Saturday, May 31, 2008

DongHae-withdrawal symptoms.

And i'm not even there yet.
Hmm, apparently i'm not the only one XD!~

Whats up you think?

Sheeeeee, giving out hints but not giving out the master-plan till later (^^ )!~

I like giving names!
And i've given "project-names" (evidently in the title) to almost every future projects i'm planning! Lols!

What makes me happy today is this:
JungSu: June 7 we will be having a big concert, the members in china came back today.
HyukJae: they came back they came back. i thought i would cry today.
JungSu:i slept at 9am in the morning, DongHae came in at 10am.. 'hyung!! hyung!!' that's how he called.. (for them ^^)'
HyukJae: the moment he came he started shouting. even though it's noisy but it's very happy (^^)
Credits: iflytothesky @ Soompi
JungSu and HyukJae having DongHae-withdrawal symptoms too, but i doubt its of the same, but still same because...

Super Junior and ELF.

June + 7 = 13.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Cuci cuci BiBi

It all started with Amane's message:
i ask looyee to ask you want to join us to go chase after fahrenheit on sunday
then hor, you get the change to SUPER SHOW her brain
i think she dont know you got the cd already

Having just came home from 1-Utama... again (second time today - told you it's my second home):
lols, why you didn't ask me yourself???

So she replied:
just to tell you mah
i just decide with her wan

Then i started going dramatic (WHO KIDNAPPED AMANE???), but nevermind that, the main point of my entry is my conversation with BiBi.

Before i said byebye to Amane, i told her:
i ask loo2 to tell bibi to tell pupu to tell you "talk to you later"~~~
Which i DID... BiBi dear very nicely helped me to message her (Amane), but she (Amane) sensed this coming so it didn't work (= =").

eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:
next time i'll just go back to her and say "i ask bibi to ask you want to go lunch anot"

사과 · 비 says:

eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:
if can i make it longer:
i ask my 13 boys to ask xiah to ask changmin to ask bibi to ask henney to ask loo2 to ask pupu to ask eric to ask HER... want to go out lunch ka?

사과 · 비 says:
why not name ALL the 13 boys too?

eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:
i would love too, but MSN msg got msg limit lar...
Which... honestly isn't much deterrence to me isn't it, if you think about it *wink*?
사과 · 비 says:
ya hor
eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:
i wanted too one

사과 · 비 says:
nick names loh

eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:

eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:
i ask sayang to ask darling to ask baby to ask baby boy to ask leader to ask scary guy to ask meat guy to ask danhobak to ask smelly guy to ask east sea to ask smile guy to ask china beng to ask batman to ask junsu to ask changmin to ask bibi to ask henney to ask looyee to ask pupu to ask eric to ask mayyee...

want to go for lunch ka?

eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:
wait, got 13 ka, let me count, i can't count 13 properly without going by birthdates
Heck, i'm not being a bad fan.
Even YoungWoon can't get the members right unless if he says it according to age (= =")...

And i'm so proud of myself, because i can actually jumble all the members regardless of age, and still get all 13 ♡!~

Anyways, BiBi being a sweetie as usual, she can guess half of the members nicknames (by me), and but whats best was:
사과 · 비 says:
사과 · 비 says:
ookie dookie imma gonna go dream of unnie tell 13 boys tell xiah to tell changmin to tell me to tell henney to tell loo2 to tell eric to tell mayyee bout lunch

Cuci cuci Jing Wen.

This is an entry response from this entry.

From the same conversation:
eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:
oh, should we tell jing to get camera?? or just two of us get nya??

~ A m a n d a_C h r i s t i~ says:
no ned la

eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:
no, Amanda = Violent woman.

~ A m a n d a_C h r i s t i~ says:
she so retard

eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:
yeah lar, throw her into (put a secret place's name here) when we go~
see her drown XD (oh nice, secret partially revealed.)

~ A m a n d a_C h r i s t i~ says:
she will take a pasu instead of a camera

eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:

~ A m a n d a_C h r i s t i~ says:
then she'll take the pasu n "click click
Jing: eh, why cannot wan? where this flower came from ah?

eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:
knowing jing, i wouldn't be surprised

~ A m a n d a_C h r i s t i~ says:

The fact remains we love abusing Jing Wen!~
It's not exactly something which you can grow out of !~

11 more days!~

Cuci cuci Amanda.

There's this WOMAN, who is the Queen of the Freaking Universe.
Well, i can't say who she is lar, but you can all go see her Blog HERE.

I didn't reveal your identity Amanda =D! Love me!~

Anyways, she asked me to go clubbing with her tonight, so being me, i replied:
eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:
but i don't want to die, for one, there's DONGHAE next week; for two i have 13 boys to love, i can't die young.
Its because Amanda... is. a. very. violent. woman.
ESPECIALLY under alcohol influence.

I don't want to die young!!

