Saturday, August 29, 2009

So do you love your cat or not?

Update: Owner replied to me and say that their cat, Rompee, is back home already!
Well, maybe i saw the wrong cat, and Rompee was already back home all along, or maybe they had found the cat!
Either ways, super glad the cat's back home!

Home is always the awesomest! Hope Rompee don't lari-dari-rumah again, hehe! XD

A few weeks ago, i think Wednesday 12th August 2009 to be exact, i received this coloured print-out at the mail box, about a missing Persian Mix (a type of cat).
It was written "Missing as of Monday, 10th August 2009".

I think it's around two weeks now?

Just now on my way home, i *think* (80% confirm) i might have saw the cat near my house. So of course, i called the number they provide (called home to get the number). Nobody answered when i called the handphone, so i called the house phone. Someone who i assume to be the helper answered, so i told her i think i might have saw the cat.
She sounded happy, and said they are coming now.
So i waited.
3-5 minutes? No appear.

The cat then ran into the longkang, so i called the house again. The same person answered, this time no anxious voice or whatsoever, so i said the cat had ran into the longkang and asked them to bring cat food as well.
She said "ok ok, thank you."
So i waited.

So i left liao.
Come on lar, i must've waited a good 10-15 minutes there, and NOBODY CAME (btw they stay nearby, i know one). And the mosquitos are having a freaking buffet!!

So i send a message to the handphone number, and left.

It just makes me wonder, so the point is DO YOU LOVE YOUR CAT OR NOT?
Do you even want her back?
Is 2 weeks so much to you that so you choose to forget your cat?
If you don't care about the cat so much, WHY DO YOU EVEN BOTHER PRINTING THE NOTICES? You only care about her then?


I think it just makes me angrier because i myself seriously hate irreponsible owner. I guess there is a lot of "doubts", but i choose not to give them the benefit.



Ok, Poo's right, i do have a lot of stuffs in my Angel (my car).
Hahaha, ok, it actually took me that long to realize =P!
(Ok, i actually realized it for quite some time liao, but if i said so (the sentence above), it makes it more "bam bam bam~~" kinda feeling, don't you think =P?).

Anyways, Angel was sent for polish last Tuesday, so i cleared out everything in my car, and today i had to put everything back in.
Confirm a lot a lot of stufs.

But it's ok, i love the stuffs! It makes me feel very homey =D! I think the only thing missing from my car is a toilet. HAHA =P!
(And a television, but it's ok! And internet, LOLS!!)

On the other hand, i really have to control my OCD-ness!!
I always have this super strong urge to have my car cleaned the minute (more like second) i spot a dust or something dirty on it!
Eeeeeee, so OCD!
But you know what... i like! XD
Ok, i stop, toodles!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The thing with me and poems.

Speaking of poems, i seriously hate poems.
I prefer lyrics definitely. No competition. And i hate poems. I just said that right? Good. I HATE POEMS!
But ahah, here comes another contradicting part of me.
I hate poems, but then i love meaningful words and phrases WHICH sounded as if it could've come from a poem.

I think this has something to do with because poems are usually very rigid etc, whereas lyrics, phrases etc are free flow. You are free to fill it in, you don't have to be so rigid, and you're not limited by the way you express yourself.

Ah, i learn something new about myself everyday. Things i don't really think about, sometimes it just hits your head "Yeah, i really don't like it/ like it" etc. And there'll always be a contradicting part when it comes to me. I think this has something to do with being a Gemini. BUT ANYWAYS...

People who judge or stereotype me will just surprise themselves as i laughed back at them! I don't care what they want to think of me lar, and nor do i think i'm being a hypocrite (but honestly, i do find myself being one in a way - see, contradicting myself again!).

Take it like it's a freaking bloody contract.
Party A and B wants to make a deal with each other. That's a general statement.
But then there'll be all those clauses involve.
Like when i say, "I LOVE guys who speaks in an accent."
And my "little clauses" what not will be: "But i so totally hate it if the guy speaks as if he's having a cold, and not accent. Total turn off."
There'll definitely be a never-changing general statement, but there'll also always be those little clauses, certain criterias here and there which contradicts the general statement.

Hey, i'm just being ME (^^ )!

People who take me "rigidly" (by the book blah-blah) and not open to changes easily will think i'm a hypocrite, but maybe if you're not so rigid, and more open, and let me explain myself instead of jumping to "omg you're such an easily changing person" in your head immediately and not listening to me when i explain, maybe you'll be able to find out more, and understand a little bit more me =)!

I find if you are quick to judge, you will never ever truly understand someone, because when you quickly come to conclusion, it's difficult for you to change that perception in your head no matter what!

Also, i don't like it when i to talk to someone, i need to keep covering the different loopholes nada wada. That's a lawyer's job, not mine. Do you want to talk to someone as if they are quoting from a freaking contract?
"Ok, you pay RM1000, but then clause A-bla-bla-bla, B-bla-bla-bla..." EWWW!!

Seriously, if you hear me out, instead of being so quick to judge me, you'll probably understand everyone else more too =D!

There is a lot of different situations to this kind of situation(?); i'm not talking about personality important stuffs, it's merely on preference and how someone handles a situation as well. I myself also don't know how to explain it too well, but all i know is i'm trying my best not to judge someone or take anyone else "too rigidly". I don't think i'm good at it yet, i think i still does so unknowingly... but hey, at least i'm trying!

I find this is better for myself, and also for people around me. Who likes to be constantly judged honestly? For me, i seriously don't (like to be judged), so i'm doing it as a favour to others, or maybe myself, that hopefully others would do suit to me too. Do you think you can do so too?

Horan, Alex, and OCD-ness.

One thing i totally love from watching Misuda, is the many opinions you form after watching it, due to the different topics and what different people from different parts of the world say, where the culture etc will definitely slightly differ!

Ah, the thing is not everyone watches the show, so i don't have a lot of people to discuss it with! But it really is a really good watch!

