Friday, December 31, 2010

Review of 2010's New Year Resolutions.

This is a review of this!

2010 New Year Resolutions.
  1. Go for an Island Holiday.
    Didn't happen, but oh well! This year is another year! 8D

  2. Be a better Blogger.
    I didn't see much difference really, teehee!

  3. Be better at expressing my feelings for others.
    Not good, but getting better i feel. 8D

  4. Be humble.

  5. Make an effort to dress up when i go out.
    MEH 10 TIMES ROUND. Not even when i was in Oxford and i could not cite "weather" as an excuse rofl. D8

  6. Lose weight.
    I gained weight, does that count? AKML.

  7. Stop being so lazy.

  8. Learn a musical instrument.
    Does Rock Band count? I'm getting pretty good at being the lead guitarist. 8D

  9. Stop procrastinating too much.

  10. Tweet less.
    Somehow i actually did, haha!

  11. Stop being so random and retarded.
    On the contrary i ended up being even more random and retarded. 8D

  12. To be more evil and mean.
    Has always been so that it's not something a simple "New Year Resolution" can change. 8D

  13. U.
    Success! And i love U so much! ♡

So overall i've only accomplished three no? Hmm, interesting... ㅋㅋ
Now on to the next year let's GO!! 8D

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