But anyways, the truth is, i replied:
eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:
hahaha, thanks sayang, but i realize i'm a social retard, i'll probably go there and end up staying at a corner and count how many hair i have on my head...

BTW, i think i have 139217327136872136912713 hair on my head.
Supposedly 139217327136872136912710, but i realized missed out 3 white hairs, so i did a recount and came to that conclusion.

How do i know?
No, its not because i actually have a life and actually went out clubbing and count the number of hair i have on my head at a corner by the club...

I did it at home =D!
Hey you, social retard ♡!~

Ok, i was actually in an emo-mood this afternoon due to my suspicion for certain plans... but the fact remains i'm such a sucker so... ah, no point explaining. I don't even know how to explain it myself.

Anyways, this made me feel better!~

Went for some ice-cream!~ Nyam!~

I love being retarded ♡!~

Super Junior-H.

It only makes sense that you guys form this sub-unit!

Because you guys are always making me happy (^^ )!~

If only its a 13-member sub-unit (- ┌).
But seriously, i hope its not one of SM's "master-plans" to derive our attention away from SJm.
Or as something to keep us "happy" (pun) with while they can slave my other 5 boys in China.


I seriously don't think enough.
If not for more pro-ELF... but anyways... hmph!

On a "happier" (?) note, i didn't cry at all while listening to my SuShow...

But i cried while listening to ELF's Marry U.
Surprisingly, i didn't cry very badly, but anyways... HeeChul just glared at me like i'm a mad woman (= =")...

Idiot cat.

Oh. My. Randomness.

Hmm, my voice is really shrill?

Hello Wookie XD!~
Oh well, like i care, ITS FUN XD!!~

I can't decide to bring Squirt or Pearl; i'm worried sand might get into Pearl (actually my worst fear is them getting lost!!)... but oh well, might as well just bring both XD!~

ps: This is an entry response to this post.
Just in case you're wondering whats the "second one".


Hello JungSu!

Your hair is black!!

This tempts me to dye my hair back to black as well.............

Are you sure it's not a wig??


Every sound reminds me of everything from those nights ♡!~

Random-ness again.

I really want to sleep now.

But i just want to post some stuffs before i do so XD!

Random#1 - Joe.
Joe's eyebrows reminds me of Shin-chan, double caterpillars XD!
His adorable!~


Gosh, me and my 89-ers XD??

He has been influential; he reminded me of loads of stuffs i enjoy doing before but had forgotten the fun and joy of doing it along the way (hello retarded brain who i love but hate at the same time cause the memory part is faulty)!~

One is recording videos, two is... well, you'll see soon!

But i realize i did it before i knew he did it as well too, so hmm... hmm? Not influential on that part XD?

Random#2 - What i did today. (Finally something not SuJu-related eh?)
I spend the whole day out today.

It's like kimchi's day out, but not made into a movie nya.

Oh, and i shall stop buying stuffs from Sungei Wang now.
The hassle of changing it.
I ended up spending extra just to change something.


(Both photos are in their original form - not PS-ed in any way - you see what i had take)
It was raining when i headed to KLCC from Sungei Wang!

Then after that, half the time spent at the Book Fest doing nothing but hurting my leg and wasting money.
OH HEAVEN THE RM5 PARKING FEE (plus RM3 from Sungei Wang).

I need more time there (BOOKS!) and not having to worry about the bloody-expensive parking-rates.
And wear proper shoes, gosh now i understand why the reasonable side of me kept telling me to stay away from girly-shoes, while the "girly-shoetish" side of me kept asking me to put my pretty espadrilles on.
They are beautiful i love them XD!~

And they're better than heels =P!

After that, realizes i'm late and rushes over to FreakingQueen's house, disturb her kao-kao before she slips into her doom of finishing her assignments at same time get her to know Jonas Brothers and forces her to take Kevin like how me and Jing forced her to take GengHong last time XD.

Retarded people think alike!~

Then went to kacau Amane, went for dinner together and during dinner, i had two glasses of "High-juice".
Ok fine its just "Limau Ais", but i finally realize i always get high drinking it (was laughing non-stop all the way from SS2 to 1-Utama... and for no reason...)... so might as well give it a nicer "cooler" name =P!

Went to OU afterwards, found out all lomo cameras are over-budget; like how if i buy one i can get one cup of ice-tea back at JohuluhalamanemomoRicRic-Island.
Hmm, stuffs are quite cheap back at our Island yah?

Ok, i like to use sarcasms and puns, like how i can think out a few different names for lomo with just a snap of finger.
But i can't remember anything else important. Hmm.

Then we went for "very-hi-tea" (at 8pm).
And i was being retarded there all the way.

My brain amazes me whenever it doesn't need amazement.
Cause seriously, for all the retarded stuffs i can think of in a flash, you would've thought it could've improve my social-skills.

But apparently, being retarded also means being a social retard as well. Hmm.

Ok, imma hungry now (the food pics makes me hungrier lols), and i want to go for movies tomorrow, so i better sleep early!!