THAT SAID... one sad thing is, it's like a "trend"(?) among Korean varieties, it's like after they change to new format and all, it gets kinda boring!! Because i prefer seeing open discussions and opinions and stories etc, as compared to "doing stuffs".
They did the discussion story stuffs during the first half, which i really like, (then for this week) they did poem for the second half, which honestly, to me is quite boring, even though it was hilarious!
I will definitely still watch it, no change in that! But no denying, it is getting dull!

Anyways, from this week's... ALEX AND HORAN! OMG, they are just adorable!
I love watching Horan on varieties. I like the way her mind thinks, and how she doesn't "succumb" to the typical Korean girls on variety programs. (Regarding those girls, they are good to watch, but after a while it's just plain dull because the other 10 before her are the same.), and is pretty much herself!
Even though it was scripted, there'll always be some truth hold in whatever she said, and frankly, i really like the way she presents herself!

And Alex along (with Horan) is just funny! Horan just gives off a very seriously, seriously, super cold joke which nobody understand, and then Alex added, "You have to be with her for 5 years to know (understand?) her" (something like that, can't remember the exact phrase)!
It's like he has his own opinion, yet he wants to know and understand your opinion as well! What i see is it's kinda a very un-chauvinistic way.
(Well, maybe it's scripted this way, but it's ok, because the way he talks is still pretty hot!)

And this is another adorable point on Horan and Alex which added loads of chocolate sundae (everyone also use brownie, i cannot use chocolate sundae instead meh?) points for them!

This week was poem, and one of the "task"(?) is how poets "talk" to non-living inanimate objects as if they were alive.
Well, personally, for me i talk to everything and treat them like they are living. It's just me, i like doing so (^^ )!

ANYWAYS, Alex didn't really elaborate whether he does so, but he did say, example, he will relate his car's part's like "body parts"; like when he washes the bumper, he'll say "washing the butt" (because this is the only one i remember, i was giggling all the way. I think the headlights are the eyes or something!)!
I think it's cute! To me it feels like he's very himself, it's not like his hiding how he really is (or maybe it's scripted but i still don't care, haha!) - because honestly to some people they think it's stupid - and the best part is such a hot guy like him has such a cute side! Adorableness!

Then Horan said she won't "talk" to inanimate objects, but she will talk to her cats when they are waiting for her at the door when she gets home.
"How are you?" "Did (cat's name lupa liao, Miho i think?) bully you?" "Have you eaten?" "Have you go to the bathroom?" etc etc.
She talks more to her cat than me!! I would just go "HELLO! HELLO! Whose the cutest thing in the world?"... Then i would walk to my computer and ignore her until she started meowing non-stop to get my attention! Hehehe =P!
(But don't feel too sorry for HeeChul, she's good at jumping up onto the table when i'm using the computer (and ignoring her), then she will sleep somewhere which is near where my hand is, and use her "evil-but-in-a-very-discreet-way-that-you-just-think-it's-cute-and-nothing-evil" ways to stop me from using the computer and pay attention to her.

After the show, they showed one of my favourite songs, 바래 by FT Island.
The translation for the title KBS did, is, "You're the only one in my eye" or something.
When the title is only "바래", which literally means "HOPE".

I think this is another of my OCD traits, but i really don't like translation like that!! I prefer literal translation, like serious literal literal!
Because when you do translations like that, it just opens to more misinterpretations etc, or in other words: LOST IN TRANSLATION. LOLS!

So yeah, another OCD fact. Gosh, i'm so OCD i don't know to love or hate myself. What turf.

ps: So totally hate those mushroom hair. EWWWW!
I think ShinDong sported something similar before, but in his defence, it's nice on him. It's "just-nice". Not too jilat or anything!
And it's definitely not those overly act-cute "oh-look-at-me-nunas-i'm-so-cute-you-love-me-don't-you" type of style when it's on him, rather, just adorable! Unlike a few other younger stars who are currently sporting the same hairstyle, and for them it's just too cute until very over liao! Because they have baby face some more, so cuteness overload.
But it's not those "good" cuteness overload. No no no.
When i see those younger artists with such hair... i seriously want to puke (and i get bored of it after a few minutes) and want to slap them as well.

Oh yeah, i'm so fussy! Hah!~

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just because...

If i don't post it, the picture will go to "waste"!

Hmm, actually, maybe not so =D!

Do you know WHO is the "main focus" in the picture? XD

Intoxicated cat.

OI! That costs RM9.90 ok!!
Hehehe =P!

The Cat-nip and Matatabi are inside, thus the excitement!
I have to take back what i say before, it just depends on her mood whether or not she digs, er, the Cat-nip and Matatabi =D!

Anyways, the equation for today is:
A cat overdose on Cat-nip and Matatabi = Intoxicated cat.
Oh yeah, couldn't agree more XD!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do you believe in Horoscope?

Honestly, i don't like to read too much on horoscope, even though i'm very interested in it (how horoscope effects someone's personality and everything) because some is just completely off, while some is... you know...

But this one, wow, i wouldn't say it's "100% true", but i think it's kinda creepy how i find there *are* some facts in it... It's as if someone is helping me to express myself. Not all, but good enough!
I took around 15-30 minutes to read this, but i think it's worth it! Hmm... but maybe if i don't multi-task i can be quicker? Hehehe!

(ps: More like their brains are always changing, lols!)

>> >   >> >     笑>> >   >> >>> >
雙子們的笑永遠都是最單純的,無論什麼時候你都會看到一直都在笑的雙子,因為他們一直都只想把自己的快樂帶給別人,卻只把悲傷留給自己,你沒有看到過雙子 的眼淚是因為他從來不會在被人面前哭,當你看到雙子的眼淚的時候,那麼說明你是真的把他們的真心奪走了,因為雙子真的很需要一份值得的依靠,他會每時每刻 的在乎你的一切,他們很敏感的,會跟著你的快樂而快樂,跟著你的憂愁而憂愁,跟著你的改變而改變,但在你面前他們從來都是快樂的。
(ps: Nah, this one ma-ma nya. For starters, i always cry. Second, the highlighted phrase sounded more "noble" than it really is. Like what Harry told Ron (if you read HP!). I'm not that, it's more like i'm a "mirror", i reflect emotions =D!)

