Friday, October 31, 2008

Some guys should stop being so hot.

Ok, actually... no, they shouldn't "stop" (it would be unjustifiable).
But really, it should be made illegal, you know, for certain guys to be so hot.

The best Rui ever!

HyunJoong will have a (very) hard time living up to the Rui which Shun portrayed!!
Why do he have to be so dreamy honestly?? He should be apprehended (for being so adorable)!!

They should have more Rui in the movie!! BAH!!!
But not complaining, gosh, his so dreamy he should be made illegal (Like my Keita!)!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I was at Popular Ikano when i saw these!

Obviously the one on the right is totally dedicated to Zac Efron.

When i said "totally dedicated to", i *really* mean totally dedicated to. Seriously.
At the back cover, they have descriptions and stuffs about the book... and it have words like "Zacannual", "Zaclander" and stuffs, that even i got "Zac-a-zap".
There's even this calender which comes with the book, and it's description was that it has all the "important dates every Zacaholic must know".
Wow. Talk about product-selling.
(Someone should buy this for Troy-fan!)

Which makes me wonder...
Are there anything for "Lucasholics"? (IlovehisvoiceXD!)

High School Musical 3: Senior Year bloopers!!
I love bloopers! Who doesn't XD?
But i prefer the one they show at the end of the movie, so go watch it if you want to see it!

Haha, "we forgot our pants"!

Hana Yori Dango.

I guess probably in every girl, there is that one small part (ok, maybe a huge part for me) who hoped to be like Makino Tsukushi, don't they?
That said - strictly Japanese version because it's the better version - i would so go for Rui instead. OGURI SHUN!! And his always wearing WHITE!!!


I'm currently re-watching (sorta) Hana Yori Dango 2!
Ah, i can't wait for the movie!!
For the first time, a Japanese movie is showing in Malaysia cinemas only 4 months after release (in Japan)! We're improving (wtf!)!!

Ok, now i have to go get Amane to control me in the cinema, before i unleash on everyone due to Oguri Shun appearing on big screen.
(Well, not the first time i saw him on it, but still!! It's Oguri Shun (as Rui) ok, who can resist?)

I should take a note out of Troy-fan's book and "gasp" and "aww" and scream at all the right parts!! HAHAHA!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So we did it again.

Yes, i went to watch High School Musical 3: Senior Year again with Amane!

You can see how much we really love the show - we went to watch the night screening, and on a public holiday (Happy Deepavali Malaysians!)!

Having watched the day screening (where the audience probability are munchkins younger kids), and the night screening (where the audience are mostly working grown-ups)...
There really is a difference.
Especially when it's a movie like High School Musical... well... or maybe, a musical in general, where i find not everyone appreciates the beauty of musicals.

So see, when i watch it with the younger crowd, we get lots of gasping over Troy's hotness people who are eager and excited to watch the movie (like we did), who treat the movie like any other "normal non-musical movie".
Whereas when we watch it with the old(er) crowd... we get lots of burst of laughter whenever the characters started singing, as if they are treating the movie like a "comedy", and it's funny when characters suddenly started to sing.

It annoy me to no ends. I feel like standing on my seat and yelling at those people:
Seriously! I don't get whats so funny when the actors started singing! IT'S A MUSICAL PEOPLE! If you think musicals are silly, why do you watch it in the first place? Don't you check what movie you're watching when you get the tickets? The title is so clear cut ok, High School MUSICAL? What, you don't attend spelling classes? Or you just don't understand what's a musical?

If maybe the first few times, i guess it's forgivable. But to laugh every time they started singing is just plain disrespectful for musical-goers like us. Unless if it was enacted in a funny way (like when Sophie first burst into the song in Mamma Mia!, it was really funny! So did a few other scenes!), but otherwise i don't understand why do you want to "laugh" when the songs starts.

Oh, and get this - the younger crowd doesn't even react when the song starts, but the older crowd starts laughing (a good majority of the audience) every time the actors so as open their mouth.
Seriously lar, what so funny honestly?
I'm so disappointed. And to think "older-people" would enjoy musicals more. PFFT!!
And some more especially 1980 babies who grow up in the time where cartoons frequently burst into songs all of a sudden (as compared to cartoons now where they focus more on animation)... so since we have a history with "musical cartoons", to think most of us would be more used to actors bursting out into songs... but no, it turns out younger kids appreciate those better than older people. (Not us, as much as we are 1980, we are more of with the younger crowd see?)

Ok, enough about "boring adults" (with no life).
ANYWAYS... HSM3 is a good movie, it's has good songs and BRILLIANT WONDERFUL dances! I actually find watching it a second time is even better than watching it the first time! It's so rare isn't it? For the third movie in an installment to be even better than the first two, and also to find that watching the movie a second time is even better than the first time! And only over such a short period of time (3 days to be exact)!
I really do love it, it kinda makes you wish your high school life was a musical too!

Kenny Ortega (and the staff of HSM3) are brilliant! The dances this time round are wonderful, i don't even know where to begin! I love every part of it! And so does the songs! EVERYTHING LAR!!
I'm still complaining about the lack of Ryan and Sharpay, but oh well, i guess i have to live with it! Just hope the DVD will have (at least) some extra scenes, hopefully!

Brilliant, really, BRILLIANT (^^ )!!

And yes, again, my favourite character are Ryan and Sharpay (and Troy because his hot, and Chad *just because* his Corbin Bleu)!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kajiwara Eiko's Guide to 13 Boys.

Oh wait, sorry, that was the one i wrote... the one i wanted to review was this.

Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys.
This was one of the (four perfectly-perfect condition book that sent me to heaven) books i bought at the MPH Warehouse Sales.
It cost RM10, but the lady was nice enough to give me an additional RM2 off, making it RM8.
I love sales!

I like the sound of the summary from the back of the book, but initially i was afraid it would be like one of those stories where the ending totally puts you off (sorry, as much as i love Meg Cabot, her Ready or Not: An All-American Girl Novel's ending is totally... horrible), but because it was so cheap (RM8!! Can you believe it??), i bought it anyways. I also hoped it would help inspire my ever-dying "writing-stories-cells" as well.

Seriously, something is wrong with me. I love writing stories - though i never finish any - but at least i used to be able to write a good 10 chapters before i stop writing... but nowadays, i struggle to even finish one chapter, so something is definitely wrong with me (when hasn't it?).

