Saturday, September 30, 2006


Thats like, OF COURSE XD!~

Its like, such a common fact!

Its a good thing too right =D!~


But its "NOT" such a good thing, when everybody loves...

... to eat kimchi ㅇ( ̄  ̄ " )o...

I thought i was *safe*, so far only Andy-oppa and MinWoo-oppa claims they LOVE kimchi (To eat for both, but for MinBong of course have that "extra-love"... mwehehehe!~)...

DongWan-oppa, OF COURSE, love kimchi for being his little kimchi =3 DongWan writes here: And i love kimchi, kimchi juice, kimchi BBQ too!~!


Anyways, yeah, i've just founded something "extra"...

DongHae-oppa loves kimchi as well ㅇ( ̄  ̄ " )o...

A lot of Koreans love to EAT kimchi, so i, sort-of, definately can't runaway from *most*...

But to have my favourite idols say this out loud, claiming they LOVE... to EAT kimchi, its like... imagining them looking at ME and telling me THAT o(=.=")o......


Must be careful of those people in the future, eheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!~


Incase SOMEONE forgets about it again! Ehem!~

The SOMEONE who looks like "OkBin" as well!~

But to us, she's not the Korean Artist OkBin, but rather "NOT O.K. DUSTBIN" =D!~


ps: Love BiBi alot too!~ Hehe!~

She said that they (You and ChangMin ar? Ehe!~) know how to differentiate the kimchi to eat, and which kimchi to love=3!~


Came at the right time too =D! Just when i "스트레스 받았어" that time, ehe!~

BiBi XD!~

BTW, fixed your bed adee? I heard my LittleBoy complaining of backache XD!~

Because of the "gollum-like-object" that has curled up at the edge of the bed everynight XD!~


*runsaway and hides behind LittleBoyChangMin*

He so tall, can hide me behind... technically =D!~


pps: Another good thing =3!~

nuna like dongsaeng!

My one-day-younger-darling-baby-dongsaeng-RyeoWook's favourite food is...

kimchi =D!~

*gives him a big CHUT for being such a good boy*

ICE-CREAM, too XD!!!~


Our favourite food are

But i pity him that maybe he didn't get as much freedom as me to have
the-most-delicious-food-in-the-world =(...

nuna bring you eat MORE yah XD!~

And come to think of it, our birthday difference by ONE DAY nya! Possibly LESS-THAN-A-DAY too XD!~
**Although we are actually "same-position" by fact, since difference one day nya, but i still like to think of myself as his
nuna, and he my dear dongsaeng =)! Argh, my "nuna-dongsaeng-syndrome" o(=.=")o...**

사랑해요 누나의 귀엽동생이야

Just be good boy don't steal nuna's ice-cream ne =)!

*big hug and CHUT*

Just hope that YOU don't suddenly come out with the "SM OFFICIAL BIRTHDATE" thing like that lion-cub ㅇ( ̄  ̄ *)o...

Stupid lion-cub *whacks his head*...

*Receives big "lion-cub eyes" stare from him*
(Similiar to big "puppy-eyes"!)



*big hug and more CHUT*

*totally didn't notice him smirking, smiling naughtily and showing the "V" sign over my shoulders to an angry PrinceDongWan and MinBong at the other side*

NYAO XD!~ But my SIMBA still better than you XD!~

*saw that lion-cub sweat and throws tantrum to gain attention*

*ignores him and brings RyeoWook out for ice-cream*

가자 우리 려욱이
!~ 려욱 입니다 *immitates the way RyeoWook always does when he said those words*!~

NYAN O( ̄ω ̄ )O ♪! ~

Thursday, September 28, 2006


This idiotic alarm guy came by to collect a cheque from my dad, but it wasn't ready yet because dad didn't know about it.

So anyways, i was explaining it to him that my older bro NakamuraShunsunke just passed the bill to my dad, but he didn't say anything else about the cheque, so my dad didn't know, thus, the cheque wasn't ready and told him (The idiot) to come get it another day.

Below was the conversation:
"I'm really sorry, but my bro just passed the bill to my dad and he didn't say anything else, so my dad didn't know (yada yada, continues explanation), can i either send it to your company this afternoon, or if you could come collect it again tomorrow morning?"
"Huh? I passed the bill to your brother wor, yada yada..."
Shit, he talked damn alot, i didn't remember the exact conversation, but i KNOW i explained the same thing about "my-bro-passed-the-bill-to-my-dad-but-didn't-say-anything-else" part a couple of times o(=.=")o... its like he don't understand the words i said...
"Oh i see, i passed the bill to your brother, the younger one..."



"You mean my older brother?"
"No no, the other one, the younger one..."
"His my older brother..."
"No no, the younger one, the youngest one..."

Immediately i went o(=.=*)o, but i remained calm, MANNERS... i'm not as rude as he is... to simply stereotype as if he knows who is younger and older... hish...
YOU *think* you *know* my family tree better meh? I'm a member of my family, SO OF COURSE I KNOW WHOSE OLDER AND YOUNGER!!!

"Erm... i AM the youngest one..." i said.
"Oh? Oh, *YOU'RE* the youngest one ah? I thought his the youngest..."

... calm down kimchi, don't simply take out your baseball bat ok?

Then after that we arranged the time for him to get his ass back here come collect the cheque, then just as we were about to leave, he said:

"Just now i tried calling your younger brother, i mean *YOUR* older brother..."




Seriously, i finally understand Kaijie's feelings, and all other younger sibling's feelings in the world when they are "thought-to-be-older-than-their-older-sibling-when-they-are-not"! HISH!

I never want to see that idiot man again! Will make me feel like throwing him to Niagra Falls or whatsoever!

I told my dad about it, and he laughed (As expected o(=.=")o...)...
He say i'm fat, and i looked more mature, so thats why i looked older than that Nakamura lar...


But ehe, at least now i can have "more-reasons" to bully my older-brother-by-two-years =D!~

Not that i *need* any reason to bully him, i ALWAYS bully him, so actually, its "ok" if anyone mistakens him for the younger one, ehehe!~

I looked like the older sister because of the constant "bullying" anyway =D!~

But i just specifically hate that idiot because he seems to enjoy mocking me that i look "OLD"! IDIOT!

But actually, honestly lor, i would've prefered to be the *older sibling*, and people thinking my younger one looked *older*!