>> >   >> >     愛>> >    >> >>> >
一提到雙子的愛,一般人肯定都會說:>> >>> >雙子座的人最花心。可是是真的是這樣嗎?雙子和異性的關係好只是因為他們非同一般的親和力,而雙子的真心只有一個,當他找到的時候,他就會付出自 己的一切讓對方得到幸福,他要的不是他自己能和對方在一起,他要的是對方的幸福,和雙子在一起會感到很隨和,因為他會包容你的一切,你的一切優點和缺點, 和雙子在一起絕對不會覺得被鎖住,你只要做自己就好,因為雙子喜歡的就是真實的你,做作的人根本不會得到雙子的心。
(ps: Oh yeah, 13 boys! See it the way you want =D!)

>> >   >> >    堅強>> >   >> >>> >
有人說雙子很堅強,什麼都不在乎,是阿,表面的雙子確實很堅強,但是內心他們比任何人都脆弱,也許這也是風向星座的人的一個特性,決不會讓別人看到自己脆弱的一面,因為他們都是一個有一雙別人看不見翅膀的天使,天生就會給別人帶來快樂,雙子們的眼淚是透 明的,別人看不見,可是自己卻能看得很清楚這樣的透明的淚給自己開來雙倍的痛。
(ps: No lor, more like i have a very bad case of selective-amnesia. Hehe.)

>> >    >> >    人際>> >   >> >>> >
雙子們的人緣很好,因為他們懂得你什麼時候需要什麼樣的幫助,而且雙子們會根據不同的人有不同的交往方式,雙子很容易相信別人,所以經常會被欺 騙,可是在欺騙後他們仍然會輕輕的笑笑然後說:沒關係的,他騙我肯定會有原因。雙子從來不會知道後悔是什麼,因為他們時時刻刻都在為別人想,總會設身處 地,可是這樣別人根本就不知道,就是因為他幫助別人太多了,所以在他需要幫助的時候卻總是孤立無援,然後繼續的笑著,笑著找到一個角落,留下那顆透明的 淚。
(ps: True, but i've also learned that there'll always be someone for me when i needed them most... whether they like it or not (^^ )!)

>> >   >> >    朋友>> >    >> >>> >
當雙子的朋友真的很幸福哦!因為當你遇到什麼困難時,他會比你更著急,甚至會失去自己寶貴的東西也會幫助你,他會帶給你快樂幫你分擔憂愁,可是你 卻看不到他的孤獨和無助,當雙子看到你不高興的時候,無論這時他有多麼的鬱悶,他也會立刻露出最真實的笑容來幫助你。
(ps: Hah! Don't take me for granted, or i will too! Lols!)

>> >   >> >    執著>> >     >> >>> >
說雙子善變,那隻是片面之詞,對於雙子真正喜歡的東西,它是會執著的讓人害怕的,就是因為內心太像小孩子太單純,所以對於他們真正喜歡的東西,他 們是根本就不知道放棄是什麼的,除非是他們自己發現這個東西不值得,否則他們是絕對不會放棄的,只要是他們肯定的,他們就會有超出別人很多的堅持和執著。

>> >   >> >    自尊>> >     >> >>> >
雙子的自尊很重要,對於他們最重要的恐怕就是這個了,他們懂得原諒,無數次的去試著原諒,就算別人讓自己千瘡百孔,他們也會無條件的有自己的寬 容,有自己的原則和原諒,就是因為他們的自尊,他們的自尊心讓他們相信這個世界永遠都是最美的,因為他們的自尊不允許自己放棄這個世界。

>> >    >> >   分享>> >     >> >>> >
在雙子的世界裡沒有分享,只有是你的或者是我的,他們不會把一樣東西去和別人分享,因為他們認為這樣對那樣東西是不公平的,因為他在乎每一個人每 一樣東西的感覺,只要他認為這件東西是自己可以割捨的,他絕對會無條件的退出,去成全別人,對於欺騙過他們的戀人,他會選擇原諒,但絕對不會再和他們在一 起,因為他懂得這樣不值得

>> > >> >>> > 雙子座的人真的很可愛,真的很需要人的保護和安慰,他們不會放棄世界,卻會放棄自己,去成全別人,他們懂得原諒和理解,無論這一秒他有多討厭一個 人,下一秒看到那個人脆弱的一面,他還是會去無條件地幫助他,真的很傻吧?但是傻的好可愛,好讓人心疼,痛過以後,他們依然會笑著面對以後未知的路,繼續 原諒,繼續理解,繼續快樂,繼續的傻著,改變雙子真的很難吧?因為他們的心都是金剛石作的,但不是說他們無情,他們的執著只是針對自己的,那麼孤傲的一個 人,也只是針對自己,因為他們不知道怎麼表達自己的內心,所以他們選擇了沉默。 >> >
(Last line a bit off, it's actually more like i don't know how to express myself properly, so i choose to make a lot of noise on other matters, HAHAHA!)
Ok, i just contradicted myself in the replies. Not the first time.
This is why Geminis are Twins see; they are not "scary" per se, they are just difficult (and very fussy!)!!

But honestly, don't read this then go around like "This is you! You should be like this!" etc. Like the first phrase said, Gemini changes easily (but not exactly because of the world, rather the brain is just especially hyperactive... and maybe also because of the "Twin" contradiction part... ok, don't mind me, lols!!). One minute they may be like this, who knows the next? Personally, i don't like to "cast things into stone", because i know i change quickly.
Put it short, it's just: judge me, define me, come to conclusions on me... and i may surprise you. (Not in a bad "HAHA i'm out to get you *cue evil laugh*" type of "surprise", but just i may do something which you did not expect me to do in the first place, so don't say i didn't warn you =D!)

Besides, why go around judging a Gemini, or telling them what type of person they are? Because that might be the last thing you do =P! (Ok, now i sounded scary ㅋㅋㅋ!)

ps: Ok, OCD acting up.
The whole thing was actually in Simplified Chinese... but because i've always prefer Traditional Chinese (and because i started with Traditional Chinese too), and it looks a lot nicer, so...

pps: One thing why i don't like writing all this kinda stuffs, is because i know there are people who read some, interpret it their own way, then go along thinking "Oh it's this way..." without bothering to clear up the misunderstanding. To simplify, they'll just judge me further... etc etc...
But oh well, can't win them all =D!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Stitch ガチャポン

It's no secret how much i adore Stitch!