ANYWAYS... so i didn't put any "high hopes" when i started the book. Besides, i've read enough teenage "struggle-through-high-school-story" enough to last me a lifetime. I can even predict the storyline before i even start the book. You can say it's one of my Alice-traits.

But what surprised me was this book isn't "that" bad, i wouldn't put it in the same league as Harry Potter or the Twilight series, but it's definitely better than most of the "teen-struggle-through-high-school-story" i've read!
The ending is a bit shabby (i prefer a precise clear-cut ending then the "hanging" type), but i can live through it, it has been a rather interesting read after all!
Oh, and i finish it in on day, em... 5 hours maybe? Yeah i know, i'm a slow-reader, don't rub it in.

That said, the whole plot is horribly alike Meg Cabot's Teen Idol... or well, maybe all those teen "struggle-through-high-school-story" are pretty much the same. I wouldn't know (if it's the same), seeing that i rarely adventure out of my "comfort zone" to explore new authors. I only explored this one because it's a new book and it's dirt-cheap!
But i'm glad i had! It's nice!

I think i'm going to re-read the story. Oh yes, the summary to the story:
Megan is used to moving from place to place - it's typical for an army brat. But she drew the line at South Korea. She insisted on staying in the States to finish her last two years of high school. So her parents made arrangements for Megan to live with their friends, the McGowans... and the McGowans' 7 sons.
Actually, there's another paragraph to the story, but i lazy dah, so live with it =P!
Besides, even without me writing the summary, the title kinda says it all don't you think?

But hah, i think i write a better guide than the lead Megan, and i have 13 living proofs to that XD!!


For the first time in my life i bought four novels at the same time.
... ok, four *different* title novels... i've bought more than four books at the same time before, but it's usually those series type.

At the same time, it is also the first time (in my life) that i manage to buy four books which condition are perfectly-perfect to the extent i feel like i'm on heaven every time i look at them.
Sorry, i have this fetish for perfect condition books. Do you realize it's so hard to find them? Especially non-wrapped ones?

Well, it's an even bigger surprise that i actually found those four books from the MPH Warehouse Sales!!
You would've thought warehouse sales like this means unwanted, battered, old books which nobody wanted (actually i thought about it, having never been to a warehouse sales before)... but guess again! I found four perfect condition books! I can't even find proper-condition books like these in a bookstore ok!!

And what more, it's on SALE!! Gosh, i love the word sale, discount... BARGAIN!!

Midnight Sun.

My favourite book from the Twilight saga, is still, after all, the first book!!
I think because i was too anxious to finish the whole series - and to prove what i had been guessing right (which i was *celebrates*) - i didn't enjoy the last book as much as i've wanted.

I mean, i enjoy the whole series (who wouldn't with Edward around)... but i was too gan-cheong while reading the last book, that it's not exactly a "nice feeling" to feel when reading... to an extend when Gossip Girls came along after, the feeling i felt for the book just went... kinda like hidden somewhere in my head... sorta like being put to rest... for that moment.

But now that i'm restarting book 1 again, i found again the love and passion i first felt when i first read the book! I love Edward Cullen to bits, the way Bella describes him, his actions etc etc... woot!
Or maybe i just don't like being in Jacob's head lar. Corbin Bleu His rather influential (at least to me he is)... it's like i can actually feel his emotions when reading, so got quite geram... or maybe i'm too into the book? I guess i am.

Either ways, i guess the main reason why i really like the book - apart from it being a fantasy story which i love to bits - i guess the simpleness and every detail of Edward which Bella describes, every little thing Edward does, is just so full of love.

Oh, and remember how i love the title of Twilight, Breaking Dawn and all?
I love the name Midnight Sun!
Apart from how meaningful the titles are (at least to how i interpret it), i love how... sun... night... *dies*...
Ok, i'm not making sense.

Cause... Edward is a vampire , a creature of darkness, whereas Bella is like... a bleak of light in his darkness world!
Or you can turn it around, and say Bella's world has been in darkness, and the angel Edward's appearance lite her world!
Either way you interpret it, you can't deny the fact Stephenie Meyer is a genius!

I'm never wearing long pants in Malaysia.

Oh, at least not under the scorching sun.
Or when i'm going to a hot place.
But it's my first time there lar... mana tau so hot!!

Anyways, i was thinking... Ryan and Sharpay have too little role in this latest installment. No complains with Chad, since i get to see him more than the previous one IMO, and nothing to say about Troy since his the lead so of course he must have more "air-time" (to my and Troy-fan's fancy, btw he really is hotter in the third film)... but why must Gabriella have so many extra scenes???
Hah, very evidently who are my favourite characters!! Sorry Gabriella, Vanessa Hudgens doesn't annoy me, but somehow Gabriella does... i think it's probably because Gabriella gave me the wrong vibe or something since the first movie? I don't know.

Anyways, i realize some pattern with all 3 HSM movies, do you realize the story always goes like this?
  • Troy and Gabriella happy together.
  • Something big happened which they can all do together, or they decided to do something together.
  • Sharpay not happy with it.
  • Sharpay plots something, gets Ryan to help.
  • More about the "big thing" they'll be doing together; practice, rehearsals and stuffs, playing with each other and all.
  • Troy and Gabriella fights due to some reason.
  • Gabriella sings her sad song about leaving Troy, Troy sings his "frustration-song" about his er... frustration.
  • Troy finally makes a decision and goes after Gabriella.
  • Troy and Gabriella reconciles and gets back together.
  • Sharpay learns her lesson when something she plotted against others go back at her, and becomes nice to Gabriella at the end. Which is a big surprise because when the next movie starts she'll be back to her old self and "dislikes" Gabriella like she always had, though at the end surely they will become the best of chums again. Weird.
  • Big ending scene with everyone happy! We're all in this together!!
Give or take, modify some details, but the plot is basically the same.
But whatever it is, somehow i just lap it all up and still love the whole thing! The music are too nice to worry about other details!

But argh!! Why did Troy and Gabriella get extra songs for the last installment? At least the previous two movies Ryan and Sharpay got TWO songs ok (but in the second movie, one song was included in the DVD extended version instead)!

Yes, very obvious who my favourite characters are XD!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

For the love of High School Musical!

