Friday, May 30, 2008

Random-ness again.

I really want to sleep now.

But i just want to post some stuffs before i do so XD!

Random#1 - Joe.
Joe's eyebrows reminds me of Shin-chan, double caterpillars XD!
His adorable!~


Gosh, me and my 89-ers XD??

He has been influential; he reminded me of loads of stuffs i enjoy doing before but had forgotten the fun and joy of doing it along the way (hello retarded brain who i love but hate at the same time cause the memory part is faulty)!~

One is recording videos, two is... well, you'll see soon!

But i realize i did it before i knew he did it as well too, so hmm... hmm? Not influential on that part XD?

Random#2 - What i did today. (Finally something not SuJu-related eh?)
I spend the whole day out today.

It's like kimchi's day out, but not made into a movie nya.

Oh, and i shall stop buying stuffs from Sungei Wang now.
The hassle of changing it.
I ended up spending extra just to change something.


(Both photos are in their original form - not PS-ed in any way - you see what i had take)
It was raining when i headed to KLCC from Sungei Wang!

Then after that, half the time spent at the Book Fest doing nothing but hurting my leg and wasting money.
OH HEAVEN THE RM5 PARKING FEE (plus RM3 from Sungei Wang).

I need more time there (BOOKS!) and not having to worry about the bloody-expensive parking-rates.
And wear proper shoes, gosh now i understand why the reasonable side of me kept telling me to stay away from girly-shoes, while the "girly-shoetish" side of me kept asking me to put my pretty espadrilles on.
They are beautiful i love them XD!~

And they're better than heels =P!

After that, realizes i'm late and rushes over to FreakingQueen's house, disturb her kao-kao before she slips into her doom of finishing her assignments at same time get her to know Jonas Brothers and forces her to take Kevin like how me and Jing forced her to take GengHong last time XD.

Retarded people think alike!~

Then went to kacau Amane, went for dinner together and during dinner, i had two glasses of "High-juice".
Ok fine its just "Limau Ais", but i finally realize i always get high drinking it (was laughing non-stop all the way from SS2 to 1-Utama... and for no reason...)... so might as well give it a nicer "cooler" name =P!

Went to OU afterwards, found out all lomo cameras are over-budget; like how if i buy one i can get one cup of ice-tea back at JohuluhalamanemomoRicRic-Island.
Hmm, stuffs are quite cheap back at our Island yah?

Ok, i like to use sarcasms and puns, like how i can think out a few different names for lomo with just a snap of finger.
But i can't remember anything else important. Hmm.

Then we went for "very-hi-tea" (at 8pm).
And i was being retarded there all the way.

My brain amazes me whenever it doesn't need amazement.
Cause seriously, for all the retarded stuffs i can think of in a flash, you would've thought it could've improve my social-skills.

But apparently, being retarded also means being a social retard as well. Hmm.

Ok, imma hungry now (the food pics makes me hungrier lols), and i want to go for movies tomorrow, so i better sleep early!!

The thing with school holidays, i love it that the road is less congested...

But i don't like it that little boys and girls are all over my 1-Utama lor. Like... seriously... i don't like to shop when its crowded, so... you get the gist of it.
Even though since i go to OU so often, so i don't need to shop always really, but still...

And OMG they'll hog my GSC ticketing line tomorrow!!!
Like a whole horde of them lining up and i'll be like "Don't you have school?", which i then reminded myself they don't have school, thus they have all the time in the world to line up.


Hmm... do others think of myself as that when i was in their shoes?


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