Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am the world's worst fan.

I can forget their names. (Ok, impossible lor... but it'll make the list seemed nicer so it's ok to write so what turf.)

I can get their song titles wrong.

I can get the wrong head count.

I can't tell whose missing straightaway when watching them performance. I need to count, and go through the age-list some more FMAL.

I am never updated with their news.

I can go, "Wah change hairstyle liao.", and it could be the 2nd-3rd change since i last saw it. Remember what i said above.

I can get their facts wrong all the time.

I can diss them like no tomorrow.

But it's ok!
I justify everything i do, because only me would know how much they meant. And i only need to prove it to myself.

By being myself.

I love you boys ♡.

ps: Oh yes, i'm giving myself excuse and license to be lazy. Yes i am. Oh yeah!

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