Saturday, May 31, 2008

DongHae-withdrawal symptoms.

And i'm not even there yet.
Hmm, apparently i'm not the only one XD!~

Whats up you think?

Sheeeeee, giving out hints but not giving out the master-plan till later (^^ )!~

I like giving names!
And i've given "project-names" (evidently in the title) to almost every future projects i'm planning! Lols!

What makes me happy today is this:
JungSu: June 7 we will be having a big concert, the members in china came back today.
HyukJae: they came back they came back. i thought i would cry today.
JungSu:i slept at 9am in the morning, DongHae came in at 10am.. 'hyung!! hyung!!' that's how he called.. (for them ^^)'
HyukJae: the moment he came he started shouting. even though it's noisy but it's very happy (^^)
Credits: iflytothesky @ Soompi
JungSu and HyukJae having DongHae-withdrawal symptoms too, but i doubt its of the same, but still same because...

Super Junior and ELF.

June + 7 = 13.

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