Because seriously, then i would've gotten "legal license" to bully my younger sibling =D!

My license to bully my older brother now is sort-of "illegal", in the sense its supposed to be the other way around, but WHATEVER, i'm enjoying it =D!~

So yeah, whatever lar... haish... i'll always bully him =P!

Good thing is his older and more "cincai" type! So he'll usually gives in and let me bully him =D!~ Including let me choose everything i want also! Mwehehehehehehehehe!~

But oh boy, if i tell him that when he comes back home later, he is SO going to have a field-day o(=.=")o...

Should i tell him or not? Hmm...


Watched the latest episode of LoveLetter just now!

BRIAN. JOO. MIN. KYU. is SO going to get it when he comes back later!

He bullied my BabyDongSaeng KiBum just now!

Always "aim" at him when playing the "knocking-game"! Until BabyBum suddenly cannot find anymore english words starting with "H" and had to lose TWICE!


Don't so "show-off" you are born and grew up in America lar Brian Joo! My Bummie only there for 3 years ok, and his so much younger than you!


*takes out baseball bat while sayang-sayang my poor little Bummie*

ps: Its good to be my dongsaeng, i can grow "extra-protective" over them! Eheeeeeeeee!~

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I typed a VERY BLOODY GOOD Blog entry just now, spent around an hour or less for it, manage to upload pics too =)!

Just when i thought i LOVE my internet connection!

I was about to publish my entry when it couldn't, so i copy the whole entry and refresh the page.
The page came back "nice-and-empty"... but when i *thought* i could paste the stuffs i copied earlier...


Which means... everything i've done just now = WASTED!

Damn saddening o(T-T)o!

I was thinking of doing it tomorrow, but the connection is "better" now, so just do it nya lar o(=.=")o...

Hope it'll be as "good-quality" as of just now! ARGH!


Remember i went to Singapore early this month?

Apart from getting my beloved w-inds. VACANZA photobook from Wenny-unnie (Thank you unnie!~), she also gave me something else!


Its just SO NICE! Old pic, everybody has a different hairstyle now + no BabyKyuHyun, but... STILL SO NICE XD!~

Everybody smiling happily at me =D!~


I really love it X3!~

Its just too good not to put it up! 12 handsome good-looking CUTE guys smiling happily looking back at you! YAH XD!~

Its SO BIG that the only place i can put it is on my toilet door!
So i removed my TVfXQ! poster + bromide, and SuJu bromide, to make way for this beautiful poster!


Its SERIOUSLY a "bad-idea" o(=.=")O...

Because, well, i usually lock my room door, so i won't lock my toilet door when i use it!

My toilet door opens to the inside, SO, you can see whatever that was pasted on the toilet door CLEARLY when you're in the toilet!

Get the picture?

Didn't take a pic of it, so use your imagination!

... but incase you can't, i've drawn a rough pic of it =D!~

Seen from above!
The pink parts are the doors btw!


I had to take a few days to get use to it, that i actually shut my toilet door when i'm using o(=v=")o...



This part is for Auntie =)!~
Poor Auntie was bombarded with LOADS OF HOMEWORK everyday! So good kimchi cat me did this specially for her =D!~
CAT'S PAW waiting for you =D!~
You don't put Eric's CHUT as your company name can adee o(=.=")o...


My hubby MinBong and Auntie's son Eric was admiring My darling son HyunWoo the other day!~
Being the proud dad MinBong is, he was happily complimenting how cute our son was =)!~

Of course, MY SON too mar =D!~

I was thinking of having a BBQ-party soon!
As "mooncake-festival" celebration + my class starting soon (Return to civilization for kimchi me o(=.=")o...)!
BYEBYE to "measuring-floor-minister-job" and HELLO to class + reality + assignments for me next next Mon o(T-T)o...

So anyways, DongWan-oppa was helping me count the number of people who will be at the party!

Ish, DongWan-oppa PURPOSELY missed out SuJu and my LittleBoyChangMin, and had really forgotten about Brian-oppa o(=v=")o...

Just as DongWan-oppa was happily thinking about "BBQ-kimchi"... ehem...

Eric-oppa rememebered something!
Hmm, is he finally willing to count DongHae-oppa in as well?


I guess not...
But thanks for reminding about PuPu, oppa! I almost forgot!~

Just reminding SOMEONE something... !@#$%^&*...

JunJin-oppa then gave us some ideas on different recipes to make PuPu!

How about "Steam-PuPu"? "PuPu-with-Cheese"?
Thanks for the ideas JunJin-oppa =D!~ Always BBQ can get quite boring actually, ehe~, although always delicious =D!~

Oh, and did you know?
Shinhwa-oppas was the spokesperson or something for this read-book-thingy, some event to encourage people to read more in Korea!
Eric-oppa happily shares with us the fact that...

ps: The fine-prints there reads "A best-seller by kimchi"!
My very own book =D!~

And double-Oh, we forgot to invite HyeSung-oppa!
Crab taste VERY GOOD BBQ-ed =D!~

Lets just BBQ the CRAB and the BEAR together lar o(=v=")o...

But then, someone appeared which gave the CRAB and the BEAR an idea...

Andy-oppa, as a VERY experienced cat in this matter, i strongly and seriously advise you... to RUN! RUN AWAY AS FAR AND AS FAST AS YOU CAN!
Run Andy-oppa, RUN!!!
Please don't hesitate to call me should you need my help! As i am REALLY "too-experienced" in this matter... seeing that DongWan-oppa is my owner... ehem...


This was a little "over-due", but better late than never =D?
Ok, anyways, remember my Shinhwa 8jib?

That kimchi cat... first take my TVfXQ! FIRST DVD away, now my Shinhwa 8jib!
Luckily he don't like SuJu, otherwise my SuJu stuffs mar all he take?
... not that i have any yet *emos*...
Anyways, better hide that CD properly! ARGH!

My panda pan-chan got jealous that kimchi me and that kimchi cat pays too much attention to the CD, so he appears and...

But LUCKILY, pan-chan just have a BIG MOUTH, and is seriously "ALL-TALK-NO-RESULT" one =D!~
Nyan!~ Mweheheheheheheheheeeee!~


I bought this board from Ikea some time ago!
Now that my room is 80% tidied and cleaned, i can happily decorate the board with beautiful pics and place it beautifully at my study table opposite my bed =D!~

But shee, don't let my son see this! I forgot to put his pic there o(=v=")o...
And so do noguri KangIn-oppa! But at least, there is a "reserved-place" for KangIn-oppa...