The thing with school holidays, i love it that the road is less congested...

But i don't like it that little boys and girls are all over my 1-Utama lor. Like... seriously... i don't like to shop when its crowded, so... you get the gist of it.
Even though since i go to OU so often, so i don't need to shop always really, but still...

And OMG they'll hog my GSC ticketing line tomorrow!!!
Like a whole horde of them lining up and i'll be like "Don't you have school?", which i then reminded myself they don't have school, thus they have all the time in the world to line up.


Hmm... do others think of myself as that when i was in their shoes?


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Money hobby.

I had intentions to want to start lomo-ing (lols), and Amane mentioned its a "money-hobby".

Smell the kachings?

Well, photography is an expensive hobby. Professional SLR photography and professional lomography are very very costly hobbies whereas noob lomography are just nice for cheapskate people like me to start with.

Anyways, it got me thinking.

Fangirly is also a "money-hobby" isn't it.

The money which enters the fat CEOs of entertainment company every year... tsk tsk tsk...

The only hobby in the world which is probably not a money hobby, is probably by taking other people's trash and turning it into pieces of art without having to use a single sen on it or anything.

Now thats real hobby?

Anyways, she also mentioned that if i hog off all my SuJu stuffs, i can probably buy a SLR camera (which i won't so don't even suggest it!! NOT FOR SALE!!!).

Honestly if i were to sell off all my fangirly stuffs, money i've spent on fangirly, and add it together with all the money Amane had spent for fangirly...

We could probably buy a beach-front property on a private beach of the coast of JohuluhalamanemomoRicRic-island.

Don't know where that is??

It's because we can probably afford a whole island, plus the beach-front property and renovation misc fees etc, and still have left over to charter a private jet for us every time we want to go to our island.
Even if it is true, i still wouldn't sell off my SuJu stuffs, or any other of my precious fangirly stuffs!

The memories are too precious ♡!~

I love my brain XD!~

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yesterday my boys were just:

2 hours plus away from me by flight.

1 day or so away from me by bus.

13289371982639 days from me if i were to walk.

And i forgotten about it.

Though i know i was happy last night.

I miss you boys so much.


Never eat biscuits or cookies before dinner, even if you are about to starve to death prior to biscuit consumption.
Especially chocolate cookies.

To eat dinner or not?


I'm torn with the fact whether or not i should illegally obtain Super Show.
But considering the fact that i HAVE bought the album... its just that it hasn't arrive... and i can't wait for it...

So it isn't exactly illegal already... isn't it?

Thats not the main problem; the main problem is my stubbornness in wanting to listen to this beautiful album from a CD, instead of illegally obtaining it and listening to it.

Somehow or rather the feeling that i'm listening to the album FROM a CD is better.


My brother just got me Jonas Brothers latest album.

Its nice to be listening to songs which i can actually understand the language once-in-a-while!
(Ok thats not true, cause i listen to the radio most of the time, and since its a Chinese radio station, most songs are in Chinese, although i understand English songs much better and easier, i do understand Chinese so... yeah...)

I'm so addicted to Joe's voice now XD!!~

(Don't bother understanding if you don't get it in the first place.)

I want to try lomography.
Considering the fact that i'm 100% photography noob (i don't even know what long exposure means, reading what it means gives me headache, explaining it only brings me in circles) - i only know how to click shutter button - so i'm looking for really cheap ones, just to play play and experiment, since i like taking pictures...
But being a pain-in-the-ass for always thinking too much and worrying too much, i'm afraid of buying it online (where it'll definitely be cheaper).

BTW, the "slogan" for Lomography Asia is: "Bored with all that spare cash lying around, empty your wallet". Lols!

But i can't decide FISHEYE or ACTION SAMPLER or whatever-camera-dah-dah-dah (cause i still can differentiate whats the difference).

Both has its own pros-and-cons... but honestly, both also i want.
Because i like taking pics of animals, so Fisheye is nicer. But Action sampler is cheaper and unique.
The other types i also tak tau what is what, so can decide its pros-and-cons.



Gotta love Teddy Kang!~

I miss him so much (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

Beijing Welcomes You

HANGENG is in it =D!

The MV is nice (because of HanGeng - no surprise there -), but in terms of singing it in Karaoke, i still prefer 手牽手 (a song written by LeeHom and David Tao for during the SARS period), because i had listened to that song so many times, that during K-sessions i can actually imitate almost every artist in the song.

Anyways, back to the Beijing Welcomes You song, to be fair the MV is rather good.

But one thing i will NEVER understand... is...

I know she's famous in China and all, but hello, she's Korean!!

Not to be "racist" whatever "-ist" you want to say, but every single singer there is of Chinese descendant (isn't it?), so isn't it weird that all of a sudden a Korean artist pops-out?


I bet you their popularity in China can match that of Jang NaRa ok, even though she is much more exposed (popularity-wise, don't think dirty lar) there...

