Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Shop and drink?

Let me tell you my favourite way of shopping.

When i shop (as in my main purpose of leaving the house is to shop), i will never dress up, but rather, i usually dress as comfortable as possible.
Well, i dress comfortable all the time but that's beside the point.

Anyways, yes, shorts, baggy(er) tee and flats.
And when you spend so much time out, naturally you get thirsty yes? So, you buy a drink.

I actually enjoy shopping much more when i have a drink in my hand. Yes, it's troublesome, but when you browse through clothes etc while drinking it's well... it's just nicer lar!!

However, today at The Curve just pissed me off big time.
I was having Coffee Bean's Ice-Blended Chocolate, and entered two shops, Padini Concept Store and Daiso, and was told that "Food and Drinks are Not Allowed" (so i have to leave lar basically).

Which actually pissed me off pretty badly.

My reasons:
I am NOT a 5-year-old kid.
In case you haven't notice, i am 23-years-old. And i was always told i look older than i really am, so yeah, what you want? I'm going to run around and purposely spill my drinks all over your display is it?

It's a DRINK.
In a cup, with lids. If ice-cream, i understand perfectly. This is a bloody DRINK. WITH LIDS.

Ok, we know accidents happens, so if really it did, i'll have to pay for it nya no?

I know this might sound pretty unreasonable to most, but like i care! I really really HATE IT when i can't shop just because i have a drink in my hand!!

VRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *angry throws rotten tomatos at the two shops mentioned*

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