko!
I find the younger version of Saku more cute-ter and their story than more touching when it was Saku and Ayu Although i haven't watch it yet XP!)!!!~
Great acting by Moriyama Mirai!!!

Hehe, i know i've talked about it ALOT before in my previous posts, but haven't really posted a whole post about it!
Its a movie i've been longing very very much to watch, so hehe, want to talk about it now like i did for いま、 会いにゆきます!
But lazy cakap whole story lar... so i just copy the story line from the webby for you guys to read...
Btw... its in japanese *grins* XD!!!






Muahahahahahahahahaha XD!!!

Anyway, the main reason why i refuse to talk about the storyline here is cause if i really were to elaborate on it, you wouldn't find the story interesting... you'll just think it is just some normal sissy love story...

But its not...

After watching the trailer... i went crying... it was so touching X/!!! Plus the song, 「瞳をとじて」"Hitomi wo Tojite" by 平井 堅 Hirai Ken-san makes the whole trailer really super touching dee XD!!!

This is one of the 3 Japanese movie i've wanted to watch (Badly X|!) recently...
Anyway, theres only three lar -_-"...
- 世界の中心で、 愛をさけぶ Sekai no Chuushin De, Ai wo Sakebu
- いま、 会いにゆきます Ima, Ai ni yukimasu
- クイール Quill (Ok, i have the VCD... but haven't finish watching yet XP!!!)

Haha, till now ^-~! Ja!~

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Dedicated to You...


慶太を見た時、 きっと心は痛い。
「Dedicated to you」を聞く時、 きっと泣いてる。
この気持ちは、 一番悪いだ。

あたしと慶太の距離は、 ずっと遠いだ。

あたしたちの距離、 もっともっと遠いに成った感じました。 だから、 今は気付く...

ずっとずっとも、 彼の彼女に成りますできません。

何か、 本当に成りたいも、 ダメだ。


あぁ、 あたしの日本語は変ね? ハハ、 日本語は上手じゃないのために! すみません!

この曲、 「Dedicated to you」、 w-inds.からの曲です。 慶太を歌うのです。
でも今は、 あたし、 彼へ歌うもっといいな...

Dedicated to You
by w-inds.
詞: shungo 曲:Hayabusa

GARASU no mizuumi Sora wo utsusu
The glass is reflected on the glass lake

乱反射してる 光のプリズム
Ranhanshashiteru Hikari no PURIZUMU
The confusing reflection of the prism's light

君の育った この場所まで 僕は来たよ
Kimi no sodatta Kono basho made Boku wa kita yo
I've come to the place where you grow up

Kimi no RUUTSU tadori
To trace your roots


澄んでた瞳は 澄んでるこの空のせい
Dundeta hitomi wa sunderu kono sora no sei
My eyes are clear because of the sky


共に生きたね 短くても 二人
Tomo ni ikita ne Mijikakutemo Futari
Both of us lived together, even though it was short

君を そう ずっと 忘れないよ
Kimi wo sou zutto Wasurenai yo
I won't forget you forever

天と地に そっと 離されても
Ten to chi ni sotto Hanasaretemo
Even if we are softly seperated from the sky and the earth

願いが一つ 叶うのならば
Negai ga hitotsu Kanau no naraba
If i only can have one wish to come true

Mou ichido... Kimi ni aitai
I want to see you again

涙さえ出ずに 彷徨ってた
Namida sae dezu ni Samayotteta
I'm wandering around, even if my tears don't come out

Doushiyou mo nai koto wo shittayo
I know there is nothing i can do

君は最後に 「また逢える」 と微笑い 僕は
Kimi wa saigo ni "mata aeru" to warai Boku ha
When you smiled and said "I'll see you again"

Kamisama wo nikunda
I hate God

Tou... Mayotta toki wa
I want to ask when you were lost

君ならどう言い どうしたか
Kimi nara dou ii Doushita ka
If i were you how do i speak, what do i do???

Tooi basho he
To a far place

想いを 風のように歌う
Omoi wo Kaze no you ni utau
Singing the memories like the wind

「好きだ」って もっと 言いたかった
"Suki da"tte motto Iitakatta
I wanted to say more "I love you" to you

Sukoshi ya ni naru koto mo dekizu
I won't hate doing it even a bit

君が知らない明日を これから僕は
Kimi ga shiranai asu wo Kore kara boku wa
You don't know hows tomorrow

Dou ikireba ii?
From now on, how should i live?

誰のため冴え渡る BLUE SKY
Dare no tame sae wataru BLUE SKY
For who does the blue sky go clear?

二人で見上げたね 飛行機雲
Futari de miageta ne Hikouki kumo
We look up and saw the cloud which was shaped like an aeroplane, didn't we?