Or... should like... get S.H.E., or at least even Zhang LiYin right?? They are Chinese!

Cuz seriously, it was really weird suddenly a non-Chinese pops out in the MV (i was expecting all singers of Chinese-descendant there)... that if i were holding a glass of drink in my hands, i would run to the nearest person and spill that drink all over that person to emphasize how surprised i was.

I think.

Its even weirder than PuPu starring in his own feature film (Look for "Pooh's Day Out").
Ok fine, it's not a feature film, but rather... just be nice to the sad grey little thing and vote for him ok?

Get some good karma for all the animals and Shark's fin you've been eating.

Then perhaps the lightning won't strike at you for one minute.

If you've been taking Shark's fin soup that is.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Go sell out all the tickets you want.

Go sell all the expensive illegal tickets you want.

I'm going to drown the world tomorrow (- ┌).

Die stupid ticket organizers die!!

I'll make sure your ticket office drown first (= =").

And that stupid dude whose trying to sell me the ticket for 6500baht.

OMG extortion lor you idiot. Like i will buy.

But it was so bloody tempting (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

I hope you live near the ticket office.

And i hope the ticket floats to me. Karma you know, you sell it that price, it floats to me FREE.

OK lar honestly... all this BAD KARMA.

Like what i need now lor (= =").

I cranked my neck sleeping for 3 measly hours on my study room chair, and now i have less than 13 hours to doom to finish up something which i should've done properly 13 hours ago.
(Ok lar, not exactly 13 hours, but i just love 13 ♡!~)

I should drown Malaysia now. The amount of water will probably flood Thailand tomorrow so ngam ngam ho two-countries-one-huge-tank-of-water. Save time save energy.


Now i understand why with great powers comes great responsibilities.

That is why i don't have them (the powers), because the first thing i want to do (as of now) is to save all the animals in this world than drown the whole world (= =").

Bad karma, bad karma...


Me against the world.

Very obvious its "me against the world" day.

Everyone is out to get me today lor (= =").


The whole world would be a better place if everyone die except me and my family, HeeChul, all animals and wildlife and anything they depend upon to survive, my 13 boys, w-inds., Hamasaki Ayumi, Jay Chou, Shinhwa, JunSu and ChangMin (For HyukJae and BiBi's sake - besides, its always nice to see retarded faces XD), William Moseley, The Jonas Brothers and Big Bang and Fluffy (because i like little boys), 1-Utama, Penang Food and beautiful islands with clear water and blue skies.
Oh and Chad Michael Murray, so that stupid Purple Cow can elope with him for all i care and leave my boys alone, lols!!

Hmm, now if the whole world sinks underwater thanks to the idioticity of humans to not conserve the environment and thus leading to the melting of polar-icecaps and then the end of the world then they all regret but its too late cause they all are going to drown and i have magic powers to make a new island so i could live in but before i move there i'm going laugh at those people for not conserving the world hahaha... and then i'll move to my new world, and you'll know who i'm going to save then ne~~, lols XD!!

I can actually say it in one-breath! Yeah!

And never forgetting 1-Utama!
And i'll use magic to make its resources unlimited, like that plate of sandwich McGonagall conjured up for Harry and Ron!
Ooh, and erm, some how or rather movies will still keep coming and be released... some how...

Nyah XD!~
Confirm retardiot™ lor me (= =")...

Do you believe in karma?

I do.
Maybe that's why i'm having such a horrible day because i was pissed, and it made my mood bad, so while in the car i keep on telling other people who drive like an idiot to go die and saying all kinds of bad stuffs that will happen to them, or how i'll throw them into the ocean etc etc...

No wonder my karma is bad? Lols!

Honestly, i believe in karma, but sometimes from the way i see it, karma only seems to work on me.
Long story, don't want to dwell on it.

But seriously, the whole world would be such a better place if...



To Narnia we go King Peter!

I dreamt i was King Peter (since they are not in Narnia) Peter Pensieve aka William Moseley's girlfriend XD!!
The portal was open or something? Anyways, i asked him why he didn't want to go (ps: His chest is so nice to lean on XD), he said that he was too old and too popular (?)... or was it not popular? So thats why his staying.

Then i followed Edmund and Lucy into Narnia!!!

YEAH MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NARNIA HERE I COME XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stepped into the portal...
Then the dream diverted into another dream (rather scary), and i woke up.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Snow. Summer. Super Junior.

It's funny that while listening to Eru's First Snow, i thought of 13 boys and it made me miss you boys so so so much.

Snow brings us together, and Summer connects us forever.
너 들나 와 평 생 함 께 한 다.

Someone bring me back: 080222 - 080224 and on.

June 7th = 13.

Dream Concert

Super Junior 13

A Petal & E.L.F

Because 6 + 7 = 13.

I love how all the boys are so highly anticipating the Dream Concert!

Its so obvious its adorable ♪!~

The day our beloved 13 reunite again.