Call me whatever you want, but you can't deny the fact that High School Musical rocks!!

Or if i may call it by its "local name", "Muzikal Remaja"!!
I love local Malaysian-ised movie names!

I've watched so many movies in the cinema all my life, but by far, High School Musical 3: Senior Year remains the most entertaining movie i've ever watched!
No, i don't mean the movie (though it's brilliantly wonderful, i love it!), i mean the audience!! I've never watched a movie with such "wonderful" audience before!

And extra credit goes to *this* particular member of the audience, who was sitting a few seats to my right two rows behind! Gosh, the next time i watch a movie with Zac Efron in it, i want to watch it with her!
And i thought i dislike watching movies with munchkins around me (actually, i still don't like it), but she is an exceptional!

I'll go point-by-point on what she've did which kept me so entertained!

Ok, munchkins around me was unavoidable the minute i step into OU, but it was fine, they did nothing to annoy me... *yet*... until i sat down in my seats and the movie was about to start.
I don't know what's wrong with them. You buy a ticket, it has your seat number on it, SO SIT ACCORDING TO YOUR GIVEN SEAT NUMBER!!
But no, they just can't settle down even when the movie was about to start, that the staffs actually have to switch on the lights so they can find their seats!! This particular group even had to have the torch light flashed on them for a split second, to signal them to sit down!
And so, for the first time, i actually watched a movie a few minutes into it's opening with the lights ON!!
And you wonder why i hate watching movies with munchkins around.

Then come the best part, the "particular member of the audience" i was talking about, let's call her... Troy-fan!
So after the Disney opening and the words "High School Musical 3: Senior Year", the first scene was this:

(BTW, this picture does no justice to Zac Efron, he was really much hotter in this movie than the previous HSMs!!)
Immediately, at first instance, a LOUD squeal or scream was heard from Troy-fan!
Naturally, i was laughing uncontrollably afterwards! I actually don't find it annoying, but on the other hand, very amusing! Even I don't do so when i saw my 13 boys on screen ok (neither will Amane do it on Eric)!!

The next part was during Troy's solo, at the beginning of it, he was walking towards his locker with his back facing the camera, when he took his shirt off.
As if on cue, immediately a very loud "gasp" was heard from Troy-fan! I'm very sure she hyperventilated on spot! I won't blame her the slightest, Zac's bod looks hot there butsorrymyboyshotterthankyoubyebyeZac!
And after his solo, she actually clapped aloud!!

The funniest part was next (though my favourite was the "gasping" part! It was just so loud and obvious!) was when Troy was talking to Gabriella, and she said: "You looked very handsome.", and immediately, Troy-fan went: "Awwww..." out loud!
And when they kissed, i quickly turn around to see her reaction, and saw her beating the air out of frustration!
Now who said munchkins are annoying? This particular one, Troy-fan, is brilliantly entertaining isn't she XD??

Oh, not forgetting the rest of the audience in the cinema, there was this part when Troy threw his hand phone onto his bed, but it bounce off and fell to the floor instead.
Now i don't know why - but i did it too btw - but the rest of the audience went "gasp" with me! It was really funny if you are there! It's like, in everyone's head was going "you don't want your phone give me lar", since Troy treated it likes its easily disposable (which it probably is, it's a prop anyways), but he was frustrated, so i guess his excusable.

But really, Malaysians are rather materialistic aren't we? To gasp on cue TOGETHER just when the phone fell off the bed XD!!

Oh, but one part i didn't really like about HSM3, is the lack of spotlight on Sharpay! They should give her more credits honestly, she is one of the best characters in HSM!!

Especially the ending part (spoilers ahead)! Instead of both of them being lowered off the stage, they should make only the Brit girl disappearing, and only Sharpay gets to stay on stage and finish the show, because after all, the stage does belong to Sharpay Evans, and the Brit girl is just plain mean. Sharpay is only being who she has been all along, and she always learn her lesson in the end anyways, so yeah... she should finish the whole show with the impact that only Sharpay can pull! It just loses it's "impact" because the performance didn't finish as so!


Adorable!! I wish i have a twin brother like him!!!
But that would transform me to Sharpay, because his just so nice, it's easy to take advantage of him!! And as much as i like Sharpay's "Fabulous" character, she's rather mean so... er... tak mau...

And Corbin Bleu's Chad Danforth (the best candidate for Jacob Black imo)!!

I'm not being biased or anything, i got this pic off HSM 3's Official Website, and Chad's elbow is on Zac's face, so i had to crop it out, or it won't look nice!
BTW Corbin put on weight!!!

When the movie ended, Troy-fan clapped naturally, and Amane and me clapped too, because we just love the movie so much! It's much better than HSM2, and the dances... OMG HEAVENLY! It's just so beautiful!
I can't wait for the DVD to be released, i definitely want to get those saga types, so i can watch all 3 movies whenever i want, instead of having to wait for Disney Channel to show it! Though, i do hope they will have the pop-up editions as well, i enjoyed watching those too!

The best shows are always Musicals (oh, and action too!), don't you think (^^ )?

What's wrong with kids these days?

Stupid little munchkins.

Why are you crowding around my cinema?
Why are you watching High School Musical 3: Senior Year the same time as i am?
Don't you have school or something?

Go back to school and study you little kids!!

And why do you have to buy the tickets so early? Go buy it 10 minutes before the show starts or something, so i can have more choices to my seats.
And why do i have to be stuck in the cinema with you?


So kacau. Can't even watch my HSM 3 in peace without those little munchkins rolling around me.
Go home. Or i'll vote for the next party who will present a bill which involves munchkins not allowed out of the house during school days!!

Hey, at least it'll also help curb the problems kids are causing our society these days ok!! And it'll lessen their touch to the outside world, so they won't learn all the bad stuffs like drugs and smoking and stuffs.
Maybe the only thing they'll learn is whatever teacher teaches in school, and the number of scales on their goldfish. HAHA!

You should vote for me to be the next PM. I can make our society a better place. Where little kids are not allowed out of the house during weekdays (unless holiday), or maybe they just aren't allowed at cinemas during Thursdays and Fridays, when movies are released.

