Monday, December 06, 2010

What does a Blog mean to you?

A Blog is a place for you to publish your thoughts and memories, so in the future you can look back and reminisces the things which you had done and what not etc.

Once again, i promise to put more effort into Blogging, really (yeah, been saying this since a year back haven't i?)... because it suddenly hit me that time is passing so fast, before i realize it i'm getting older... and the older i get, the more memories i accumulate... that eventually i'll probably forget some of those random thoughts and memories. Especially those fangirl-accounts and random moments!

I also realized i didn't write them down anywhere else too so yeah... what if i forget them? *dramatic gasp rofl*

That said, am busy with coursework and all now, will do it soon perhaps?
Teehee! =P

And that all said... i really HAVE to stop procrastination!! (ㅠ.ㅠ )

がんばって 파이팅 GO GO GO!! 8D

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