Anyways HyunWoo-yah, appa and omma love you ok o(*v*)o!~
*big hugs and kisses*
Be a good boy and grow up to be:
- Hot and sexy, complete with WAVE, like your MinWoo-appa
- Smile as cute as your DongWan-ahjusshi...
- Sing as good as your HyeSung-ahjusshi...
- Be as tall as your JunJin-ahjusshi...
- Rap as good Eric-ahjusshi and Andy-ahjusshi...
- Be as handsome as your SiWon-ahjusshi...
- Dance as purr-fect as your appa as well...
- Be a purr-fect gentleman like your SiWon-ahjusshi and KiBum-ahjusshi too...
- Don't be afraid to be as scary as KangIn-oppa when needed...
- Have a cute-purr-fect voice like your RyeoWook-ahjusshi...
- Hang on, just be as filial as JunJin-ahjusshi, but be as tall as ChangMin-ahjusshi yah =D!~
- Be as CUTE as Brian-appa, but DON'T learn the "stare-glare" from Brian-appa... and MinBong-appa as well yah!~
- Don't NG too much when acting like your KyuHyun-ahjusshi yah!~ But always be the innocent little angel you always are like him =)!
And not forgetting...
- Always love your YoungJi-omma =)!
I really miss the ShootDori kids o(ToT)o...


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

As much as i love my current "occupation"...

Which is as a "measuring-floor-minister" (A saying in chinese lar you bananas!~)...


Sort-of, hehe! More like bored out of my mind!

I don't know what to do lar! BORING! SO BORING o(@@)o!~

And DongWan-oppa has again, refused to bring me to work withhim.

"You'll either attract all the attention from me," he says.

"Or, people might get jealous and steal you away from me," he continues.

"Or, you might bring home more "little-boys"..." he concluded his main "reason".

Saying that, he showed me how i had "barged-in" RyeoWook, KyuHyun and ChangMin... ehem...

"Oppa! My little-boy MinMin came in before you lar!" i protested.

DongWan-oppa paused and thinked for a moment.

"Ok, but you still brought home RyeoWook, KiBum and KyuHyun without my permission!"


Great, now you brought in KiBum as well o(=v=")o...

At least no complains on my Won-ny o(=ω=")o!~ Ehehe!~ And no mentions on KangIn too! Eheeeeeeeeeeeeee!~

But still...


As much as i'm feeling really lazy now to go back to college, and how i love my current "occupation"...

I can't wait till class starts.

Seriously, its just so bored now o(=o=")o...

But wait till class starts, and i'll start complaining that i need holidays etc o(=.=")o...

How come i can't have classes when i want it, then holidays also when i want it?

Yeah, i would need to be the QUEEN OF THE FREAKING UNIVERSE, like Amanda, if i really wanted so.

But even she herself, QUEEN OF THE FREAKING UNIVERSE, can't do so, so yeah, lets just rest that thought o(=v=")o...

But its good to dream yah =D!~ Nyao!~


Watching the Mnet StarWatch showing Shinhwa-oppas in Singapore now, and hehehe, Eric-oppa wore a SUIT while rehearsing! Due to the fact he had to go for rehearsal the minute he arrived in Singapore, but... ITS JUST SO FUNNY XD!~

Imagine a botak-dude wearing a white shirt and formal-looking-pants and then, dancing XD!~



Erm... i guess its not that funny nyan o(=v=")O?


I better go find something to do before i go crazy o(=.=")o...

And like, really serious, SOMETHING WORTHY TO DO!

Like cleaning my room!


Lazy lar, don't want... next time only clean room again lar, hehe =P!


I go clean the toilet lar o(=v=")o...



*looks around*

*sees SiWon reading a book really good-lookingly at a distance*

*lowers body, aims at him like a lion about to attack his pray*



*jump onto SiWon, and hangs onto him*



I'm seriously bored out of my mind nyan o(=.=")o...

Better go play Simba with SiWon first, nyao o(^ω~)o!~

Monday, September 25, 2006

Nicky - the Royal Dog!

I was about to write about a dog i had fell in love with, whose name was Nicky.

Nicky has only three legs.
He was involved in an accident when they, the rescuers, found him. They had to *whats-that-word-again* (Emputate issit?) his leg because of it.

Despite all and having just met him for just a brief 15 minutes, i realised i had fell-in-love with this cute little boy =)!

Maybe its because i pity him for his plight, who knows what else the poor boy would've went through!

But it could also be because he is just a lovely boy to love =3!~

He is such a good boy, and he is so SUPER GOOD-LOOKING XD!~

His no pure-breed, but he looks just SO HANDSOME, he would come out the TOP DOG in beauty-dog-shows where breed wouldn't be a matter!

At first he was quite fearful of him (kimchi cat ATTACK XP!~), but after i kept on pestering him and following him around so i could pet him and see him properly, he gave in and let me pet him!

He even LOOKED at me constantly!

From what i know and felt, dogs may look at you, but to keep-on-looking-at-you, its either that the dog belongs to you, or the dog trusts you/ likes you!


You should see the way he would turn his head and look at me, and turn away, then look back at me XD!~

Maybe its because of my camera (Busy taking his pics X3!~), but whatever, i'm going to *think* that Nicky feels comfortable around me (Because he didn't move away from me afterwards!) and... and...

Trust me, if i would be able to keep a dog, Nicky would definately be on my list!

I've seriously fell for him, but... too bad i couldn't keep him =(...

But i've talked to dad, and if next year (Or whenever we could keep a dog!) and Nicky's still available, we would definately adopt him =)!

Although selfish me had hoped he would be available then, but i sincerely hope someone would adopt him A.S.A.P. =D!~

He deserves a good home
A.S.A.P. really! He really do!

Its just a pity i couldn't offer him one now =(...

Whatever, i'm still going to visit him during the Independent Pet Rescuers event every weekend for now =D!~

Nicky, YOU ARE LOVED =)!~

(Finally manage to upload this image! Nyao, i hate my internet connection o(T-T)o...)

Nicky has such a good-looking handsome look nyan =3!~ Such a TRUE Royal Dog =D!~

BTW, also, seeing Nicky's condition, it would definately be harder for him to be rehomed as compared to the other dogs.