I find it annoying lor, the privilege of being able to watch movies on weekdays - when there is less people around - are always curbed when munchkins decided to venture out of their munchkins world during their munchkins holidays and then they will crowd at the mall and make the whole mall smell of munchkins. Ugh.

Ooh btw, if i'm PM, and maybe i can make it to like... the first musical country in the world! Where people are required to jump out of a sudden at least once everyday or will get apprehended! It's good exercise!!
I'll make a fine PM. HAHAHA!

Ok, retarded. Lack of sleep is getting to me.


I shall refrain from some all ANY Redang pics, for now, until i can think about it without feeling the pang which i've always felt after returning from there.
It's a feeling like "homesick", or maybe i can call it "Redangsick"... something along those lines.
Make that *anything* that reminds me of the Most Wonderful Place on Earth!!
I feel like crying every time i'm reminded of Redang. SOMEONE BRING ME BACK TO REDANG!! PRONTO!!!

Times like this makes me wish i could be a Jumper. I would jump only once to Redang, and stay there forever, so the "bad people" couldn't find me. If i need to go home, i would take the bus (or flight) instead.
(I've considered being like a "Twilight-standard" vampire, so i could run there, but that would lessen the chance of me seeing a Sea Turtle, so i decided against it.)

The Cow and the Pig misses Redang (a lot) too (but i think i miss Redang most!! Or maybe they just don't talk about it as much as i do?)!!

At least there's someone to share your "missing-Redang-woes" with!!

Someone bring me back there, please?
(David Rice, do you exist?)
(ps: And hopefully you look like Hayden Christensen.)

Why you don't watch horror movies at night.

I finally understand why people don't watch horror movies at night. Middle-of-the-night to be exact.
Because you get nightmares!! What the HeeChul's fur.

But well, it's not like i "learned a lesson" or something from what i did last night, because it wasn't even a horror movie to begin with. It was a Chinese vampire movie (gosh, i love Chinese vampire movies!!)... wait, not exactly, maybe a Chinese Dracula movie to be exact, since the ghosts don't hop around. Starring Jacky Cheung (i love seeing him in those older movies!) and Ricky Hui.

And as usual, Chinese movies like these aren't the least bit scary at all. But to give credit, they are more gan cheong than your usual horror movie. Actually, VERY EXTRA MORE GAN CHEONG than normal, because it usually involves the ghost chasing the leads around and they have to hide and stuffs. And the ghost always pops-up. Trust me, in terms of getting yourself frightened silly, old Chinese vampire movies win hands down! I get myself frightened more times watching those movies because the ghost always pops-out out of nowhere!
And it's always funny, which i love most about Chinese vampire movies! You get scared and laugh like mad at the same time!

Oh gosh, if only they produce such good movies again nowadays!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I was surfing around to see if i can use those pop-up post-it notes without the dispenser, because i want those pop-up post-its, but i don't really want to waste money for the dispenser, since i don't really need it.

Which then, i stumble upon the 3m website, or better known around as the brand "Post-it®", which sells er... post-its...
(which btw is the best brand ever for post-its!! i'm converted and never changing!)

And BAM!! All the different colours they have are shoved to my face, all yelling "You know you want me..." etc!!! ARGH!!!
Now i'm freaking tempted to buy all the different colours (which is not available in Malaysia) they have online!!
GATAL!! Why lar go that website!!! Otherwise i'll just be ignorant about the existence of other (prettier) colours, and when i do stumble upon them (in future), it can make me extra happy!! Like i discover the national treasure or something! But *no*, have to know other (prettier) colours exist in the same world as i am now, that even if i get my hands on them in future, it won't be as much umph as discovering them in the first place. Ish.

Honestly, if you're a "post-it salesman" - and though as much fussy i am about it's quality and all - guarantee can still con a lot of money out from me, just by selling post-its!!

Why lar post-its in Malaysia so limited!!!
Then again, everything is limited in Malaysia, so i'm not surprised.
Seriously, how can foreigners say they want to live in Malaysia lar! Because apart from food, we're so deprived of everything else (particularly colourful post-its and pretty stickers. And variety of pens, and other cute stuffs, etc too).

It sucks to be me. Why lar can't i have a normal hobby like everyone else? Like maybe, collect stamps... or currency... or maybe even "toy boys" shoes or something...
Oh wait, i do collect shoes.

But *no*... i have to have a hobby which is "collecting post-its" (and stickers too btw). My hobby is as weird as myself. Bah!!!

For the love of Penang.

Wait till you see the food ♡!~

I love the Blue Sky and Fluffy Clouds


Coupled with the ocean.

Sods, why did i just remind myself of Redang?


I'm getting Alice-ish.
Incidentally, of course.
Or maybe Alice is getting me-ish. But since her character is more defined, it's easier for me to relate to her as opposed to the other way round i guess!

The non-stop annoyance, hyperly retardedly active, non-stop babbling, bouncing prancing around like a retarded "grown-up" whose age is moving backwards (or had stopped aging)... overdoing stuffs by huge proportion to normal standards, deja vus, and a lot more!!... oh... and *especially* the babblings... gosh, it's a "listful"!
Except that of course, Alice is more graceful in every other way... i just sort of look as if i'd pranced around like a retarded idiot on crack.

Oh yeah, i *am* Kid on Crack *smug look*!!

But honestly, sometimes i wonder how do i even manage to muster the ability to babble non-stop through an hour car ride. I must find-out if Amane and Loo2 has actually secretly learned the ability to be deaf at will.

Come on lar, even *I* can't stand myself!!
Then again, it's not something i can help with (to stop babbling) so sods, i'm going through as i like!! Mweheeeee!

Ah... if only everything i've said during the "babble-duration" is coherent... ehem...

Note: Posted four entries today, and another two coming up!!

For the love of pretty shoes.

This is my favourite pair of heels.

There's just something immensely satisfying just by looking at the heel's height, despite the fact that it does pose as a constant threat to kill me if i ever decided to be careless, however slight.

And i've realized the "higher" you go (in wearing heels)... you never want to go back, even if it means every step you take is like sending you straight to the fiery pits of Hades.

But hey, it's pretty, so who cares!!
Sods all the bad stuffs which comes from the effect of wearing heels! They are pretty! Besides, i don't wear them a lot.
And yes, i do realize i have an 'effing large amount of heels for someone who hardly wears them... hmm...

It's a girl thing.