The day Pearl Sapphire Blue will lite the night and our balloons will fly all across the sky.

Super Junior and ELF.

Adik-beradik Jonas.

When you spend half your time watching cartoon channels on Astro.

When you really like bands.

When you are a sucker for nice-voice.

When you end up watching a certain video a lot of times because it kept replaying on the Disney Channel, due to most of your time spent on cartoon channels as mentioned before.

When you really like nice-voice.

Jonas Brothers: When You Look Me In The Eyes


Me like!!
Well, a bit correction on "watching a certain video a lot of times because it kept replaying on the Disney Channel", because they usually play "SOS" between shows on Disney Channel, instead of this song.

But i like this song a lot (^^ )!

Ooh, oh yeah, another 89-er!



Padan muka.

Very good idiot very good.

Now free-ticket habis liao.

Padan muka.


Super Idiot.


Dear SM, again,

The last time i wrote a letter to you, i tried my best to keep my calm.

But as you can clearly see from the previous, i tried my best... to no avail.

So i'm just going about in simple English, begging that such simple information could be inputed in your ridiculously thick head, though it would take a miracle for it to happen.


We need our 13 reunion.

Everyone's anticipating.


Have all the moneys you manage to suck through our boys finally manage to cover every inch of wall in your house now that you are using the remaining to stick over your eyes so that you can see money all the time till you can't see such obvious signs?

Sekian, terima kasih.

I hate you.

The horror.

OMG WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best place (since chances of her coming here is totally nonexistence) i could've go to to see my idol Queen of J-pop Ayu.

But it was canceled.

WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Die kiasu organizers die!!

*cries an ocean*

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Actually i want to call it "SoNyeoDongBang" but it sounds wrong, although "DongBangShiDae" sounds more like "DongBang Generation" instead...

But anyways, i'm sure everyone heard of the hoo-hah, ever since when Anycall HAPTIC CF was broadcasted.

Regarding the CF...
Honestly, i'm not a Cassiopeian, although i really like JunSu and ChangMin, but i think Cassiopeians overreacted (like they always do). It's just acting.

If you think i won't think so when it comes to SuJu, i'll admit, "maybe" a bit more bias towards certain members, but one of my BIGGEST WISH is for HeeChul to get a nice girlfriend who he loves, and who will treat him nice and etc etc - in other words, be a purr-fect couple.

That's ELF for you.
I don't want just acting, no, i wish the 3 oldest dudes from my 13 boys would be able to find a purr-fect girlfriends for themselves, and no, i will not kill those girls. But i will if they ever hurt my boys in any way. As long as they are happy!!
And selfishly, as long as it will not effect them or the 13 in any way!

The rest... i'm trying, but give me time!

But i guess i shouldn't talk about Cassiopeians regarding their CF-overreaction, because i EMO-ED kao-kao when i heard KangIn is acting in this movie... and it was for a good few days too.

Though i beg to differ.
In the movie, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. So i guess i have the rights to emo don't i?
But eitherways, i won't go so far as to insult the girl, i mean, its just ACTING!!!

Do you know there was war between both groups just because of the CF??

But i think its because Cassiopeians over-acted (as always), so SNSD fans are just trying to protect their idol, thus, the "war".
Or maybe for once, the other way round?
I know from a certain forum, the TVXQ and SNSD thread got close over the weekend due to the "war".

With regards to Junsu and TaeYeon scandal...
Honestly, my favourite is JunSu, absolutely adorable to the MAX (pun?)!
And TaeYeon's my favourite in SNSD, because i find her natural and not "act cute" etc etc... in other words she doesn't have any "face-problem" lar (unless some of her other members, or Rainie Yang, lols!).

So whether its true or not, i don't mind, moreover since both are my faves!
As long as they are happy isn't it good enough?

Yes, i'm extremely picky on who is opposite them acting or what-not, i might as well go be their matchmaker lar, then i can choose all the girls i like for my boys (=v=")...

But then, i realize if those rumours (scandal?) with Jessica or any SNSD member i don't really like...
Ok, what can i do?
But definitely will be noisy nya lor =P!

BiBi agree with me =D!


I was reading this horoscope thing hoobae sent me through email!

I was born on June 20th (hello more than 8-hours, from two different mothers in two different places punya twin-brother RyeoWook!~), and i am a Gemini, so i should be reading what it says under Gemini!

But due to the pics in the email, it misled me to read Cancer's instead, thinking it was Gemini...

However the thing is... i didn't suspect a thing and was nodding along with almost everything it said... note the highlighted part (= =")...
CANCER - The Cutie
MOST AMAZING KISSER. Very high appeal. Love is one of a kind. Very romantic. Most caring person you will ever meet! Entirely creative. Extremely random and proud of it. Freak.
Spontaneous. Great telling stories. Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out if it comes down to it. Someone you should hold on to.

It was only till later i realize that i read wrongly...