As only a true-dog-lover would had kept him!

Why "true"?

Well honestly, so many people in this world had "claimed" they are a "dog-lovers", but how many do you actually see that really and truthfully cared for "all-dogs-in-the-world", and not just their dogs? Someone who will care for the dogs regardless of their breed, looks and size?

Its easy to call oneself a "dog-lover", but being one would be difficult, of course!

I've seen people who'd "claimed" they are "dog-lovers"! But when you ask them to keep a bigger dog, they would decline, and would opt for a smaller dog, the smaller and "cute-ter" the better...

Surely the place you stay and your financial state counts when you want to keep a dog... smaller dogs are "space-&-financial-friendly" as compared to bigger dogs! Not forgetting they are also not that demanding (Some of it...)!

But then, i've never counted people who likes smaller dogs as "dog-lovers"!

Haha, yes, i'm stereotyping =P!

Because i felt that to really love dogs, you wouldn't care if its a big dog or small!

As you see, small dogs = cute!

If you like or prefer small dogs, it could mean that you only like it... because its cute...
Imagine if your cute little Yorkshire Terrier turned into a St. Bernard one day.

Will you still love it as you had with the small Yorkshire?

Thats why if anyone turns up infront of me and offer to keep a dog when its little, but will give it to me when its all grown-up...


Even if you won't be turning the dog to me when its grown up, but you had the intention to give it away to someone else when it gets bigger.


This stuffs are not meant to be taking as a joke.

Dogs, like humans, have feelings too.

Worst, they can get "emo-er" than humans o(=.=")o...

A little child of say, a year old, might not even know or remember in the future that they are unwanted, but a little puppy would know, seeing that they mature faster than humans.

They can feel it.

Dogs are not meant to be taken as jokes, or if they "look-good" or not.

They are to be taken as a companion "for-life".

It might sound like a "big responsibility", but because of brainless, heartless, irresponsible humans like those that there are so many strays and unwanted dogs in this world =(.

May God NEVER bless you, for being so cruel.

Because seriously, people like those ought to be properly punished especially by the Law!

Ah ha, another good reason for me to become a lawyer =D!~

Sue all those as*holes who dare abuses animals to jail!~


Using this reason, i've gotten a very stronger motivation to bloody complete my degree, bloody complete the bloody CLP, bloody complete the bloody chambering wherever the bloody place i would have to take it in the future, and just be a BLOODY GOOD LAWYER in the future =D!~

FIGHTING kimchi!~ For all the animals in the world XD!~


Gosh, trust me to turn a "loving-post" into my typical "full-of-blabbering-but-reasoning-post" o(=v=")o... ehehe...

But nyao, FIGHTING!~

Enough, i want to go have ice-cream now =D!~

One good thing of being "grown-up", you can have ice-cream WHENEVER you want =D!~

Even for breakfast, mweheheheheheheh X3!~


p/s: PLEASE GOD, if you are reading this, PLEASE BLESS MY CONNECTION SO IT WOULD GET BETTER o(T-T)o... i can't stand this horrible connection no more o(ToT)o... ARGH!!!

pp/s: Or at least, please, please ensure that the connection in college is still OK, no need better than before, but at least "normal-as-when-i-left" college last June2006!
At least like that i tahan another two weeks then got "good-internet" to use! Even if no "improvement"!

Better than NOTHING (Although i doubt i could live if its really nothing =P...)!


Sunday, September 24, 2006

PrinceDongWan-oppa, the BEST and most handsome owner in the whole wide world!

*This post is VERY "kimchi-cat-attack"! NYAO =3!~
I *was* writting up on what DongWan-oppa had did during the concert, but got emo and end up writing a long piece on him o(^^;)o... hehe!~ Paiseh yah!~*

I've forgotten when i first met you.

I didn't know who you were then anyways.

But i do remember the time when you were carried me away from nastyHyeSung-oppa. I meowed because i was frightened by everything around me, so you cuddled me to make me feel better =3!

And then you called my name, "
kimchi" (Which was from then on, became my nickname which alot of GOOD people knew me by =)!), and tried to show the camera how cute i looked in your arms =)!

Of course, as much as we are Royal together (You the Prince, i the Princess!), i'm still much Royal than you are yo, wangjanim-oppa!~ Nyao!~

See how Royal i am? To the extend my crown shines~... literally...

You called me, and trust me, i've never heard anyone call such a simple name, "kimchi", as nice as you had!

I blinked in reply, until when nastyHyeSung-oppa's hands petted my head, and i flew off from your hands to the carpet, which from then you dissappeared from view, and meanHyeSung-oppa came to disturb me, thinking i was a dog o(=.=")o... when i'm a cat lar oppa...

Haha, see, just as i was writing about you, the song 놓아요, which you had written the lyrics to, was playing on my WMP!

Reality check!

Anyways, the very first time i saw you was at the airport...


Even though just the back of your head, plus the side of your head from the back o(T-T)o...

From the back with all those people infront of me, as much as i saw HyeSung-oppa and JunJin-oppa first, didn't see properly MinWoo-oppa, didn't even SAW Andy-oppa... the minute i saw you, and i knew its you =).

Maybe its just me, but i remember yelling for your name non-stop, and i remember you turning your head to the side and looking up, as if you've heard me!

Did you oppa?

Then, the next day you "sneaked" into the concert hall with one of the staffs, which cut-short the time i get to see you again o(=.=")o... stupid git...

But nevermind, because i'll never forget the day of the concert.

10th September 2006.

As much as i was very emo since i had to wait one whole day just for the concert, i still remember the minute the concert starts...

When you appeared right in front of me for the very first time with no barrier which could block you from my sight!

When i get to see you LIVE right INFRONT OF ME!

I didn't know what happened, but i suddenly cried!

Tears just rolled out the minute i saw you infront of me!

And although you didn't come to our side much, but oppa, i still love you =)!


*pushes MinBong aside to son so she could write this entry in peace*

50% throughout the concert i paid attention to him only!

As proof, i've noticed alot of stuffs probably not alot of people had noticed about him =)!

And most of the memories from the concert, apart from hubby's hot dance and "point-point", was of him, DongWan-oppa =)!