Basophobia or Basiphobia

Meaning: Inability to stand. Fear of walking or falling.

Ok lar, for me it's not that serious... but apparently there isn't any phobia which is "fear of slippery floor" or just plain "fear of falling down", so unless i create one, otherwise this is the closest. I think.

Maybe it can be called Slipperysoaquaphobia. Or something. I don't know.

So anyways, i honestly don't think i'm a "clumsy person" in general. I can walk across a flat surface without falling down.
Although my balance is off sometimes, especially when i'm on an escalator (hence, sometimes i have the weirdest posture while on an escalator)... but still, not a clumsy person. And thank God for it, medical bills are expensive. Not everyone has a super hot super cute (and all other supers) vampire husband and a vampire father-in-law who also happens to be a doctor.
*Rofl at my randomness*.

That said, since the beginning of this year, i've developed a fear for slippery or wet floor, because i've fallen straight on, three-times... right on my bum, because i slipped while walking across a wet floor.
Luckily my bum is a good cushion... i shudder to think how it would hurt if its otherwise...

But nevermind the pain... the fact remains that its damn embarrassing if you fall in public!! And that happen to me TWICE!!
  • First fall - in Korea, slipped on ice in the middle of Apkujeong, fall straight on my butt, and dirtied my white winter jacket, not forgetting the wetness on my bum. Ewww.
  • Second fall - on the boat to Redang - too excited to get on the outer deck of the boat and didn't notice the slippery floor. First step outside nya, slipped and fall straight on butt, in plain sight of everyone outside.
  • Third fall - Somewhere near my house. Not very embarrassing since it's not public, but it seriously hurts!!
Ok, maybe because i also lazy go hunt for new shoes lar. All my shoes are rather old, so the soles are quite exhausted... especially my slippers which i happen to be wearing when i fall the second and third time...

But, once hurt forever remember. Even now anywhere i walk, whatever i'm wearing i'll still walk very super carefully if the floors wet!! Like slow down slow motion, and a funny posture.. you'll think i'm some grandma with shaky legs!
That time when i was playing basketball at Kota Kemuning with the guys, the floor was wet and i was seriously so afraid i would fall down, i walk super slow and kept rubbing my shoes on dry ground every time it's wet!

So yeah... clumsy or not, it has become a phobia. So yeah, don't be surprise if you see me walking like a robot or something the next time i'm on ice or wet-floor surface. I'm seriously freaked by wet floors already honestly.

I miss her.

I miss her so much.

Honestly, it still feels so "fake", like it's just a dream, and i'll get to see her again when i wake up. I've told myself countless times that this is real, it's not a dream nor a vision, but somehow i just can't cope with reality.
Part of my mind has acknowledged that it has happened, but there is another part which is happy to lie to myself that it's all just a very bad dream.

There's just so many things i want to write about her, but it just doesn't come to mind when i wanted it to, but rather, they are slowly coming at me when i least expected it.

Though, i promised i won't be sad, and i will do so. It's difficult, like really difficult... but gradually... and i'll do my best!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I hate this.
Why is it when i cry, instead of just tears falling down... gosh, i look so messy... stupid nose.

Will be away until time deems fit.

Bring me back to 22nd February 2008.

Bring me back to the time.
A time when i was truly HaengBok. A time when i was wrapped in only bliss and happiness.
No worries. No stress. No fear.
Just me and my beloveds.
Everyone is still with me.
Everyone is still healthy.
Everyone is very happy.

Bring me back to the time.
The time when i was truly alive.
The time when all was fine, and there was nothing to worry about.

Bring me back to 22nd February 2008.


I was watching my Super Show DVD, when... well, i find it's just not the same watching Super Show without Cam!!

So, i messaged Cam while i was watching "First Snow" (the song which i was "famous" for suddenly bursting out singing to it in Seoul - very musical-ish honestly), to which she replied that she too, at the same time, was watching the DVD, and she was at the Dance Parade part ("Sexyback")!!

I gasped at the coincident! Because the funniest part is... well, i actually skipped the Dance Parade part, so if i haven't actually skipped...
We would actually be watching the same part at the same time!!

I guess technically, we still got to watched it together didn't we (^^ )?

Nyat, i'm seriously missing all the wonderful time i've had in Seoul.

Conversation between Royals.

I was watching my Super Show DVD in the living room - which Emperor kindly allowed me to watch in peace - when he sat down to watch with me.

I guess i must amaze His Majesty to some extent, but seeing he wasn't at all surprised seeing his daughter bopping along to songs that he could not understand completely (but neither does the daughter honestly), maybe not?

Anyways, it was during U, when Emperor notices that there are a lot of people dancing onstage, so he asked:
Emperor: How many members are there in Super Junior?
Princess: 13. That's why i wanted to get plate number number 13 initially.
Emperor: So there's 12 Korean, and 1 Chinese, right?

My dad can sometimes actually forget when is MY birthday (needs to remind him), but he actually remembers that Super Junior has a Chinese member!
... i must have talked too much about Super Junior to him, it got into his unconscious mind without him realizing. Hmm.

We also discussed the times i've seen them.
Emperor: How many times did you go for the concert in Seoul?
Princess: 3 times. And Bangkok.
Emperor: And Genting too right?
Princess: Oh no, Genting is...
Emperor: *before i could answer* Oh yah, it was an award ceremony... did you stay at Genting that night?
Princess: No, hey, you picked me up from the skyway station that night! Don't you remember?
Emperor: Oh yah, it was around 11pm right?... *ponders awhile* See, you go crazy over them, i have to accompany you to be crazy too.
Hehehe =P!

But the ultimate part...
It was the encore clip part, and i asked my dad to watch this part with me (he was about to go to sleep), to which he says he doesn't want to... and called my boys a bunch of school boys.

My dad called my 13 boys SCHOOL BOYS!!!
HAHAHA!! This is amusing, i should watch my DVD more often at home XD!!!

kimchi is famous.

Oh. my...
I saw myself in Super Show's DVD!!!
And during MY SONG!!!
The song with my boys XD!!!
Ok fine, maybe not me, but my very ugly board which DongHae saw and acknowledged btw... BUT STILL!!! It's cool yo XD!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This came in the post today.

What is it?


My SuShow concert DVD XD!!