So i re-read Gemini's...
GEMINI - Irresistible
Nice. Love is one of a kind. Great listeners Very Good in the you know where... Lover not a fighter, but will still knock you out.
Trustworthy. Always happy. Loud. Talkative. Outgoing VERY FORGIVING. Loves to make out. Has a beautiful smile. Generous. Strong. THE MOST IRRESISTIBLE.
Hmm... they forgot "always emo" though...

The thing is, well, why Cancer's as well?
Then i realized... it was because i was born at the "end" of Gemini, nearing Cancer's time.

I remember my friend once told me, if your horoscope is at the beginning or nearing the end, it's possible that your personality is affected by the other horoscope as well.

Since moi, is really at the brink of almost being a Cancer, so in the end i'm really not surprised i agreed with what Cancer's horoscope said.

Ooh, my little twin-bro is superbly at the middle though XD!
Depending on when you think Cancer's stars begin to shine in the sky =D!!


That said, i don't read horoscope from the papers everyday, cause its rather inaccurate (= =")...

But i do believe that the nearer your birthday is to each other, its possible that you do share similar traits.
Not necessary, but possibly!

Gemini's are out of the question, because we are TWINS. We could be complete opposites!
*looks at RyeoWook*


Friday, May 23, 2008

Things to do:

  • Annoy HeeChul
  • Watch Speed Racer
  • Laugh evilly at Rain's English (Note: Compare with Se7en, and always prefer number than weather)
  • Laugh evilly at own Korean language skills
  • Hungry (Note: Get Geng to make fried rice)
  • Draw on DongWan's face on his latest album
  • Plan everything as detailed as possible - decide (Note: Make decision ASAP)
  • Give "project-names" to all future plans
  • Discuss in detail about Dragon Ball, Batman and Ultraman with JongWoon
  • Should buy Eru's CD?
  • Annoy HeeChul when she sleeps
  • Shop for necessities to DongHae
  • Decide on what to do and what to bring to DongHae
  • Study?
  • Plan in detailed on how to attack KangIn tonight
  • Tidy room; cupboards and drawers as well
  • Buy more white stuffs with EeTeuk
  • Buy funky colour clothes for HeeNim (Note: Practise J-rock concert together)
  • Blog
  • See to it that any of KyuHyun's work, if any of which is due tomorrow, is destroyed
  • Practice singing with JongWoon, RyeoWook and KyuHyun (Note: Do not bring to KyuHyun's attention of any destroyed work, if any)
  • Go for 삼겹살 with ShinDong (Note: His treat)
  • Stop SiWon's preaching (Note: Counter with Namo Amitabha chants)
  • Hide KiBum's script under HeeBum's bed
  • Take Geng's Olympic Torch and run around house like a retard
  • Remember to shout to the postman "NICE" upon CD's arrival
  • Annoy DongHae
  • Bully HyukJae JUST BECAUSE
  • Disturb SungMin when he sleeps (Note: Put HeeBum on his face?)
  • Wait outside house, rain or shine, for parcel to come. In case KyuHyun tries to revenge by hiding long-awaited parcel
  • Go for ice-cream with RyeoWook (Note: My treat)
  • Abuse KangIn JUST BECAUSE
  • Hide SiWon's coke, finish his chocolates, and draw on his face when he sleeps
  • Tie pigtails (or Sailormoon buns) on EeTeuk's hair when he sleeps.

And the most important one...
      • No way, being retarded is way more fun XD!~


Halloween might be ages away!

But have you prepared your costume??

I know HeeChul has (^^ )!~

Guess what she is XD!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

HeeChul sleeps!

I love looking at her sleep!

Because she have too many WONDERFUL sleeping habits XD!

If only she could have a better attitude (= =")...


If you like things which are grey, annoying, loves HYORI, mad, and not-cute-but-thinks-its-the-cutest-thing-in-the-world =D!



and HERE!!

Help save an animal!

If PuPu wins, i'm very sure he'll be famous enough and then he can be a spokesperson to help bear-conservations all over the world!

And i'll personally make sure the prize money is put into good use like entering the kimchi fund, donation to an animal charity =D!

Hmm, not convincing enough??



I want to Blog.

But i don't know what to write.

Nor do i have any pictures to post. Phone's upstairs!


Alter-ego pan!~

Me and HyukJae have our own way of understanding each other...

I don't know how i sleep really (=v=")...
That was how he was when i woke up one morning... on the floor...


The Chronicles of Narnia: Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul.


I want to watch Narnia again.
For the love of High King Peter (whose not going to appear anymore (ㅠ.ㅠ)...), Prince Caspian, Simba and King Edmund (Just because - since he'll be appearing in the next one).

I love how the Narnian cast never let fame get over their head, also how the movie sticks as close as possible to the book - never losing the feel - but at the same time its interesting, attractive and all the nice thing in one word - NICE.