Yakusoku wa mou hatasenai kedo
However, the promise cannot be fulfilled

僕の夢 せめて 叶えたい
Boku no yume semete Kanaetai
At least, i want my dreams fulfilled

君を そう ずっと 忘れないよ
Kimi wo sou zutto Wasurenai yo
I won't forget you forever

天と地に そっと 離されても
Ten to chi ni sotto Hanasaretemo
Even if we are softly seperated by the sky and earth

現実は そう 時に残酷で
Genjitsu wa sou toki ni zankoku de
The reality seems cruel sometimes

Mou nido to... Kimi ni aenai
I can't see you for the second time

君のため冴え渡る BLUE SKY
Kimi no tame saewataru BLUE SKY
The blue sky that becomes clear for you

二人で見つけたね 一番星
Futari de mitsuketa ne Ichiban hoshi
We found the first star together didn't we

Yakusoku wa mou kawasenai kedo
Although we can exchange promises anymore

君の夢 せめて 叶えたい
Kimi no yume semete kanaetai
But at least, i want to make your dreams come true

Lyrics kanji by eiko-chan
Original lyrics romanji and translation by Cecil
Translation edited by eiko-chan

Please do not steal! I've spend hours editting the translation etc! Please at least inform me and put credits for the translation job! I'll be glad to share if you ask ^-^!!!
Thank you!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year 2005 XD!!!

 「夢の場所へ」 by w-inds.! Officially released today (2005年 1月 1日) XD!!!


I want to change my Blog skin... T_T... but haven't found any nice skins yet... Want to make one new one, but with my computer screen like that, stare at it so long my eyes will go @_@... not that i haven't try before... hehehe...

XD I love Kristy!!! She's so cute!!!~
Haha, though i know i won't keep so many dogs in the future when possible, i've already thought of the "susunan" i want it to be complete with breed and names dee XP!!!
Thought of breaking the "susunan", but... doesn't feel right!!!~
Hah!!! Don't want to say the breed and name here!!! Later you all copy my beautiful names *grins*!!!~

Oh yes, i want to talk about the Izaki twins, like i said i would XD!!!
The Izaki twins are members of a very famous Japanese boyband, FLAME. Their born on 17/ 5/ 84, bloodtype forgot, in Osaka i think...
Anyway, they're really funny people!!! And it really proves the saying "don't judge a book by its cover"!!!
Hah, their not me "new love" or anything lar XD, but because i really like them recently (Use to dislike them last time XP!!!), as idols and like good putts (My own language for "good pals")!!!
The older brother, and captain for FLAME, Izaki Yuusuke!
First impression... scary XD!!! And very cool, very quiet etc etc (All those cool cool cold-blooded type kinda people -_-"...), but actually... his the silliest and funniest in FLAME XD!!!
He did alot of stupid things, like say banging his head on the door frame -_-"... climbing up to something, hang onto it and jump down from it to make a grand entrance during introduction in a tee-vee show -_-"... using baseball bat to play golf -_-"... Wow, theres too much i lost count XP!!! But he definately is the silliest!!! Together with all his silly jokes etc XD!!!~

Hisato is the younger brother, but he is more like the older brother (Because his older brother loves acting silly XD!!!)!!! And he loves hitting people's head (Explained in my previous post, why suddenly someone by the name "Sa-chan" came out and hit me in the head!!! Sa-chan is short form for Hisato!!!)!!! LOL!!! The funniest is, he hits his brother's head when he did something stupid, and his silly brother laughed like he enjoyed being hit!!!

Haha!!! Short introduction nee ^-^!!!~ Go know more about him in wFL forums!!! My god, i'm SO addicted to it now XD!!! Everytime go online sure visit it ^-^!!!

Hmm... makes me want to introduce the rest of wFL's member too XD!!! Because see, "going" to write my this story about wFL mar, so hor, i've already concluded all the characters basing on their real personality etc (Though some maybe differs XD!~)!!! Haha, not now lar, but soon XP (Lets bet if eiko-chan will remembers it ^-~!!! Hahaha!!!)!!!~

Oh yeah, i just started on this short story!!! At first, attempting one shot one, but more ideas came, more conversations so -_-"... now also haven't finish XP!!! And always met a writer's worst enemy... the "block"!!! Lol!!! Usually write until halfway always got writer's block one X(!!!
Actually planning faster write finish, and post it in the wFL forums on Keita's birthday, but its a kinda ehem... story, so don't want to make Kei's day bla bla bla (Haha!!! If i explain too much, you'll know what story dee!!! I want to keep it a secret till really finish XP!!!); if post on Ryu's bday, it'll be like the story, so plan post the day after Ryu's bday (18/ 12/ 04)...
Haih... i lazy go see my blur monitor screen... until after the dates mention also haven't fully started!!!
But after awhile, mar start it on dad's laptop, so can watch tee-vee and write same time, but meet writer's block etc etc and all the stuffs XP!!! And sometimes i lazy... than... now... haven't finish -_-"...
LOl!!! My explanation, as usual, is very blur XP!!! Ones thing for sure... its not done yet -_-"... but on a happier note, its almost the climaxs dee XD!!!~ Hope can finish soon XD!!!~

Ok lar, until now lar!!! Haha!!! I want to go do other stuffs dee XD!!! Later!!! Ja ^-^!!!

p/s: Watching a Japanese drama now, since going back to Penang, titled "Water Boys 2"!!! Great drama XD!!! Very nice and intresting!!!
But -_-"... as usual, started watching with HS, but he finish it faster than me -_-"... i must faster finish too XD!!! Will post up stuffs about it soon ^-~!!!~