Oppas was so blur and dorky in his own world XD!~
- How oppa waved his hands in the air nonstop for a good-half throughout the song XD!
- Hold the mic to his mouth, eventhough he WON'T be saying anything!
- Oppa's frequent cute dorky smile =)
- Always jumping on the stereo on PB side (!@#$%&*... jealous =P!), and made me worry like mad incase he falls o(>.<)O! - Jumped onto the stereo, then realising that everyone else was at center stage adee, so he had to jump back to the stage! And before he did so, you can see he aimed to where he wanted to jump to like a cat before jumping!
- Someone said something wrong, so he went all "No no no" like kimchi's naggy owner oppa XD!
- "Thank you kamsa" - he really did say that XD!~
- "Can i have room service please?"
- Saying something wrong in english, then he got all embaressed and went "NEXT SONG XD!~" and ran to the back of the stage smiling shyly at the rest of the members!
- How your English is not that good, but you still tried your best and speak alot in English =)!
- How the wireless-mic-thingy at the back of his pants fell out, so to avoid inconvenience, he took the whole thing out (Including the ear-piece!) and placed it on the floor!
- Everyone else stood up getting ready for the next song, but he was still sitting down XD! Hehehe!
- How hubby MinBong, jealous of my constant attention to DongWan-oppa, molested his butt o(=.=")o... and DongWan-oppa smiled back so cunningly, its as if he enjoyed it onion11.gif.... ehem...
- When HyeSung-oppa sang and ran out of tone abit, DongWan-oppa smiled so naughtily!
NYAN onion29.gif!

Oppa was really in his own world throughout the concert! So dorky!~ kimchi like XD!~

As commented by members of mySHINHWA forum, i really did paid most attention to DongWan-oppa, that they didn't even notice half the stuffs i've said about him which he did XD!~ Hehehe!~

Oppa is so dorky and bo-liao like his little kimchi =3... technically... but of course, kimchi is always the best =P!

Not forgetting, oppa behaves like a cat as well!

Seriously, TRUST ME!

I'm his cat, and i know best =)!

Like owner like cat! NYAO XD!~

Remember that kimchi has the EXACT same colour wristband as oppa's?

Even though maybe the "brand" is different, but the colour is, no doubt, very much alike =).

And thinking, it was a miracle when i bought that wristband!
When i first saw it, i just thought "Ooh, nice colour... i shall get it!...
Which, after getting it i went "... why did i get this colour? Hmm..."...

Now, seeing that oppa has it as well, yeah, now i know why i had it =D!~

And thats probably why i had bought it in the first place, eventhough at that time i didn't even know you at all =P! Hehehe!

I'll be wearing it frequently from now!
Apart from the fact that it looks nice on me =D!~ Better than it looked on you in fact, hehe =P!~

Its also to prevent you from taking my wristband again without my permission, ehehehe...

Oppa, kimchi really love you yo =)!~


NYAO =3!~

You too MinWoo-oppa! Don't smile so sexily sheepishly next to him!
You are also AIMED XD!~
God, my husband is just too hot XD!~

Nyao, better go to sleep soon!
Have been sleeping late everynight because the internet connection only works properly at night + SiWon-ning! ARGH XD!~


ps: Bo-liao kimchi me, plus late last night + yesterday afternoon, has rewatched all episodes of SuperJunior's FullHouse again o(=v=")o... hehehe!~

But it was just so nice and funny!~ Nyao, i miss it alot o(T-T)o!~

Friday, September 22, 2006


No, its not about about my marriage with Brian nor MinBong!

And yes, my son HyunWoo has been legally registered to get his birth cert!

And double the yes, PrinceDongWan-oppa has registered me (For fear the pound might have a reason to catch me, in any case i wander out of DongWan-oppa's watchful sight!)!

And YES YES YES, i HAVE registered RyeoWook, KyuHyun and ChangMin (Despite DongWan-oppa's warning of "no-bringing-anymore-home-without-his-permission"!)!

Not those lar XD!

I've finally registered for class lar =D!~


Its back to class and studying next month o(T-T)o...

As much as i feel that its necessary for me to go back to class (Otherwise its stay home get fatter *AND* be a social retard... ehem...)...



I want to stay home to play with my son, take care of RyeoWook they all and sleep on the three guys' muscular chest all day nya o(T-T)o...


Oh well, a CAT's kimchi's gotto do, what a kimchi's gotto do =3!~




Erm, i mean, lets go to school lar o(^^;)o...


Just do it =D!~


ps: This reminds me of Bi's drama, "SangDoo-yah, lets go to school!" or "상두야 학교가자"!

Just that mine shall be:

"kimchi-yah, lets go to school!" or "김치야 학교가자" =D!~


Yikes, scary o(0_0)O!

*clings self to DongWan-oppa's arms, and refuses to budge until class starts...*

I need to spend more time with my oppas, my son and my dongsaengs before the "cruelty-of-going-to-class" seperates us o(ToT)o!~

kimchi loves you all!~ Nyan X3!~


This is for Auntie!

Who is one of the CRAZY FEMALE CELEBRITRIES (Don't you deny it!) i think are pretty =D!~

But ehem, anyways!~

The presence of this "SOMEONE" and her "NOSE", is really making me "grow-fur"!
**Professor kimchi's explanation: "Grow-fur" is a type of saying in Chinese! Not that kimchi can "grow-fur" anymore, seeing that she IS already furry =3!~ Furry kimchi!~ Nyao!~**

And not only me, to Auntie as well!

She even make Auntie MAD!

Unforgivable o(=.=*)o!

And being the good kimchi cat i am =D (And to prevent Eric-oppa from threatening to bite my DongWan-oppa because Auntie is mad, so he got mad as well!), mweheeeeeeee!~

*hears Auntie laughing louder and happier than self*
Hehehe =P!

Btw, i'm seriously over-using that picture of the BBQ-pit o(=.=")o...

What do SHE, aka PSY, have to say about this?

Cheh, as if i like you (And your nose!)!

NYET *sticks out tongue at her*

And what has the LEAD MAIN MALE CHARACTER got to say about this?

"The-THUMB" says it all =D!~

, his complimenting the cat too =D!~

kimchi cat," praised Eric-oppa!

Of course, kimchi cat me RULES, I CAN rule, and I'm Royal Cat yo!~ NYAO ♪!~


Ok, better get to sleep now o(=v=")o... so bo-liao again!~


p/s: The first picture above was photoshopped all for the sake of fun!

If it offended any PSY fans (Are there even any?), i sincerely apologize for my doing, i'll take it down, but lets face it...

