Saturday, January 23, 2010

Confession of a Part-Time Gamer.

"Please be patient a little longer for the “day of a battle against the fate”!"

Motomu Toriyama

I was going through the pros-and-con of getting Final Fantasy XIII.

You see, as much as i love the Final Fantasy series, i've never ever completed any RPG before. Not even my favourite Final Fantasy X so sue me.

Like i've explained before, i am a "part-time-gamer". In the sense that:
- I completely and totally suck at RPG games.
- When the fighting gets difficult, the fighter yells for her elder brother to finish the battle for her.
- I use a guide book. Seriously.
- I don't play every game, i just play the ones which appeals to me and the battle mode is one which i like.
- I am useless in RPG games. Really.

However, once i start, i will stick my butt in-front of the tee-vee/ screen. Nevermind my OCDness and the need to bath everyday, i can even forget to eat what the turf.
... well, more like i don't want to eat because... who wants lar really! I just want to finish the game (sorta)!!
Which tells me i should so get a close friend whose a doctor and who can prescribe me with IV drips when i start playing a game hahaha! Can lose weight too what turf.

That said, once i manage to stop my addiction and "return to reality", i can really really stop, and not look back... thus that's why i never even finished a game before.
Besides, i already watched most of the endings (of the games i played) since my brother is an Awesome gamer!! Oh yeah!

So... yeah...
I am so totally excited about FF-XIII! I mean, WHO WOULDN'T!!
But it also made me realize...

Am i ready to give everything up and stick my ass in-front of the tee-vee 24/7 to play Final Fantasy XIII?

I know how addicted i can be!! Despite of years not playing an RPG, the last time i started playing Final Fantasy IV, despite a long break from my last game... i totally forgotten that i have classes because i was busy playing ok (or was i playing Super Mario that time hmm...)!! I seriously just glued my ass to the sofa and my face to the NDS' screen!!!

So how?
With the English version completed, and April is rumoured to be the release date... ARGH *pulls HeeChul's fur*!!!
You know what?

I'm going to give up on FFXIII, leave that to my brother...
And buy a PSP and play FFXIII-Agito despite it being the more difficult one but whatever man whatever because PSP is portable i can play in class during exam...
*throws confetti*

Ok, i just lose it again FMAL.

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