There's just something about this blue furry alien from space that i super love =)!
(Maybe it's because of everything that it's made off that i love (^^ )!)

Anyways (oh gosh, i should've been a better "Blogger", and taken pics of everything honestly. Then again, i don't consider myself a Blogger, so... oh well =P!), when i was in Korea, i happen to chance upon this super amazing gacha-pon machine which gives out Stitch in different styles according to the 12 horoscope signs!

Super bloody adorable.
Can't help but to try my luck!

And... well... i, er... ended up spending a considerable amount of money on it. Not an amount i would choose to er... make public with... but anyways...
I definitely wanted my birth sign, Gemini!! Or at least, any of the boys horoscope would be fine with me! I'm not that picky, i have 13 boys =D!
But. Obviously.

None of which are Gemini (ㅠ.ㅠ)...
Well, at least i got Scorpio, which is Pig's sign. So i gave it to her, because she likes Stitch too =D!

This is what i told her:
"Oh darling, it's a sign of destiny that i got Scorpio you know, it's like fate! You're destined to have it, that's why i got Scorpio, and it's for you =D!"
"The only Scorpio you know is me right?"
"......... ok fine, yes."
HAHAHA! Ok, i'm so drama, get use to it =D!
(But coincidentally, every time Pig plays with the gacha-pon machine, she will mostly always gets Gemini. So yeah, it is fated =D!

Then i proceeded to complain about the bloody machine.
"I have 13 boys, and there's 12 signs... but i manage to get ALL the other signs none of which the boys were!!"
(Well, not exactly true, i got Aquarius, which KyuHyun and HanGeng are, and Libra, which is DongHae... but that's not the point, i was being dramatic.)

Gemini is an AIR sign. The other two signs under AIR are Libra and Aquarius...
Such a FML moment honestly.
It didn't help that Gemini is so absolutely adorably cute ok (ㅠ.ㅠ)!!
*scratches head*

ps: So FML.
I googled, out of a sudden desperation urge that i *must* have the Gemini Stitch! And i found a site which sells it =D!
But bloody hell... the Gemini OUT-OF-STOCK.
Seriously... FML.

pps: What turf.
I know Gemini is like THE BEST SIGN TO BE BORN UNDER... but SERIOUSLY!!


Lyric : 카니발 (Carnival)
Written by : 강인
Artist: 슈퍼주니어 Super Junior

[성민] 널 위해 준비한 오늘
I have prepared things for you today.

찝찝했던 일들 다 지워버려
Wipe out all that makes you feel bitter.

[규현] 행복한 기억들로 너의 맘 가득 채우고싶어
With a happy memory, I want to fulfill your heart.

Woo Oh ~

[동해] 눈을 감고 내 손을 꼭 잡아
Close your eyes. Securely hold my hand.

[려욱] 날 따라와 날 믿어봐
Follow me and trust me.

*[단체] 푸른빛 바다와 백사장
Bright blue marine and white lustrous sand.

따뜻한 햇살 코코넛 아일랜드
Warm sunlight and Coconut Island

([한경] 더 눈이 부신건 (워오~) 너의 미소야)
Dazzling even more (Woo Oh ~) It’s your smile.

Summer 카니발
Summer Carnival

오에오 오에오 넌 나의 해야
Oh ae Oh Oh ae Oh. You are my sun !

[려욱] 처음이야 이런 달콤한 느낌
This is the first time. Such a sweet feeling.

내 심장 콩닥 콩닥 I want kiss kiss kiss
Fluttering, my heart tremble. I want kiss kiss kiss.

[강인] 달콤한 기억들로 내가 너의 맘 가득 채우고싶어
With a sweet memory, I want to fulfill your heart

Woo Oh ~

[시원] 눈을 감고 내 손을 꼭 잡아
Close your eyes , Securely hold my hand.

[예성] 날 따라와 날 믿어봐
Follow me and trust me .

*[단체] 푸른빛 바다와 백사장
Bright blue marine and white lustrous sand.

따뜻한 햇살 코코넛 아일랜드
Warm sunlight and Coconut Island

([예성] 더 눈이 부신건(워오~) 너의 미소야)
Dazzling even more (Woo Oh ~) It’s your smile.

Summer 카니발
Summer Carnival

오에오 오에오 넌 나의 해야
Oh ae Oh Oh ae Oh. You are my sun !

[규현] Summer 카니발
Summer Carnival

오에오 오에오 넌 나의 해야
Oh ae Oh Oh ae Oh. You are my sun!

[은혁] Uh, 사실은 말이야 나 멋진 말이야
Actually, I’m a wonderful man

([려욱]오에오… 에오..넌 나)
(Oh ae Oh … ae Oh You and me )

나도 생각 나지 않을 만큼 말이야
Me, too. I don’t think there’s many things to say.

([신동]널 그만큼만큼? 넗은만큼만큼?)
For you, that’s greater greater. It gets greater and greater for you.

성큼성큼 커져가는 내 사랑 Love you girl
Step ahead, my love becomes greater. Love you girl

너는 햇살처럼 눈이 부셔
You are just like the dazzling sun.

나는 파도 같이 거침 없어
I’m as if the common wave.

우리 앞에 미랜 바다처럼 넓고 끝이 없어
In front of us, it’s like never-ending conflict.

*[단체] 카니발
[All] Carnival

푸른빛 바다와 백사장
Bright blue marine and white lustrous sand.

따뜻한 햇살 코코넛 아일랜드
Warm sunlight and Coconut Island

([이특] 더 눈이 부신건(워오~) 너의 미소야)
Dazzling even more (Woo Oh ~) It’s your smile.