Also because they took the time to slowly develop the story, slowly film the story and all, its all fine really! Most important part is the feel, and its there!
It's seriously the best book-adaption movie ever!

Random: Stardust follows next!
I've never read the book, only the ending, and i didn't like it (book's ending), so i'm sticking to the movie.

Why can't Harry Potter's movie do the same?
It's possible that because it's rather new, so people tend to want it to be as close to the book as possible?

Look at LOTR and Narnia, both stories are written like, since ancient (lols), and no problem with movie-adaptations, but Harry and The Golden Compass (rather new book) faces criticism especially from book fans!

I guess it's also important to get a good director, especially good if the director is passionate about the book itself!!
Or they have the authors directions during filming, so the movie never loses its feel!

I actually have this allegation that J.K. Rowling announced that Dumbledore is GAY because she doesn't like the Dumbledore as portrayed in the movie!

Please lar, Dumbledore is supposedly someone who is old, wise and calm. But the one in the third movie onwards... omg, like got PMS nya.

Imagine the character (this is on the character - NOT THE ACTOR):
JK Rowling: Hah, i hate you! You ruin my Dumbledore's image, so painfully, i shall make your character gay - in the movie anyways.
Dumbly-dorr-movie-character: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So drama.

Oh well =D!


Japanese UFO noodles!

Being a Shin-chan fan for ages, you'll surely know about UFO noodles!

I bought one to try the other day!

I told mom, "I'm having UFO noodles!"

Mom said, "What? Eat then can fly to outer space?"


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My random brain...

... creates random dreams.

This morning, i dreamt that my Super Show CD has finally arrived!

So i happily play the CD, then continue sleeping.

But because my radio was on, and this Stephanie Sun's song was playing...

... so i was wondering why my Super Show CD got Stephanie Sun's songs (= =")...

But because it was a very weird and funny dream, it made sense some how or rather. I don't know why but it just did!

It's funny (^^ )!~


Edit: I (finally) watched Beijing Welcomes You's MV!

Last time i skipped and watched Geng's part only =P!

But anyways, this time it was loading on YouTube smoothly, but the minute it reached Geng the loading just stopped and so i was stuck on Geng's part!!

Hehehe, Geng thinks that ELF should just stick to watching him, and only him ??

Hello world!

The latest sign at KLIA, after this and this, reads:

Welcome to Malaysia, if you think your home internet line sucks, it's because you're too stupid to restart your bloody modem.


The other days when i was busy complaining about the line and all, i was also very annoyed that all other pages are working fine albeit load slow, but somehow or rather certain websites are like bloody incredibly slow!
And i just couldn't finalize everything while trying to purchase this!! Together with another website!

Then my brother told me his restarting the modem, so i thought what-the-heck-it's-slow anyways, then... immediately after the modem restarted...

The line instantly became bloody smooth (= =").



People who matters to me love me!

That's all that matters (^^ )!~

It may just be a saying, but it really made my day =)! Because i really need it!~

Thank you my lovelies!~

You know who you guys are ♪!~

The word that linked us together...

Just that one word.

Sometimes i wish that i ain't so, because it means very easily influenced by emotions, and thus perhaps getting emo easily...??

냐 파~~~ 나랑 놀자~~???

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Emo now.


This coming Thursday i'm going to watch an old man flying around some old ancient tomb and Shia LaBeouf!~

Anticipating anticipating anticipating.

When will you be coming?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Coming 21st May 2008...

Or anytime after that...

My house is going to FLOOD.

Because of THIS.
I was in a very normal sorta-hyper mood, having come home from dinner and a successful round of dissing my brother (which as always, he so kindly let me go on and on without any interruption but just laugh, because he knows his sister is retarded).

Then i sat down, clicked on the page of Super Show LIVE ALBUM's preview...

All the songs started playing simultaneously, so i was busy clicking "pause" on all the song preview available. I then changed to another page when one song was still playing, so i switched back to that page and was looking for that song's pause button, when i listened to see what song it was... and it was Marry U by ELF.

Immediately tears rolled down automatically (= =").

Fail lor seriously.
I mean... seriously lar... just that few seconds my tears rolled down so easily adee... can you imagine when i listen to the whole album?

What more, i heard the beginning, JUST the beginning of YMCA when HyukJae and ShinDong both yelled "Yeah"... and i started bawling (= =")...

So fail can die.

Guarantee flash flood.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


The newest sign at KLIA reads:
"Welcome to Malaysia. If you think our internet service sucks, wait till you actually uses it."

Is Malaysia's fashion finally improving?

For starters:
Everyone knows Malaysia's fashion is... well... i-know you-know we-know.


Let me state the fact that i'm no "fashion-know-it-all-guru" or whatever you want to say. I just based my opinion, my very own personal humble "very-critical" opinion, on whatever "fashion" i see or hear about. Keep in mind i'm very critical as well. And i'm not a "follow-the-crowd" type of person, unless if i like it, then only i'll have praises for it.
I don't think i'm particularly fashionable as well, well maybe i am, but i'm just physically unable to, so too bad... but all in all, let's just say i have A LOT to say on this matter, like i have for almost everything else... except politics constitution boring stuffs *yawns*.