Seriously... posts come when you least expect them.
Hmm... actually, when you are *not* expecting them at all!! I thought i was only going to get it next week, since this morning when i checked the mail, there was nothing! But sure enough, when my mom checked in the evening, the package has arrived!!

The same thing happened the last two times, and ironically enough, it's both Super Show related!
But really, it's not something i can help (as in to not anticipate a package's arrival)! I just get so anxious when i know i'm expecting post, especially for this DVD!!

And an update on HRH Princess Kim HeeChul!

Yes, typically her.
Let's see how she gets when i watch the DVD!!

*screams and runs around in glee*
Can't help but to always do that when i get excited (^^ )!~


Die. *in pure bliss and paradise*
And turns into a vampire OMGEDWARD XD.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Twilight on GSC!


Gosh, how long has it been since i waited for this to be on GSC!!
*screams and runs around in glee*
Even better, they also put up it's poster at the side!
Usually, GSC only puts up posters of that month's most anticipated movie! And yes, November belongs to Twilight hands down!

And by golly, it is the movie i anticipate most too!!
Of course, there's also HSM 3 the next couple of weeks, and as much as i won't be keeping my hopes high for fear of disappointment, i can't help but can't wait to watch Rob!!

Funny how British actors get their names Americanized when they enter Hollywood!!
And what's the thing with British? Why do they always have to be the ones with the sexy voices?

Oh wait, it's the accent... gosh if only i get to hear it all day...
Lucky Sam, Cheryl, Tracy, Jamie, Ave!!! I hate you girls!!! HMPH!!!


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Queen of Crap.

Meg Cabot has a book titled, Queen of Babble.

Babble babble babble!

And *I*... am the Queen of Crap.
Seriously, i can produce so much crap, it would be sufficient to run a small metropolitan high-tech environmental-friendly super-canggih city named kimchi-land.

Oh crap. So crappyily good it made it to the best-seller's list again.
Out to bookstores near you. I think.

And oh, being sleep-deprived does things to ya!
I only had 2-3 hours of sleep last night. My body is yelling murder, but my brain is telling me to go outside and sing and dance in the rain before driving to 1-Utama, go watch Mamma Mia! again, and as the movie ends, i would be so happy i would stand up on my seat, and starts singing out my thoughts about the movie, and the other movie patrons would join in as well!
Then we would all start singing and dancing together, then we would walk from the cinema to the Centercourt, kind of like a big colourful parade!! And people would join us as we pass them! Kinda like the Dancing Queen part in the movie, Mamma Mia!!
Ooh, and also random strangers will suddenly jump out to sing and dance along!! Like in musicals!

Maybe some sort like a... like a "Shopping Mall Musical"!
*glees happily*
Isn't it cool??
Ok, i told you being sleep-deprived does things to you.

Anyways, back to reality - despite i so badly wanted the above scenario to have actually happened - since i didn't got enough sleep, i was easily pissed by someone (though that someone is nice, but seriously... talk about hypocrites *snorts*...) to the extent that... i don't know... i think i looked awfully rude, something i don't exactly approved of myself to do in-front of
"authority people". Luckily i cooled down after some considerable time of "peace".

I don't like some many people away from me. I'm losing places i could rant to *sob*.

So after that, i went to Ikano, bought hay, and somehow, after da-pao-ing yummy McDs, the minute my car drove out of the drive-thru, i suddenly started singing aloud - really loud - and yelled as well!!

Talk about getting hyper without my "high-juice".
I'm lucky i don't start laughing uncontrollably, which otherwise i'm sure i would look extremely mad to the car next to me.
Oh wait, perhaps singing and yelling will scare them even worst off? Hmm...

Postman's here.
But no, no SuShow.
And i'm sick of having to wait for post every day! I hate it! It makes me anxious, and all nervous and jumpy, and i can never sit still... at least until after i hear the sound of the postman's motorbike, and runs out to get the post but only to be disappointed again and again.
And the same scene repeats everyday till i get my post, which sometimes takes more than a week!

This is called karma.

Ok, i've got to stop going out of the house to check the post-box every few minutes. My door might be annoyed by me. BAH!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Goodbye King.

There's this poem that i like, but at the same time, i don't like it either, because every time i thought of it, it usually means somebody dear to me has departed over the rainbow bridge.

Rainbow Bridge
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

I'm going to miss you a lot King.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I need to update.

I just got back from 1-Utama... after GROCERY SHOPPING!

As i was shopping, i feel like a mother grocery shopping for 13 two starving mouths at home. My brother and cousin brother.
Ok, just kidding, i was just stocking necessities for the house. My brothers and cousin bro are more than capable of feeding themselves anyways. Most of the stuffs are more for me, in some ways...

Besides, i don't want to be like my grandmother who thinks every second my brother is not eating means he is starving and nutrition deprived... oh, and it's the mission statement for everyone in the family to starve my brother and not give him any food. Rofl.
It used to be funny but it's starting to get on my nerves now.

I need to start updating my Blog with the tons of pics i have took!! And yes... the formating part... when will i ever get to formating my lappie honestly... *coughprocrastinatorcough*...

Until i format, i guess i'll procrastinate with the updating part as well? Hmm... who knows?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hear ye, hear ye...

Cam got her SuShow DVD today XD!
*screams and runs around in glee*

Now when will mine arrive?
I hope for once the post will arrive on time!!
Hopefully the nice people at the post office have had a nice Raya break, and will be working extra hard to send my DVD to me NOW deliver all the mails promptly on-time to everyone!

Hopefully the nice postmen around my area haven't had too much ketupats and rendangs (which reminds me i had none over the Raya *cries*...) till they can't get on the bike without pumpchet-ing the motorobike. Or get up the hill. Or maybe just too full that they are lazy to work.
Ok, dangs, KARMA. Now guarantee i can't get my DVD till next week???
*sobs and cries*
I'm sorry, but it was irresistable to add about the ketupats and rendangs (especially since i didn't had any)!!

Hope for the best!!
Have you gotten your Super Junior The First Asia Tour - Super Show's DVD (^^ )?

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Malay titles of movies are loved!

I've always loved Malay titles of movies! They are just adorable!
The most memorable one would probably be the movie "Eraser", where the initial Malay title for it was "Pemadam"... till i think a lot of people noticed and all, only they changed it to some other title!