Summer Carnival

[은혁] Say 오에요 즐겨봐 이 노래로 Uh, Uh
Say Oh ae Oh and enjoy with this song Uh, Uh

Like this Like that in my head
Like this Like that in my head

Say 이밤의 추억은 이곳에 묻을게
Say asking for tonight’s memories right here.

[신동] 아일랜드 정말 (난 너무 널 보면)
It’s the Island, really! (when I gaze on you so much.)

설레 우리 바로 여기에 이 (추억)
Thrill at you, we are just right here. (Recall)

그대 나를 나를 믿고 Follow Follow me
You, trust me! Follow Follow me

One Two Three Go!
One Two Three Go!

[려욱] 카니발~

오에오 오에오 넌 나의 해야
Oh ae Oh Oh ae Oh. You are my sun!

Summer 카니발
Summer Carnival

오에오 오에오 넌 나의 해야
Oh ae Oh Oh ae Oh. You are my sun!

오에오 오에오 넌 나의 해야
Oh ae Oh Oh ae Oh. You are my sun!

Credit lyric :
Translate into English by fa_sai 하늘~
Please take out with FULL CREDIT !!!


It's not wrong to cry, even though it's such a happy song, because it makes me wish it was a month ago now.
The lyrics are so beautiful, because it's most of everything which i love most.
And at the time when i was missing GC for it's white soft sand, blue sea and sky, ㅋㅋㅋ!

고마워 (^^ )!

More RTs.

Gosh, amandabynes really does post loads of quotes!
But it's ok, because i really like some of 'em (^^ )!

You are not other people's opinions of you. You are what YOU choose to be. Affirm: I am who I am, that is that.

"My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me." Henry Ford

"God invented the delete button 4 a reason. Nothing is permanent, everything changes, the choice is yours how you want 2 go about it."

Ah, i miss Australia.
LOLS, that was random =P!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Because we heart musicals!

AhJung and i both adore musicals!

Isn't it awesome?
You know what our answers would be (^^ )!

Credit: Thanks to Amane for sharing the vid!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

How Cats Display Affection

Felines often use subtle techniques to display affection; these signals can be missed by an inexperienced owner. Here are the most common signs.

Blinking: Cats usually meet strangers and potential adversaries (feline, human, and otherwise) with an unblinking, unflinching stare. In the cat world, the ultimate gesture of trust and acceptance is for one model to close its eyes in the company of another. A feline that greets its owner's presence with long, unconcerned blinks or languid, half-closed eyes is signaling deep trust.

Grooming: The fact that your cat allows you to groom it signifies a deep level of trust and acceptance. In the wild, cats employ mutual grooming as a stress-relieving and relationship-building gesture. Sometimes a particularly demonstrative cat will groom its human owner.

Head Rubbing: Cats' faces contain scent glands that they use to mark their territory. When a cat rubs its face determinedly against its owner, it is both displaying affection and "marking" that person as its exclusive property.

Kneading: Rhythmically pressing its front paws against its owner recreates the "milk tread" kittens use during nursing to stimulate milk flow from their mother.

Stomach Display: Occasionally a feline may roll over and show its stomach to you. Revealing its soft underbelly is as profound a gesture of trust as any feline can provide. Remember, however, that this is not necessarily an invitation for you to scratch its stomach. Indeed, doing so may cause the cat to switch rapidly into defense mode.

- From Catster.

Am feeling very loved now (^^ )!

Laziness brought to another level?

MPH has this Clearance Sales, and the Pilot pens are on sale... so i bought some G2 pens of different colours because i'm a sucker for pretty colours and discounts.

Well, the main reason for the purchase... even though i already have "still-working" coloured pens in my pencil case...
Because i very lazy to remove the cap.
What turf. Laziness brought to another level really!!

This one just "click", tada! Hehehe!
But to justify, the laziness is only for pens which i frequently have to use, and it's such a hassle having to remove the cover ok! Some more the slight "panic" it may cause when you want to recap it, but couldn't find it!! (OCD speaking, because will not rest till i cap the pen, then would waste time liao etc.)
Furthermore, you don't usually use "coloured pens" to write right?? It's just to make short additional pretty colours notes, so honestly, "click" ones are a lot faster and convenient!

Ok, making excuses for wasting money =P!

BTW, just remembered something silly which happened that day. While i was buying my Pilot G2 pens, the lady dropped one while packing the pens. I didn't mind, so i didn't say anything... but maybe my face looked alerted or something, but anyways, she looked sorry(?) and then hastily added, "You can buy and change the refill inside."
I looked back at her weirdly and say, "Ok, thanks," hastily adding a smile in return.

Because seriously, DUH, of course Pilot G2 can refill lar! Otherwise why i buy G2 for?
(Ok, i'm being mean lar, maybe she just thought i looked like a bimbo or something.)

Another thing is, most would know that G2 gel-pens are freaking sensitive, and may cease to produce ink if you ever dropped in (in other words, die liao)... but seriously lar...
If you had the nerve to tell me "can change ink", might as well you just change a new one for me right (= =")??

Blah blah blah, can find a dozen contradictions etc etc in this, but case in point, i still a bit the "char" at that moment! Hehe!

Renewed views on Boys' Generation.

You know how when you know some people a lot better, you change your opinion etc on them?
This is how i felt after watching Gee again, after getting to know the 2pm members better!
Nichkhun: "What am i doing here (ㅠvㅠ )??"
Taec: "Yeah XD XD XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~"
JayBum: "Oh yeah, i'm Park JayBum!!"

But the best is still JoKwon, as quoting Cam-ssica.
Cam-ssica: "JoKwon is gay!"

Couldn't put it better than me =D! Hehe =P!

ps: HAHAHA, JUST KIDDING! Ok, we may have our "theory" and everything, but whatever, it's just a sorta inside-joke (ok, maybe not that inside now!).

pps: And i'm not being bias or anything bla-bla, but am so proud my boys are the manliest!~ ㅋㅋㅋ

My Cat Her Royal Highness.

Bro's friend came over, so i carried my HRH Princess Kim HeeChul while they coo over her (the girls lar, the guys just praised how cute she is etc), because if not, she would just run away. LOLS!
Initially she was a bit grumpy i was carrying her, then complained when they petted her love handles (hehehe!), but when they stopped and petted her head, talk a bit to her, and praised how cute she was and everything, she calmed down and actually let me carry her a good few minutes with no fuss!

