Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Spontaneousity may lead to good stuffs after all =D!

One fine day, Milk Pa, Naima, AhMa and i just finished an L4D2 session (realism, cannot finish Bridge FTZL). Milk Pa have to leave, so left Naima, Ah Ma and me.
We were thinking of where to go for dinner and thought heck, let's just go to Cristang!! We've sorta hold this plan back a wee bit too long liao!
PORK BURGER FTW!!! (actually anything PORK. I love PORK. Yums!)

So Cristang we went, under kyspeaks.com's recommendation!

No regrets really, no regrets!
Pics all very buay paiseh-ly stole from AhMa's Blog without permission (like i care, HAHA!).

When we got out of the car, Naima said "I wonder if we would meet Cheesie today? It would be nice lor to meet her here!"
I said, "Aiyar impossible, where got so coincident one... TVB drama meh..."
(actually i think Korean drama would be more appropriate, hehe!)

Mana tau, speak of the cheese(? XD)... the minute we got to the restaurant we REALLY saw Cheesie like... WHOAH!! JINX.
From now onwards i hereby will make Naima say stuffs which i want to come true lols!

I swear we then behave like fangirls! We are big fans of Cheeserland.com, and as i said before, "where got so coincident one" (but it really is, must buy lottery liao haha!)!! It took us so unexpectedly, we really didn't know what to do, so we just went in the restaurant and took our seats, but really, we were super nervous!!

Pic of the place!

We wanted to ask for pics but very nervous and as usual, the following worries:
- Disrupting their meal.
- It was our (well, Naima and AhMa, i'm always lazy hahaha!) lazy day - not dressed properly etc.
- It will seem rude.
- Shy lar.

Some more so many Bloggers there!! Wah!!
We debated this over a few times, when finally (after the AWESOME AWESOME to-Heaven-and-back-and-that-everytime-i-take-a-bite PORK burger), we decided, HECK, let's just go embarrass ourselves!!

We took pics with Cheesie and JacJac (^^ )! They are so pretty!
And really really really very nice and friendly lor!

No pics of me with my fave Bloggers cause i looked funny in that pic FMAL.

But here's an AWESOME one with Koyuki (^^ )!

She is super adorable, cute and cuddly and everything!! Super love (^^ )!!
Thanks Ah Ma for taking the pics =D!

We saw Fatty there too (forgot to take pic of him ARGH!!)! He's so cute so badly wanted to pat him, but JacJac said he'll bite! Too bad!
But i don't know, he looks just so cute i actually thought: "Bite nya lar, SO CUTE!!" =P

It was really nice meeting them! Am glad we decided to go Cristang that day (^^ )!

And last but not least... this entry will NEVER be complete without a review of the OMG oh-so-awesomely heavenly made-in-heaven burger.

I've never ever EVER tasted a burger this good before!
For the first time, i was actually having a dilemma eating something!!

At one hand, i just want to shove everything into my mouth. The quicker the better!!
But at the same time, i want to chew it slowly, taste every flavour, basically just take my time to savour this awesome awesome burger!

SUPER DIFFICULT LOR! I tell you! It's possimpible hahaha!
OMG i love it so much!!
As per Ah Ma's words: Here comes the Majesty.

Oh yeah.
*die, went to Heaven and back - just to have more of this burger!!*
Seriously, it's just SO GOOD it will make er... ok i have nothing to put here but slightly (sorta) racist comment so i shall leave it to that.
But seriously, it's just AWESOME!!!
I want some now!!!!!!!!!!

We also had desserts!! As per what the dude (kuli? he say one not me!!) say:
"It was so sinful the Devil himself had to sent it back up from Hell."

Haha, i made AhMa take the pic with me four times because i was fussy meh =P!
I think it's nice! Strictly for sharing otherwise jelak but not bad really!

Overall, it was a really nice day (^^ )! Am glad we decided to go to Cristang on the spur of the moment! =D

And last but not least:

Oh yeah, SO SO NICE FTW ♡!!~

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