Nowadays not a lot of movies have their titles translated to Malay, but i've always like to change the title myself!
For example, Eagle Eye would be "Mata Helang", whereas Painted Skin would be "Kulit Berwarna"! Isn't it hilarious??
Ok, maybe only I find it hilarious (= =")... but i seriously find it cute lar, and it amuses me to no ends! One of the perks of being Malaysian =D!

Went to watch Kulit Berwarna... i mean, PAINTED SKIN, with A and B today (no, i'm not C)!

And this movie proves that i *really* dislike Chen Kun. He had one slight chance at redemption when his character refused the temptation of the "demon" because he loved his wife a lot and all... i was like, "wow, such man are rare"... but it was all gone the second he told the demon "i love you, but i already have my wife..." like... what the hell!! So do you love your wife or not??

If he say "i really like you, but i already have my wife..." it's a different story. Wording matters. Because from what i see, the demon is only a "temptation" to him as she seduces him. I don't see any prove or reason where is the "love" he felt for her lor. It's more of lust. If having perverted dreams of her makes him *thinks* he loves her, then i can only say how i look down at our chromosome XY. Seriously.

Sorry, i think i'm too influenced by fairy tales of true love and Edward and Bella (sorry not Romeo and Juliet; i think it's damn stupid to die for love.). I know it doesn't exactly exist nowadays, but it's nice to at least be able to hear/ watch/ read about them.

So all-in-all, i still don't like Chen Kun... actually, even if he didn't did what he did, i will still don't like him lar. Maybe i was just finding excuses to dislike him?
Anyways, i think it's face problem. Like Rainie Yang's case - i can never muster enough enthusiasm to even like her no matter what. And i think Chen Kun's case is partially because he always acts as slightly hamsap character with lotsa bed scenes... very kialang, me scared.

Conclusion, Painted Skin is kinda a good movie, Zhao Wei is a good actress, very touching story about love and sacrifice... if only they can get another actor as the lead... hehehe...

Ooh, btw, High School Musical can be "Sekolah Menengah Musikal" don't you think XD!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Shia LaBeouf is The Man.

Eagle Eye is a GREAT MOVIE!
Two thumbs up! If i have an extra pair of hands, i would make it four thumbs up!

Starring Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan!

Who is Shia LaBeouf? His Louis in Evan Stevens, also starring in I, Robot, Constantine, Disturbia, Transformers, Indiana Jones... well, most memorable as Louis honestly (Ok fine, maybe only to people who watches Disney Channel religiously... or me...)!

I seriously consider him one of the BEST ACTORS ever! His acting is superb, and i have seen him in a wide variety of different characters with different personalities a lot of times, and it never fails to amaze me how well he plays his character every time!

Watching Eagle Eye showcases another side of him, of how good he really is! Well, in my opinion anyways!
Because at one part when he had to cry because someone died, he was shivering and crying and all... and i actually teared not because the scene was sad, but because he was just such a good actor i cried because he cried!! He was just so convincing! It's so real! I've never cried because an actor is good, it's usually because the scene was sad and the acting was good that makes me cry... so... WOW! Thumbs up to Shia!

Another thing i like most about Eagle Eye are the action-packed scenes, like... WOW!! It's so creative, something new and... just one word describes it all, WOW!!!
And it helps a lot too if you really like seeing the lead actor, and the lead actress is pleasant!!

Apart from that, i think his character as Louis kinda grows on me, that i was delighted when i first saw him on I, Robot! And even till now i really like seeing him in movies! It's like, someone familiar waving "Hi" at you from the big screen!
Well, maybe not only him, but other actors or actress who i've seen before (from other places) suddenly appearing on the big screen? It's like, finding a real cherry in a pile of those red fake cherries... ok, never mind i always make weird comparisons...

But really, it's nice seeing Shia LaBeouf on screen! Disney Channel and good acting aside, i guess i can say it's because you can "relate" better to him? It's as if his your average "boy-next-door" type, so it's very pleasant to see him, and you don't feel "distant" from him despite his Hollywood stardom now! A very "down-to-earth-feeling" kinda actor, and you don't feel intimidated by him at all! Like his your childhood friend and you guys grow up together! Actors like this are rather hard to come by, don't you think?

Looking forward to see more of him in upcoming blockbusters!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Earth Harmony - World Needs Love

I love this song!

Earth Harmony - consisting of w-inds., FLAME and Folder 5.
Just where did Folder 5 fit in with the "Earth Harmony" part, i do not know. Then again, they only sang during the chorus (with no solo lines, unfortunately), so i guess it's ok.
(If not because i am superly Keita (And Kyohei) biased, i would be grumbling why did the girls get little to no part in the song. It's like they are in just to fulfill the "hey look we're not chauvinist" quota. Then again, both boybands are a lot more popular than Folder 5 at the moment.)

It's a pity Lead hasn't debut then, otherwise it'll be a much more appropriate "Earth Harmony", won't it?

Anyways, yes, i love this song!
Gosh, i miss my "younger" Keita!!
I simply adore him during his "teen-boy" phase when he is still that silly-looking, lanky, pretty boy stage. Oh why did you ever go into the phase of buffing up. You end up fat, then so thin it my heart breaks every time i see you now.
Ok, ignore what i just said. Personal fan-to-idol kind of thing.
But i still effing adore Tachibana Keita of w-inds.!! It doesn't matter if i rarely mention him nowadays till a lot of people (who knows me personally) doesn't know i'm a w-inds. fan! It's what inside that matters, and my heart still leaps every time i see him!
Weird, i know, then again i'm a fangirl so it's justified!!

And Kyohei. Oh why did you ever leave FLAME you perverted kid (no kidding, he is freakingishly perverted (in a cute way) you'll be surprise). I miss seeing you perform in the group (for someone so short he freakingishly contains a lot of energy)! His very bouncy and active in performance from my observation! And his voice!! WOOT (But Keita's the best!!)!!

Check out this live performance of Earth Harmony! Super good, especially my 3 boys! And they are in WHITE!! AND KEITA!!! KYOHEI!!!

Oh why did i lose the music file to this song??
It's such a beautiful song!!


So bias and loving it!!

Edit: This is so weird. I have this feeling that i actually *own* this single... but i can't find it. And it's unlike me to throw my CDs around. So... do i have this single or not? I was very sure i have it though... ugh...