After they were done, i let her down and wanted to go downstairs to get her snacks for her, when she chased after me with (very) light attempts to bite and slap my ankle!!

I was suspecting, if they didn't actually praise and make a big fuss over her so much, my legs would probably be severed by her the minute i let her down, HEHEHE!

She's such a ROYAL!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I twit! And i follow the Twits (Tweets?) of a number of my favourite celebrities!
Some of them are truly hilarious! I heart David Henrie, his funny! While Joe Jonas... er... is a wee bit er... emo... There's also Taylor Swift etc etc!

One of them is @amandabynes! I really like her after watching her in "What a Girl Wants", because she's not those "fake stars", but rather, quite real and down-to-earth and serious about her work.

Anyways, just now she posted a few Twits of quotes which i really like. Was going to RT it, but if i were to RT in my Twit it would be rather long... so posting it here instead!
I got it all out from her Twits btw, follow her here =)!

"True freedom comes from within and is a choice to be who you really are. Nobody can give or take away this freedom but you." - Mastin Kipp

"Don't take anything personally. Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves." - Don Miguel Ruiz

"Don't settle for a relationship that won't let you be yourself." - Oprah Winfrey

U are always living a reflection of whatever U are outputting. Nothing ever happens to U that is not part of your vibration! - Esther Hicks

"It's a great day to look at your life and get rid of anything that doesnt serve you anymore. Die to the old to be reborn to the new." -MH

Twitting's awesome!
But i realize i Twit a freaking lot, and Blogging a whole lot less!
It's like... OMG i think i'm replacing Blogging by Twitting? Surely not?


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What if.


Imagine if the world is so...
And after Super Junior perform, we have to kiss all 13 of them, instead of having to buy a ticket, ㅋㅋㅋ!

But WAIT!!
What if we have to kiss LEE SOOMAN instead???
(Ok Cam-ssica, we leave that to you ok?? ㅋㅋㅋ!)

Absolutely my favourite commercial.

Some of my opinions on ads i've watched in the cinema =D!

I heart is so much, it still makes me laugh even after watching it a gazillionth times!

I heart it so much (and has watched it so many times), that do you realize what the ladies did is exactly what the mans did? Except that the mans is so much more funnier, especially the one in light blue (blonde curly hair)!
His expression is SO PRICELESS, that Citibank (is it?) and Heineken should collaborate and do an ad together, rofl!

On the other hand...

This ad is starting to annoy me. (maybe because Heineken's so funny?)
(But salute to Arthur Guinness! I don't drink alcohol, but i take Guinness =P!)

And sorry man.

But this ad so totally sucks. They could've done better.

And also this dandruff commercial. I think it's "Clear"? I'm so thankful they stop showing it, because seriously... OMG!!

Hello BoyBoy.

How are you?

I miss you so so so so so much!
So many things had happened that i wanted to tell you, but i expect you already know yeah?

You know, sometimes i curse the day my hard disk died.
Because it contained so many beautiful pics of you and Girl Girl. Beautiful pics which are valuable, irreplaceable and priceless. From the first day till then.
But it's ok, because i know where all the happy memories are =)!

Some people might laugh when they read this, but let's not blame them. Everyone is different, nobody would truly understand how special you are to me. To everyone, you're just another pet. But to me, there's only one you.

Ah, there's so many things i want to write here, but i just couldn't put myself to put it in to words. Oh well! At least i know how i really felt! Sometimes you don't need to express stuffs out yah?

I'm still coping now, but i'll do fine! Still learning how to deal with departures, but hmm... i think i've progressed =D! It just won't do to avoid unpleasant stuffs right?

Everyone at home miss you so much.
But don't worry, we're all doing a-ok~! We're strong yo!

Love you Boy!~ (^^ )

Monday, August 10, 2009

A "FYL" moment.

Today i went to watch "Kungfu Tootsie" (bloody movie, wasted my RM7. Luckily i have enough sense to leave and watch Harry Potter (again) instead) alone, and when i bought my ticket, NO OTHER SEATS WERE TAKEN!! I was like, "OMG! I'll be the only one in the whole cinema!!"
It was still ok... then when it was time, and i entered the cinema, IT REALLY WAS ONLY ME! And the lights were dimmed the minute i enter ok!! It's like i was the one who brought darkness upon the cinema what turf!

But admitedly, it was all fine and dandy (initially quite scary... how if suddenly got someone talk to me from behind?) having the WHOLE cinema to yourself! In fact, i got so comfortable and "at home", i just proceeded to call someone and talk aloud in the cinema, not needing to worry about disturbing anyone else! Awesome isn't it?

Then, upon hanging up my phone, they showed the following trailer.


ps: 15 minutes into the movie, a couple came in. There goes my "plan" of having the cinema all to myself! And i have to "Silent" my phone too! Bollocks!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Laughing to myself in the subway.

Another backdated one! This one has no pics!

Ok, i guess i'll have to take back what i say about Korean subway.
True, i still hate transferring, but when you *don't* have to transfer, it's one of the best experience in life ever =D!
Oh yes, and you have to have a seat, especially if you need it, otherwise you won't enjoy it, lols!

Just now (27th July 2009), i met this really funny dude in the subway, that i completely forget to bawl (well, you know...)!
His friend and him were seated opposite me, and he have long hair (like, just below the ear, which curls out slightly at the tip (like omega hairstyle you know), and he wears red glasses. He was holding his handphone in his hand, when he felt sleepy so he bend down and sleep, like hmm... some way lar, i don't know how to describe it!
Anyways, i think he fell asleep that he dropped his phone onto the floor, AND DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE IT TILL HIS FRIEND NUDGED HIM!
He woke up with a jump, and pick up his phone before going back to sleep.
I'm sorry, but i seriously almost LOL when i saw what happen, till i reminded myself they are probably looking at me too, so i busy myself with my iPod.