Anyways, it's not exactly difficult to know what is the current "in" fashion in Malaysia isn't it? If you go out and see 10 girls who walked pass you wearing the exact-same style, that's the current fashion.
I'm not being sexist. It's too bad Malaysian guys don't dress up.
Even if they do as long as they dress stylishly, whether or not it's the "current fashion" or the fashion two-seasons-ago, Malaysians will still label them as "fashionable", because Malaysian guys just don't dress up so whenever one do, we are truly grateful.
Yes i know, we're so sad.

I'm basing on Asian fashion btw, because i don't give a *toot* whats going on halfway across the globe lar. I always agree that Korea and Japan's fashion is far more fashionable anyways.

So yeah, it's no secret Malaysia fashion is *cough cough* lor... seriously... furthermore, whats with the lala-zai and mui infestation. Those "goth-wannabe" but dress halfway no dress fullway, "so-called lolita" but missing here and there... OMG eyesore...

And i actually have concrete evidence on how Malaysia's fashion is slow.
  • Back in 2003, when i went to HongKong, it was around end-of-Summer, but anyways, the "latest fashion" there at that time is something like this (because i don't know how to describe):

    What Charlene Choi is wearing, obviously.

    A lot of people were wearing those styles in HK at that time, not forgetting you can see clothes of those style for sale almost everywhere.
    Along with my cousin's words, she who keeps herself up to date with the latest fashion from Japan, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

    When i got back to KL, i forgot what the current style was but ANYWAYS, that latest HK style of 2003, was only popular in KL like... at least one year after i got back.

    Slow or not you say?

  • Then there was the time when short-jackets were in style.

    I know it looks really good on some people, but i will NEVER understand why... its stupid ok, what for you want a jacket which you pay full-price but only get half the cloth?
    Ok, very Chinese-thinking, but whatever, i AM Chinese.
    Except that Nike one, i never like short-jackets anyways.

    ANYWAYS, when my cousin Kat from Thailand saw those are the "latest fashion" of Malaysia, she told me:
    "Those short jackets was very fashionable in Thailand... about TWO YEARS AGO."

    As if the Internet-Incident is not malu enough, i also have to bear with the malu-ness of explaining to my cousin that Malaysia's fashion memang slow.
    They should put up another sign:
Welcome to Malaysia. If you think our fashion is bad, wait till you see our locally-made lala-zais and lala-muis.
They should employ ME to create signboards at KLIA. I think i'm rather talented in it.

  • My Korean teacher said that all those latest fashion starts in either Korea or Japan, then to Taiwan, Hong Kong or China... then to Thailand... then Singapore... then the final aka "dumping-area"... Malaysia.

    And i so agree.
So yeah, if you don't think Malaysian fashion is slow, YOU don't know the definition of slow. Perhaps a snail's walk is already very fast to you.

But i noticed that Malaysian fashion is improving these days!!

Is it because of the improvement of media, internet *snorts*? Perhaps thanks to Hallyu? Maybe because people are more willing to pay to dress up nowadays, so suppliers doesn't need to source cheap leftover-unwanted-10season-old fashion anymore, but rather, they can get latest fashions from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, HongKong, Thailand etc, put ridiculously heavy prices on them, and people would STILL pay for them!
Because the buyers know they would be following the "trend" of overseas if so! Who cares about the price!! I'm fashionable!!!, they will think.

Whatever the reason is, i was at Korea in February 2008, and the fashion there was leggings with large oversize shirts, or any oversize tops are just fine! You can see like... almost EVERYONE walking around dressed the same (Not forgetting the same hairstyle, lols!)!!

Recently, only like THREE MONTHS after, in KL, i came across A LOT of people dressing alike the fashion in Korea!! Whether its at OU or Sungei Wang!! Most shops are also starting to carry similar fashion!

Does that mean Malaysia's fashion is finally catching up?
I don't know what the current fashion in Korea is, but seriously, its a huge improvement from being fashionably slow YEARS apart, to just MONTHS apart!! Maybe weeks!!!
Sometimes you seriously wonder how does it improve so fast (or so when i start to notice), are Malaysians finally feeling sick of being slow fashionably?

I know i sound critical, but i'm really happy that Malaysia's improving (finally!) and not the subject of being ridiculed as the "rubbish-bin of last season's fashion" now! YEAH!

And it's really much nicer to see people walking around looking really fashionable and "in", as opposed to looking at people who are fashionable like... 2-3 seasons ago in another country... seriously...
You feel happier too seeing fashionable people (^^ )!~

Though when 10 people walked passed you dressed the same... erm... ok too... i guess?

Ah, if only our internet line works the same (= =")... and improves faster like... now... please... bloody internet line!!!