This is MY Blog.

And i don't like her.

Correction, i HATE her.

Because i felt that she is like, using Eric-oppa as a way for more publicity.

And lets face it again, as listed in one of my emo-posts on people i hate, she is DEFINATELY categorised under one of it.

Don't try to argue. No use.

Because i'm ALWAYS correct.

Yes, kimchi cat is ALWAYS correct.
**Take note of the "Always"!~**

I am NEVER wrong.

That PSY is a user.

And i'm sure nobody disagrees with this fact, like duh!

So yeah, i don't like her, this is my Blog, so please understand that fact!

Or at least try lar if your brain doesn't permit you to do so!


Gosh, am i becoming an ANTI too o(0_O?)o?

No, i'm DEFINATELY not her ANTI!

I not so free become her anti lar!

If i have THAT much "free-time", i much rather be "ANTI-KAME" infront of Jess =P! Tra-la!~

I just don't like Park ShiYeon!

Definately not an ANTI!

I don't want to waste my precious time for her anyways! It'll be a disgrace to me!

Anyways, ANTIS are for "idiots-who-have-too-much-free-time"!

I'm not *that free*, and i'm a genius, unlike those idiots!~

Get it?

If you don't, just scram!~

Tra-la *dances away*!~

pp/s: If you even DARE SAY this is unfair to her?

What about my Brian and FTTS?

Whose going to give justice to them?

And that issue was touching more onto sensitive issues as well!

Bloody PSY-fan-idiots with no brains!

Oh well, but as i said... if there ARE even any =P!

Tra-la *dances away again*!~

Monday, September 18, 2006


Another bloody long post! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE XD!~

But lets not forget about the lovely post i had posted, talking about the day of the Shinhwa Concert in Singapore =D!~

The day where all miracles happen =)!~

*runs to DongWan-oppa and MinBong, and hug to sleep X3!~*



Especially when this is for SuJu members! Mwehehe!~
Enjoy reading my whackiness, NYAO X3!~

**This almost 100Qs survey is extracted from DongHae's 100Qs!~ Note that some parts may seem weird, haha, because its originally to DongHae, not to kimchi me =P! I had to edit some parts too! And i copied some of his answers too! WEEEEEEE *hides*!~**

1. Name: Simba**
2. Age: 19
3. Birthday: 20th June
5. School: Hogwarts, weeeeeeeeee!~
6. Height: 172cm, ideally.
7. Bloodtype: The universal bloodtype!~ Weeeeeeee!~
8. Religion: Namo namo!~
9. Hobbies: Watching tee-vee, online, playing with my owner and son!~ Weeeee again!~
10. Personality: You love me and you know it =)!~
11. When you're the happiest: When i’m eating ice-cream! ON HEAVEN XD!~
12. Your biggest complaint currently: BLOODY INTERNET CONNECTION!
13. What you wear when you sleep: Pjs, clothes!~
14. A hairstyle you like on the opposite gender: Nice and clean hairstyle!
15. Ideal guy: Haha, Han JiHyuk, yeah, i’m talking about you =P!
16. Habits: Bad, very bad!
17. Favorite fruit: Orange, apple!~ No, not you Apple.Faye! Haha =P!
18. Favorite vegetable: Carrot and cabbage!
19. Guy celebrities you think are good looking: My owner, my husbands, my oppas, my dongsaengs and my son!
20. Girl celebrities you think are pretty: Ah, amane =D! Haha!~
21. A treasured posession: My precious’, my naughty babies and my son!~
22. Numbers you like: 8, cause i’m so busybody it rhymes !~
23. Things that stress you: Emo-ness... ugh...
24. My bad qualities: I will bite you if you step on my tail? Roar!~ I talk too much, and i laugh like a monkey o(=.=")o...
25. Your mood right now: Zzang!~ HIGH!~ Love you BabySimba X3!~
26. What you want to do right now: Have ice-cream! WEEEEEEE!~
27. A kid you like: I LOVE my son =)!
28. Food you like: ice-cream, DongWan-oppa and alot more yummies XD!~
29. Food you don't like: The food DongWan-oppa, MinWoo-oppa, Andy-oppa and amane likes...
30. Shoe size: Big as compared to Hobbits, small as compared to Giants?
31. Drinking capacity: Don’t know, don’t drink =D!~
32. Cigarette: NO! Hate it!
33. A movie that made you sad: Sad movies?
34. A childhood dream: Dreamt that i was eating a delicious drumstick, only to wake up and realize that i’ve bitten my precious Simba’s tail o(=.=”)o...
35. Motto: Live life to the fullest, with no regrets, be positive, never let others put you down, and you are always the best!... hmm, a little the too long isn't it o(^^;)o?
36. Bedtime: Whenever i want to sleep ler!~ I'm too old for bedtimes... erm, on second thought... as long as its not too late o(^^;)o...
37. Your future hope: To be the BEST in the world =D!~
38. Do you think you're the type that laughs easily: Definately! And... omg, as said, i laughed like a monkey, ehem o(=.=")o...
39. Something you cook well: Just recently i realize i'm really good at cooking Shin.Ramyun =D!~ Oppas and son, you guys want some? Dongsaengs? Cook for me =D!~
40. Where do you live right now?: Home =)!
41. A event that remains in your memory: Shinhwa Singapore Concert X3!~ And the part on "biting" Simba's tail mistakening it for a drumstick o(=.=")o...
42. What you say often: NYAN!~, NYAO!~, WEEEEEE!~, PYONG!~, MWEHEEEEE!~ ... i'm not making much sense am i o(^^;)o...
43. Have you ever gone out of country: In what way?
44. First kiss: Whenever BabySimba kiss me =)!~
45. If you did, where: Wherever ler =P!
46. When you see a guy, where do you look first: Eyes, looks, body, height, hair, smile, dressing etc... hehe, i multi-tasks o(^^;)o!~
58. If you suddenly got million won: WEEEEEEEEEEEE!~
59. A drama that you had fun watching?: SuJu drama XD!~
60. A movie you had fun watching?: Loads =D!~
61. Eyesight: Bad o(T-T)o...
62. Destressing methods: Ice-cream, shopping, and hehe, chut-ting =D!~
63. What you want to learn: Everything in the world!
64. What you want to do: ICE-CREAM XD!~
65. If your boyfriend was dying: I would do whatever it takes to rescue him!
66. When do you feel like you hate yourself: Even when i hate myself, i still love myself =P! Omg, super "GongJuByong" XD!~
67. About relationships before marriage: Nyao?
68. Lifestyle principle: Live it to the fullest with no regrets!
69. Weather that I like: Bright, but not hot and windy =)! Or HEAVY HEAVY RAINS XD!~
70. When is your TV time: When good shows are on! Such as The Fairy Odd Parents XD!~
71. Precious friends: All of them =)!
72. Life is?: FOOD =P!
73. Favorite drink: Orange juice! YUM X3!~
(no 74)
75: Favorite cookies: Cookies are always good =D... usually...
76. If you break up with your boyfriend, you would go: Look for ice-cream, sing, shopping!~
77. A teacher you respect: All good teachers who've taught me in life =)!
78. Introduce your family: Emperor, Empress, CrownPrince and Prince, and Princess me =)!
79. Happiness is: Ice-cream XD!~
80. A birthday present that you remember most: FOOD =D!~
81. Favorite animal: Dog, cats, rabbits and wild animals in general =)!
82. Favorite plant: Sunflower, blue roses, carrot and cabbage =D!~
83. Favorite season: SUMMER XD!~
84. About antis: Go stuff your head down the toilet bowl! But honestly, if they are any smarter, they would've worshipped me adee, tsk, i pity their idiotic-city!
85. If you had to choose between love or friendship: Both~ (I can do it too =D!~)!
86. If the world was to come to an end tomorrow: I will spend it with everyone and everything precious to me! My family, friends, pets, idols and ice-cream =D!~
87. Singing skills: I sing best when i'm showering, other than that, please remember to buy earplugs!
88. Dancing skills: Like how you would see a cat dance!
89. Your theme song: Currently? DANCING OUT XD!~
(no 90)
91. Favorite fruit tree: ORANGE TREE XD!~
92. What do you feel about relationships where a girl is older than the boy: As long as they are happy! Why you want to care so much about it anyways? Its their life =)!
93. If you were to die tomorrow: Why is this questioning thing so emo? Same as above!
94. When do you want to marry: I AM married =P!
95. Yourself 20 years later: Old =P!
96. A country you want to see the most: KOREA!~ And South Africa and North Pole!~ Polar Bear!~ Nyao!~
97. E-mail: Yo!
98. What you want to say to those who read this: You know you love me =D!~
99. If you had a trait you want to fix: My laughter o(=.=")o... i'm scaring the living... hehe =P!
100. Last word: Princess Eiko nyoropyong!~