Then, suddenly, he got up (sleepy look and everything), nudge his friend (next to him) and just sprawl over and sleep on his friend's lap!!
I don't know if his gay or not, BUT KOREAN GUYS ARE TOUCHY (among close friends), so it's probably not a very weird thing to do in Korea (sleeping on your friend's lap in public etc).

I'm thankful to be a Malaysian at that very moment. We live in a multi-cultural society, that personally, i feel i'm more open to how other cultures are and quickly understand and accept it.
Since i already knew some of Korean's culture, i accepted that it's a "normal" thing to do in Korea. However, if i were to be ignorant, i would probably think that guy is gay.

But anyways, that's not funny, but rather, the part when that guy woke up!! His friend wakes him up because they had reach their stop, and he got up with blurry eyes and immediately started fixing his hair!
And he looked really funny ok, i actually smiled openly and quickly muffle it by taking out my handphone and pretending i got a message (actually i did receive a message before, and was crying when i read it, kekeke!)! When ngam ngam another message came, and die lar, i cried out (ㅠ.ㅠ)... luckily they left liao.

And another funny thing to note was their friends! He looks like Sakuragi Hanamichi (but he was seated at another side with his girlfriend)!!
NaZi and i were (hehe) both giggling at his hairstyle when we first saw him at the station (before we parted), and laughed out loud when i forgotten the name Sakuragi, and said Kimura Takuya instead!
And which she say Fujiwara Takumi!!
Both also got confused! It was funny! Finally only we remember "Sakuragi Hanamichi"!

Overall, Korean subway is a freaking good experience! It's boring, yes, but every now and then, there'll always be something which captures your attention =D!
OMG i miss NaZi now!! BAH!!!

I'm home!

Super backdated post. Written when i got back from Australia few months back =P!

A lot of people asked me what was my cat's reaction when i got home (er, actually no, just my cousin =P!), and i can tell you it was hilarious!
To me at least it was (^^ )!

This is the first time i was away from Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul for so long, that i was actually wondering how would her reaction be when i got home.
Would she "scold" or "nag" me non stop? ("Why are you away for so long?")
Total ignorance ("You ignored me so i'm ignoring you now.")
Happy that i'm back? ("I miss you~~~~~~!")
Or... well... i hope this never happen but...
"Oh, you were away?"
(= =")... knowing HeeChul, that's a possibility.

So after an 8 hour flight, 2 hours in the airport, 1 hour journey from the airport, 30 minutes breakfast and another 15 minutes to get home (lols!), i was so excited to be home!
Before we reached, i was half hoping HeeChul would be waiting at the door (something about how pets would know when their owner are coming home or something like that), but she wasn't.
... ok, fine!

I then got out from the car and started yelling, "HeeChul, HeeChul", but still no sign of the fat thing!
Isn't she happy i'm finally home?

So i got in, and i saw her at the patio, looking at me.
Probably wondering "Who is that person? Why is she calling me?"
Or more likely, "What turf. You're the one who left me and now you want me to come to you?"
I was walking to her, but of course i have to greet my Grandma first! Was talking to her when HeeChul suddenly walked to me and started meowing aloud.
Either is:
"OMG YOU'RE HOME!" (because she finally realize it was me, and not anyone else)
or "Hey you, shouldn't you come to ME first?"

"I'm BACK!!" i told her, and carried her and sayang her abit... and...
She totally ignored me (= =").
Like seriously. She wouldn't even look at me, what turf!!

I went to get some treats to feed her (she still remember all the tricks i taught her), and she was back to normal, lols! How quick!
Then, HeeChul went outside to play (i think), so i went upstairs to unpack my bags when she suddenly run upstairs and started meowing non-stop outside my room door, until i open the door to let her in!
How adorable can she get XD!!

She proceeded to sleep at my window sill, something which i think she hasn't done for a long time, that i think she misses it. She looks contended sleeping there! And i give her more treats which i bought from Australia, and she "forgive" me soon after
Yes, she loves her treats!

That said, i discovered something foul-smelling when i first entered my room, after so long.
I *thought* it was because nobody was in the room... until i saw... "this".
(Please look away if your stomach cannot take what you're about to see below.)

Yes, the "present" for me because i was away for so long, what turf!
AND ON MY RUG!! (don't worry, it's washed now!)

Oh well, i guess i do deserve it to some extend, but still! BAH!
But oh well, it's ok, because i'm home Baby (^^ )!

"Yes yes, stop disturbing me!!"
Oh yeah, she's such a Princess! ㅋㅋㅋ

One thing about being me.

Personally, as a Malaysian, since we're multi-cultural and everything, i somehow always feel that we're more "open" and can easily accept different cultures etc (of course, am stereotyping. Can come up with list of people who aren't so, kekeke!).

That is from what i see anyways. I find Malaysians are very into Asian and "International" (or Western) stuffs as well, aren't we? Whether in terms of fashion, entertainment etc.

We're a variety =D!

Anyways, why i'm writing this... well, was watching Misuda the other day, and they were talking about the different views on MEN between Korean girls and the Misuda ladies. Like their views on bald men, guys with moustaches etc.
I find that i linger somewhere in between! Some i agree with the "Korean side", and some the "Misuda" side!

One one of their "topic"(?) was their view on guys in skinny jeans (and pink shirt, but i'm leaving that out lar, main point are about the skinny jeans!)!

Ok, i actually don't exactly like their pants, but this pic will do!

Personally, i find guys in skinny jeans HOT! Or rather, very stylish!
But mind, the skinny i meant are not those "tight-tight" skinny, just "ngam-ngam" tight those type, you know. Gosh i'm picky.
But apparently, not a lot of girls like guys in skinny, they think it's gay (or at least, the Misuda girls thinks so... sorta)! What do you think?

Ooh, and also, apparently a lot of girls (even in Malaysia) don't like it if their guys take longer than them to get ready before going out!!

