Friday, January 29, 2010

Martin Johnson.

One fine day.
Lauren: *Was on the phone when she stopped to ask me* "Eh, which is the writer for our Tort's core textbook again??"
eiko-chan: *immediately* "MARTIN JOHNSON!" *proud of self for remembering boring textbook writer's name - except Alastair because he is AWESOME!*
Lauren: *back to phone* "It's Mar..." *notices something wrong* *looks at eiko-chan*
eiko-chan: *looks at Lauren*
Lauren: "..."
eiko-chan: "..."
Lauren: "Isn't that the guy from..."
*and couldn't stop my evil laugh for a while, hehe*

You see, i was flipping through our Tort course structure paper just a few days back, and i remembered reading a name scribbled at the top corner of the page.
So when Lauren asked me the question, somehow or rather the first thing that popped into my mind was, well, Martin Johnson ♡!!
That's why i answered her that lar! Hehe!

Hey don't blame me! For all i know i could've written that name on the corner of the page ok, hehehe!

ps: Woops, i actually wrote Martin Dickson (on the top corner of the page) eh, aiyar cincai lar same lar same lar yah, lols =P!

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