** There are only 3 Simbas in this world! My world too anyways!

1 = The REAL Simba from The Lion King, also my little softoy Simba *big hug*!~
2 = My BabySiWon!~ Whose nickname is Simba (Nickname given by Cinderella!~)!
3 = And last but not least, Simba ME =D!~

I've decided that my Disney nickname shall be Simba because apart from the fact that i really love The Lion King and Simba, Simba is also my favourite Disney character, i love Simba, we are Royal, we are kinda alike, and i just love Simba (As in the Disney character!~ But of course i love SiWon too =D!~)

But just in case:

The REAL Simba shall be remain as Simba!
SiWonSimba shall be known as BabySimba!
And Simba ME shall be coloured in pink!
So as not to confuse anyone =D!~

Please take note =)!


**This is HyukJae's 100Qs!~ Nyan, addicted to doing all these XD!~ But i'm deleting some questions anyways, no point doing some of the same questions over and over again =P!**

1. Name: kimchi (Haha =D!~)
5. Schools you've attended: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry !~
11. What makes you happy in a day: ICE-CREAM XD!~
12. Something you're not satisfied with at the moment: I. WANT. MORE. ICE-CREAM. XP!~
14. Type of hairstyle you like on a guy: Short, neat, clean-tidy-looking, natural but stylish at the same time =)!~ Anything that goes along the line of BabySiWon's to OwnerPrinceDongWan-oppa's is usually fine by me =D!~
15. Dream Guy: I need a bigger blog to fit it all in =P!
19. Male celebrity that you think is good-looking: DongWan-oppa =D!~ Alot more, but i'm putting him only in here for now because i love my owner =D!~
20. Female celebrity that you think is pretty: For Korean celebrity, Kim TaeHee and Lee HyoRi!
21. An item you cherish: Everything!~
22. Number you like: SE7EN! Hehehe!~
23. Something you’re pondering/wondering: Why is ICE-CREAM just so delicious X3?
24. My promise: Once in a Lifetime, FLY to the STAR !~
25. How are you feeling now: Loving X3!~
26. What you want to do right now: Sleep... ZzzZzzZzz...
27. A kid you like: MY SON XD!~
28. Fave foods: ICE-CREAM XD!~ And loads more =)!~
30. Foot size: 270mm? Hehe!~
36. Hours of sleep: However long possible =P!
37. Future hope: To help conserve all animals in the world, and make the world a better place for them =)! Oh, and stop idiots from taking SharksFinSoup too!~ Bann it from the world, weeeeeeee!~
38. What do you think you laugh most at: EVERYTHING =P!
39. What you cook well: Shin.Ramyun and JessKame =D!~ I make splendid PuPuBBQ as well =P!~
40. Where you live now: In my own world!~
41. A memory that lasts in your mind: MinWoo's WAVE + HOT DANCE infront of me! O.M.G.!~ See it everynight, but it can NEVER be enough XP!~
42. What saying you use often: Technically... yeap, thats it =D!~ Along with my other no-sense-sounds o(^^;)o!~
47. If you have a boyfriend: We would FLY TO THE SKY? What kinda answer do you expecct anyway, to ask a question like that?
48. If I was in a love triangle: I would want to solve it ASAP, so as not to trouble one another with this!
49. If the person you love betrays you: It might be difficult for me to forgive the person! Honestly speaking!~ But it depends of course~
50. What you want to give to the person you love: The joyful and colourful world of ICE-CREAM XD!~
51. What you do at school: Study, mess around and sleep =P!
52. Fave flower: SUNFLOWER and BLUE ROSES XD!~
53. Fave song: Wow, LOADS XP!~
54. Fave color: Orange, pink, blue !~
64. What you want to try: Dancing to Shinhwa's BrandNew XD!~
79. Happiness is: Ice-cream... seriously...
81. Animals you like: ALL XD!~
84. What you think about homosexuals: Its their life! Why do you want to care so much? How would you like it if others care about your life?
90. Things you have to have in a relationship: Trust, respect and understanding! Care + lots of LOVE + ice-cream is important too=)!
91. Subjects you like: It depends on the teacher =P!
95. In twenty years, your appearance: Hopefully ideal!~
96. Places you want to visit: Japan, Korea, Singapore, HongKong, Taiwan and NorthPole!~
98. To the person reading this: You know you love me =)!~