I don't know, i guess i won't like it if he takes ages to get ready and is always running late (lol, to myself: hypocrite much?)! But personally, as long it's not like "i'm-already-a-hundred-years-old" that kinda long, it's ok isn't it?
I like guys who actually bothers to take care of their appearance, and especially when it comes to hygiene!! Some guys (and even some girls) think it's sissy to do so (to be hygienic), but i think it's a way to show respect to yourself, and also to the person you'll be meeting! To look presentable, good, clean etc, isn't it?
And also because i'm an OCD.
So... yeah.
(ps: I'm so the biggest contradicting, full of irony hypocrite in the world! Bah! XD)

I remember when watching LOTR, the reason why i prefer Legolas so much more as compared to the rest is because... well... he looked like he bothered to shower (=v=")... the rest looked kinda er... yeah, hehehe!

So there you have it!
What do you think? Guys whose Zac Efron-ish or what??

Do i attract "weird people" or something?

Ok, maybe it's not exactly "weird", but when i'm out shopping alone, i usually really don't like to be approached by strangers (people who i 100% don't know). I actually loath it so much, i would give you a stare so evil babies would cry being in it's 100km radius.

Ok, so drama. But i love being drama so it's ok =P!

But seriously, i don't like being approached by strangers, be it sales person, "charity" (don't believe in those "approach" charity, especially when you're eating!!), bla bla when i'm out alone!

So anyways, here's what happen.
Was at the post office in OU (should've listened to my iPod!! Guarantee nobody come near you!), when suddenly i was approached by this smartly dressed woman. I think she was standing outside the post office around the time when i entered. Anyways, she introduced herself, asked where i'm from studying or not bla bla, and then she asked me if i know anyone who want to gain weight then lose it!

Naturally, i was a bit shocked by what she said. I mean, which idiot would want to gain weight and lose weight weight? (anyways somewhere in the back of my mind was wondering if lose weight nya for FREE i guess i wouldn't mind hehehe) But i think, and the first person which comes to my mind was LeggyPoo, then again, she vouches to be underweight, so i cross her out and said NO.
Then *can't remember what happen* but she went on to ask me to contact her should i know anyone who wants to do so... and asked if i know where some condo is. I know, and she said tonight (well, yesterday night anyways) they will be having some party to test some health shakes(?) or something, and ask me to try make it if i can (like yeah i would go what turf).

I thought she would leave after that, but she came back and asked for my FB add (told her i don't use FB that often), or if i use MSN (nope, Yahoo! Messenger. I can sense i'm becoming DongHae (cue the nick HeeChul gave him.)).
Then, she asked if there is any way she could "keep in touch" with me. I so wanted to say no! But i thought it would be impolite (bloody booger, like she knows me lar! I should've just be rude =P!) so i just give her the email to my FB, and said although i don't use it often, if she message me there i can receive it, so... yeah.
Note to self: Be quick thinking and give fake email addresses next time this kinda situation happens.
I stupidly give her my real one (= ="). I hope she never emails me. It's just all very weird to me honestly!

Ooh, and these were the thought that go through my head when she was talking to me.
"What turf, i'm trying to mail a letter, GO AWAY! STOP TALKING TO ME!"
"I want to SUE! She's intruding into my own personal space! I'm going to call Cheryl now!"
"Is she going to spray something onto my face, where i'll faint and she'll proceed to rob me and everything? OMG i'm so drama, and i'm at the post office."
"Quick, think of a way to get rid of her!"
"Bla-bla-bla, LET ME GO!! I have a movie to catch!"

To be fair, i guess the whole thing wasn't *that* weird... except the part when she invited me to the "party" (who knows if it's actually real or not? And if it's safe! Weird much?), and wanted to "keep in touch"... eeeeeeeeeee!

So seriously, do i look like an open invitation to weird stuffs? Or i just look dumb that it seemed easy to con me or something something?

I'm so bringing along a baseball bat the next time i go out alone. And glue my iPod to myself. Bah!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Blogger Roadblock.

Every now and then, you came across what i would like to call, "Blogger Roadblock", where you don't know what to write you just leave your Blog idle for a few days.
Not that i'm much of a Blogger to begin with, but still!
Then when it's over, you get "Blogger with a Diarrhea" (not the best "comparison", but it works) where it's possible to come up with 10 posts or so in like... a day or something, lols!

I don't think i have much to Blog these days. I don't know if Twitter played a huge part in causing this (Follow me on _eikochan) because honestly, sometimes it's just so much easier summarizing everything into one small bite size piece and tada!

Either ways, i think i have to get my butt to blog some good stuff soon, otherwise i should just close down this Blog lar seriously.

Ooh, and i just realized my Blog is one month past it's 5th Year Anniversary. Awesome! Happy 5th Birthday (^^ )!
Wow, we've come together for such a long time, it's just awesome possum kangaroos and wallabies!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

How adorable can you get?

I was out the whole day (from round 1pm-ish?), and when i got home (round 11pm-ish), HeeChul came running to me, and loudly MEOWED in a high-pitched voice to get my attention. It's also her way of "scolding" me ("Why were you out so late? Why did you leave me alone?").

Of course, feeling guilty, i apologized by saying "Sorry sorry..." (no wonder the boys 3rd album is called "SORRY, SORRY", because apparently it's one of the words i say most to HeeChul. How ironic can this be?), and she was telling me (well, more like showing to me, body language) to follow her, so i did.

I followed her into the kitchen. She was purring all the way as we walked there. Initially i thought it's because she wanted me to accompany her when she eats her biscuits (yes, she is a Princess!), but when i stood near her food bowl, she walks off and went behind the kitchen's island. I followed and saw the plate she uses to eat her canned wet food there. She give me another small meow and stood next to the plate, still purring and looking at me with a misty expression.

You know what she wants!

It's her way of telling me to make up to her by giving her more canned wet food! OMG! Honestly, how adorable can you get? Hilarious XD!

Update on 4th August 2009:
Mom bought KFC for me for lunch and left it on the floor. Was playing with JungSu my phone so didn't bother with the lunch first, when HeeChul came running to me and MEOWED~~~ while sniffing the KFC, to show that she wants some!

I had to get my ass off and eat my lunch so as to feed her (i remove the skin and oily parts, only giving her the meat). I think i'm spoiling her a tad too much nya (= =")?