Thursday, December 16, 2010

Of getting coloured hair and all.

Ah, how amusing is it when people assume you dye your hair because you want to be "angmoh", how fun! 8D

Ever since i graduated from high school, i dyed my hair once, let it grow and cut off the dyed bits... then dyed my hair again... and has never ever went back since!

The reason: because it's so much more fun coloured!
If i see the same colour on my head day-in-day-out i'll get bored, and no offence to anyone with (naturally) black hair, but i honestly find black hair on myself boring!
Although yeah, pudding hair's no fun, but yeah... still better than natural black!

Even this time, though i requested for a darker colour (because very sien to see pudding hair sometimes, and also in case i won't be going back it'll be easier to dye my hair myself here), but alas, it's still so bright. 8D

And yeah... i'm getting sick of dark-coloured hair rofl.

Wonder what colour to go next? ㅋㅋㅋ

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