Tuesday, July 06, 2010

On Twilight.

A friend's friend and i had this conversation about Twilight the other day.

I maintain that i will watch the third movie (since i have watched the first and second one), and as much as i dislike the film (because of the fans, not too-much the movie itself), i still like the book very much (though i got pretty bored with it dee - only read the whole series twice, unlike Harry Potter's unbroken record of 1282381927391723 times.).

The friend scoff and went on about how "a guy like this will never exist".

Which got me thinking if he meant whether a supposedly "perfect-guy" like Edward will never exist, or if he meant vampires. Hmm.

Anyhoo, i was tired that day, it was my first time meeting the friend and i was definitely pissed and very malas to continue, but here's what i think (just need to get it off).

Well dude, fact remains a guy like that will DEFINITELY never exist.
Do you really think girls are that stupid to think such guys will exist? Or if they are just waiting for such guys, or think they can change any guy into such guy?
Maybe there are, but that's beside the point. I still find it a tad insulting that some guys really think that women are so. Please don't stereotype.

Furthermore, it's a proven fact that women rely more on imagination than graphic. So what if he doesn't exist, and never will exist? It's something to read, and to enjoy.

ps: Used to have a huge crush over Edward, not too much now, leaning more toward Jasper =D! (Both book and movie! Never liked Bella to begin with (even when i first read the book), but i super love Alice! And Alice and Jasper are the cutest thing ever ♡!)

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