**This is from SungMin's 100Qs!~ NYAN, SERIOUS ADDICTED XD!~ Faster go sleep lar! PYONG!~ Nyao!~**

8. Amongst the trainees, who’s the closest to you:
I'm no SM trainee, but i felt closest to RyeoWook anyways because of our birthdays =)!
11. Your worst score in NoRaeBang: NYAT! If only the Noraebangs here have that o(=v=")o!~
12. When you see your fans, what do you think of: I love you guys! Haha XD!~
13. Amongst all the CFs, the best CF: Those that i can think of now is Shinhwa's Lotteria CF, w-inds. Bourbon Gum CM, and FTTS' Sunkist Lemonade CF XD!~
15. You want to go to a far place by yourself, but you don’t have money for the bus… what do you do: FLY!~ Haha!~
16. The one ride you can’t ride in an amusement park: Too scary rollercoasters o(=v=")o!~
17. One friend you are thinking of right now and a memory of them: Hmm, Auntie! Her and her Eric Bear o(=v=")o!~
22. You’re ideal person and the name of a celebrity who’s the closest to your ideal person: Haha, there REALLY is ONE! But i'm not telling =P!~ NYET XD!~
23. A comic you liked reading when you were younger: DORAEMON AND SHIN-CHAN XD!~
25. When you look at a picture what do you think of: What picture?
28. If someone you didn’t know said “Darling~ honey~” to you: Takes out my baseball bat...
30. A girl celebrity you want to become friendly with: Lee SooYoung, Bada, Lee HyoRi, Auntie, hehehe =P!~
31. If you come here you can see me [mall etc..]: For now, HOME and OU =P!~ Maybe Ikano too?
32. An unknown number calls and then you pick up but you hear “Call me” and then the person hangs up. This person is really [exception that the person called by mistake]: Pupu!
33. Something you do better than others: LAUGH =P!~
34. One cute action you want to really do at the moment: Egyo SungMin style XD!~
35. A food you really want to eat: Ice-cream =9!~
36. A comic book you read with deep interest: All =D!~

38. What if an impersonator of you appears: 0.O??? ATTACK!!!
39. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Transparent Being etc who do you want to be the most: Princess Eiko!~
40. What you like about being a female: I can wear dress! Haha!~
47. When someone looks sexy: They must be either Keita, MinWoo or SiWon X3!~
48. Words you would like to hear most: "kimchi is the best =D!~"
49. Words you would like to hear least: "I love to eat kimchi!"... Ehem o(=.=*!)o!
52. The color of the underwear you wore today: Why do you want to know? Same as SungMin's answer for his part of the survey =P!
53. Neon, leopard print, mesh/gauze etc- amongst these undergarments which one do you want the most: Erm... no thanks, seriously!
54. Your favorite day of the week: Wednesday and Friday!
55. The longest you’ve talked on the phone: 1 and a half hour plus?
57. The one thing you do the most {Breathing, talking, Opening your eyes, Closing your eyes, Moving!} : Breathing, talking, dreaming, touching my hair and flying in my own wonderland!
59. I was this sort of student: Someone weird fangirly in her own world XD!~
62. The first album you ever bought: Spice Girls i think? But if using the money i earned myself, then Mayday's Time Machine!
63. Your favorite clothing: Casual sporty style!
64. Lead pencil and lead, pen, eraser, which one have you bought the most: Pen!
67. If a random person comes up to you and tells you that they are from your school how will you greet them: Erm, hello *smiles awkardly*... *runaway*!
68. A time when even I think I am handsome: Handsome? Erm, when i act manly?
69. Favorite drink: ORANGE JUICE XD!~
70. A song that seems like it’s talking to me: Loads... some which has especially touched me!
71. A person you want to shoot a kiss scene with: WOW! Secret =P!~ Mwehehehe!~
72. A time you don’t want to think about: All embarassing moments! Naturally!~
73. When have you gotten goosebumps: When i think of scary stuffs!
74. One thing you like about being born in Malaysia: FOOD =D!~ And the fact that we're SO multi-racial, in a good way =)!~ Plus i get to be multi-lingual =D!~
76. Are you a different person from what people see you as? If there is, what?: Definately! But i wouldn't know would i? I lazy to list it out too anyways =P!
80. You were walking when a fly goes into your mouth or nose, how will you feel: GROSSED OUT!!! What do you expect? For me to feel happy and fly around 0_O???
81. If you see blood what do you think about: OUCH!!!
82. A mystery about yourself that has still yet to be solved: My recent health problems o(>.<)O!!! 83. The more you think about it, this electronic device is in love with me (ex) Fan: Haha... erm... i don't know, honestly... hehe =P!
85. Clothing you’re wearing right now: Clothes =D!~
86. A common sense you were just recently made aware of: Loads o(=.=*)O!!!
87. While you were walking on the streets and you saw a cute guy, have you ever followed him: What do you think i am, a stalker? But lol, i would keep an eye out for him XD!~
88. If a fan wanted something you were wearing right now do you intend to give it to the fan: It depends on what item it is =)!~
89. Your guy has to be like this: Can i have another Blog to list this down? By the time i finish this current Blog of mine would already have "blasted" XD!~
90. An accessory you like: Necklace, bracelet and ring!~
91. I really don’t understand this type of people: Hypocrites! Double face people! Liars! Idiots! Antis! LOADS! ARGH!
92. An SM trainee[s]/ artist[s] that you would want to be trapped on a deserted island with: Hmm... heheeheeeee =P!!!
93. Something you want to do when you’re still young: Live life with no regrets!
100. What is the background of your computer?: THE PICTURE OF TAKEN DURING THE PENANG TRIP XD!!!~ I miss theTHE BEACH Beach so much now o(T-T)o!!!


Actually, there was ABOUT to be more... but erm... i lazy adee =P! I guess i better go sleep early tonight ne!~

So, ja people XD!~ Till my mood to answer surveys hit again!