Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shopping in Seoul.

Because everyone love a shopping post =D?
(yes, another overdue post (=v=")...)


My room the night i got home!

Trust me, messier than usual. =P

The clothes.

Mostly shirts, so no point going through one-by-one so... yeah...

Present from Cousin!

13 =D!

Super Show 2 shirt!

For my niece!

Present from Gengmille and Hollie-Won! Thank you XD!

Beauty-products loot! =D

Lower corner left - nail polishes.
Top corner left - Etude hairband, pouch, nail-polish remover.
Top middle - Free cotton-pads.
Top corner right - Etude hairbrush, hand mask.
Lower corner right - Masks. Effing-loads of MASK =D!


Doesn't really work (= =").

Doesn't really work as well, but it's nice to use =D!

Hand mask!
Haven't use! =P

Free-poster from Etude House! MinHo!~

And ze other stuffs which are mostly mad love ♡!!

And other random stuffs which i really malas to explain all. =D

Pooh sticker for niece and CDs!

Oh gosh i love post-its ♡.

Stickers =D!
Effing-load of stickers! ♡

Super Show 2 merchandises (^^ )!

Lined up for 2 hours under the rain for it meh.
But love it! ♡


And the reason i got them was because of...

Oh yeah. ♡

And my favourite sticker!

Because i think she resembles me hee =D.

And more random stickers which i haven't used haha!

Like HeeChul and i ♡!

And this i did use!

For Angel!

And last "bonus" pic:


And you can see who HeeChul doesn't really like.


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