Exercise. Right...

I was on a certain Blonde's Blog just now, and reading what she was complaining about how she lack exercise and all... it brought back this thought in my head, which was raised at least a few times in a month, but will get lost in midst of everything else (because it just lack importance).

Yes, i also lack exercise. (like that's a big surprise)
Then again, the only exercise i can muster enough enthusiasm to do frequently is swimming (like that's another big surprise). But with the lack of pools (i can access) around... hmph!!

Don't be fooled by appearance, i *am* pretty sporty.
Well, in the sense i had done a variety of sports, and i enjoy doing them. Or enjoyed doing them. Whether or not i kept up with it or not etc, it doesn't matter.

So what sports can i do just to get my lazy butt off the chair and in another futile attempt to be more healthy?
Jogging Walking around the neighbourhood (which is more appropriate because i damn lazy to jog, sprinting is a different story) is nice... especially when you have nice songs to listen to. But it gets boring, i mean, neighbourhood stays the same all the time right?

Parks? Er... have to drive there and this and that... some more so many people... a bit troublesome right?

I abandon my bike for favour of internet, and it rust itself and died. End of story.

Anywhere i can do that? But i super long time never roller-blade already liao, later the puny little wheels collapse under my weight how?

Not even an exercise. If you count getting more arm-muscles? NEXT!!

Next life.
It's funny how i can roller-blade quite well, but i can never muster the technique to ice-skate. Whoever who said ice-skating is like roller-blading should be send straight to the fiery pits of Hades. (Credits: Bella)

It gets boring after a while lor. And it hurts my waist.

Ditto like hula-hoop, except the hurting part.

Everyone in UK. Nyat!
Then again i'm so lousy at it, it doesn't really count as exercise, right?

Ok, as much as i want to consider this a sport... i'm afraid it's not.

Is swimming the only sport i am enthusiastic about? Do i need to dig a hole in my backyard just so i can get sufficient exercise a day?
And people say those people who are not getting enough exercise are just finding reasons just so to not exercise. Sometimes not we want one lor... it's just the circumstances doesn't permit so.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pondering my existence...

Gosh, what am i doing here?
I should be born in Hawaii! Maybe i would be Khalil Fong's childhood friend or neighbour or something.

And i would make it a point to keep my body in perfect shape so i can wear bikinis to class, and after class i would straight away head for the beach for a good swim before retreating for a good tan by the beautiful beach. Never mind if i'm so tanned you can't see me in the dark, stuffs like this doesn't matter when you have such a beautiful beach right in-front of you.

Oh, and i would take up surfing lessons! My surfboard would be painted with beautiful pictures of sea turtles and angel wings, and all other stuffs i absolutely adore!
(Thanks to Raymond of Tension for his experience of living in Hawaii!)

Turtle Tomb.

I make it a point to write down the names of places that i want to go to, and putting aside the fact that 8 out of 10 places are at the seaside *ehem*... one particular place i really want to go to, badly, is Sipadan.
Like badly. So badly. I would sell my brother for a trip to Sipadan. Yes, that's how bad i want to go. I'll add in my cousin-brother as a special offer.

I realize one of the paling very super ultra main reason i want to go to Sipadan, is obviously... for the sea turtles.
I'm unpredictable, but i can be predictable too... at times... i guess.

So yes, sea turtles!!
One of my biggest dream is to swim with a sea turtle in their natural habitat!
I adore turtles! I pledged my whole life to conserving animals especially turtles and sharks, two of my favourite (though not suppose to be bias?)!
Do you know all species of sea turtles are actually endangered? Yes, we have actually pushed them to the brink of extinction so badly, and it's crucial to conserve them if you still want to see turtles swimming in the wild!

Anyways, yeah, do you know i actually spend almost an hour to two just looking at the sea turtles in Bangkok's Siam Ocean World?
I was talking (well, more like mind-communicating, if they can hear me - gosh i wish i'm Renesmee) to them, letting them know how i pity them, that instead of swimming in a big beautiful ocean they are stuck in such a small tank and all... and i asked them to "fighting", because they are holding an important task which is to educate the future generation about their kind, so that more people would learn the importance to conserve their kind... and all those stuffs...
I think (and hope) they get me! This Green Turtle (i can actually differentiate 3 types of sea turtles. I must be really obsessed with them) is always swimming at my side and letting me take nice pictures of him!
I look forward to going back to visit them soon (Thank you to the genius who created the idea of annual passes)! I hope they remember me!

Ok... you don't need to know how mad i am that... back to Sipadan...
OMG i've read online that there are just so many turtles there swimming around you, you wouldn't even bother about them during the dive! Imagine that... wow... *dreams*
Like... everywhere you turn you can see huge and ancient-looking darlings i mean - TURTLES... SUPER WOW!!

Another place i would really want to go, which is in Sipadan itself, would definitely be the Turtle Tomb.
But i am claustrophobic. Can it be something i be rid of, should i ever manage to go Sipadan after selling my brother?

There's another fear of me crying the minute i'm in there - never mind the claustrophobic part - i'm damn sure i'll be haunted for the rest of my life by all the images i will never ever forget... the curiosity in me will bugged me to eternity for the one thought which will never be answered... which is the reason to the existence of the turtle tomb.
See, there are two theories as to why so many turtles die there, hence, Turtle Tomb:
One - Turtles swam into it, got lost and confused and couldn't find the opening to the surface, then drown to death there.
Two - Old turtles swim there, and wait to die there.

I choose to believe in the latter one. To me, turtles are smart - albeit they might be senile due to their ancient age - but still... believing in the earlier one is just heart breaking! I mean... poor babies...
Besides, turtles, as animals so in one with the ocean, surely they know their way around by their senses right? More over once they reach maturity, the only things which can kill them are us, so therefore i refuse to believe the first theory, but rather, the second.

Oh well, why should i worry whether or not i should go to (the tomb)? I should worry if i ever get to go to Sipadan first! And i guess the chances of me visiting Sipadan anytime soon is as close the chance of Otsuka Ai marrying my brother.
Ok, pretty good chance then! To Sipadan we go tomorrow (Turtle Tomb still in consideration)!

Gosh, i am mad, retarded and delusional.