Wednesday, October 31, 2007

PPP: Gears

Just last month, i met up with this ex-classmate of mine who is an absolute military fanatic. Too bad i forgot to ask how his collections are recently, and if he had obtained anything new. I wonder if he has gotten the 5.11 Tactical Hawk Glasses which he had really wanted. If he hasn't, he should check out 5.11 Tactical Outdoors have the largest inventories of 5.11 Tactical pants, boots, shirts and gear. Their series creates superior products which enhances safety, accuracy, speed and performance which i'm sure would be able to satisfy his every needs.

I should kill myself.

I'm so Chinese i should be turned into a vampire by Josh Harnett's character in the movie 30 Days of Night, and then (don't highlight the next word if you don't want *spoilers*) turned into ashes like what happened to him...

Oh btw Josh Harnett is cute, but i like his side-view more, teeheehee!

I rarely like angmohs, however the times when i do like to see certain angmohs stars, their voice adds loads of bonus points to the factor.

Long story.

No lar, i would prefer to be turned into a vampire by Edison Chen's character Kazaf in The Twins Effect; his Royal, and i'm Royal too, what a purr-fect match =D!~

And because we're Royal, so we'll be much more beautiful as compared to the normal plain vampires ne ?

What am i saying now (= =")?

So anyways, just now i went to change my doodles pro, got some problems with the screen...
The lady had to go inside the store to get the colour i wanted. Then she came out with it and handed it to me, i thanked her, put it inside the plastic bag, and was about to leave when she asked me:
"Would you like the Barney CD?"

What? BARNEY CD? Why, in the world, would i want a "Barney CD"?
I absolutely loath the purple dinosaur. I don't know why, i just really hated it. Seeing it is as if i just met the monster from my closet or something.
I would rather meet Sully than Barney anytime!
Sully is big, fluffy and not annoying at all. Even Mike Wazowski is less annoying than the purple dinosaur.

So it would be very obvious what my answer would be right?

However, let me first explain the fact that i am Chinese, and whatever i'm about to do next is totally not control by my brain and myself, but rather, my Chinese side doing its job.

"Barney CD?" I asked in a manner of disbelief, however, you noticed i did not just refuse it?
Thats the Chinese side working i tell you, THE CHINESE SIDE!!
"Yeah," she open the cabinet and took the CD out. "We're giving it to customers who purchases our products," and she hands me the CD, completely oblivious to my stoned expression.

And instead of giving it back to her, i took the CD, smiled and thanked her again, and put it in my plastic bag and walked out of the store with the same stoned expression.

I just freaking took a Barney CD, OMG!!

I had "swear" in my life i would never ever let my kids watch Barney, ever, not even touch it or let it know of the purple dinosaur's existence! Barney annoys the life out of me!
However the split second when i was offered the CD from the lady, i have this thought, "I can always give it to my brother..."

My nephew/ niece shall not be harmed with the "i love you, you love me" CRAP.

I tell you, its the Chinese side's fault! BAH!!

Now its either i shall burn the CD, play it and get annoyed for an eternity, or give it to someone else...

But who knows, how if i play it and end up liking the CD...

Someone else better come kill me then (preferably the vampire as mentioned before, Royal!).

Oh yah, i like my nephew Ethan's PlaySchool concert DVD (^^ )!
(Psst, PlaySchool is a children's educational show!)

My nephew is 19 months =D!

I'm 19 too =D!!
... last year !~

I'm going to take his CD and hide it under my pillow so i can watch it whenever i want, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

So retarded (-┏)...

PPP: Its Halloween!

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My brother the hero!

Mwehehehehe, so from today onwards i pledge to stop calling my brother a certain nickname!

But the old one remains =P!


I always give funny nicknames to my brothers and expect them to lap it up because i'm their sister =P! Hahahahahahahahaha!~

But hey, thats what siblings do to each other!! Right?? No???


So anyways, what happened was, after Korean class, me and Auntie was about to go for some Korean dinner when the inevitable happened.

Car tyre pam-chet!!
(i really think its a Malaysian word, so however you spell it, you get the meaning can adee lar =P!)

I felt something was wrong when i started the car, but i ignored it until i heard some noises coming out from the left side of the car.
I initially thought it was the construction nearby... at 8.30pm...
But hey, once i went late at night the constructions are still on that time, so i wasn't surprise. I wanted to deny that the car really has problems too anyways (= =")...

Though the noises went down whenever i slowed down the car, so i asked Auntie, she too heard it, so we stopped the car by the road side to check.

She confirmed with me the tyre pam-chet, and worst, ITS FLAT ADEE!


So i did what i does best, considering the fact that 6 hours in Undang-Undang class taught me nothing...

Call mother and brother !
Mother never pick-up, so brother came to the rescue!

SuperBrother, weeeeee *flies through the sky*!~

Its a good thing mom couldn't pick-up too, otherwise she'll be very worried and all (that place isn't exactly safe). Bro came and helped me change the tyres, while still wearing his working attire XD!

Imagine a smart looking dude wearing long-sleeve shirt with trousers changing tyres! Teeheehee!

I feel incredibly useless; as explained, the 6 hours doing Undang-Undang serves only for the sole purpose of passing so i can get my driving license!
I just stood at one side looking at my brother changing tyres (= =")...

Bro met with some problems while trying to fit the tyres in, i did nothing to help and only made it worst =P!

While we my brother was trying to fit the tyres in, suddenly two Indian men came walking towards our direction.
I'm guessing they were the road repairs workers, because they wore those bright yellow vests. I was quite nervous when they were approaching actually, because they were holding a huge shovel!!
I fear they might whack us on the head and grabbed my bro's Disney Forever CD away or something!! OH NO!

But they put the shovel aside and offered to help fitting the tyres in!!
Actually, when bro stood up to wipe his sweat, they just took over!
Another Malay guy then came to see whats wrong (there's a Malay pasar malam across the road).
Here, i'm guessing he saw the two Indian men approaching us (with the shovel), and came to see if everything was ok. Seeing that he was actually helping us, he busybody a bit while checking since we don't need any help, he left soon.

But haha, very Malaysian that moment; three Chinese, two Indian and one Malay helping each other out when there's trouble (^^ )!

So anyways, after fixing the tyres, the two Indian men picked up their shovel, and left immediately even before we could thanked them!

Ah, random acts of kindness is really good ne =)!

I really appreciate their help, bless their kind soul for helping us out!~

So yeah, after we got back to our car, my bro even followed us for a short while to ensure the tyre is working fine before he drives off!

Thank God for my brother !!
I really wouldn't know what to do otherwise!

But typically me, i did not feel nervous at all (until my brother was fitting the tyres and the construction workers came walking pass us and see what we're doing... that was scary)! I in-fact wanted to laugh (= =")...

Now, i shall go attend the 6 hour Undang-Undang lessons again.

I mean... freakingishly useless lar stand there by the side (= =")...
If not for my brother, i would be as if hoping a mechanic would fall from the sky or something...

Ok lar, go get AAM telephone number standby best, teeheehee =P!
Still very useless, but better than nothing =P!

But still calling him by his old nickname, muahahahahahahahaa !~

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My 1000th post!

Sorta, if you count those entries i saved as drafts, unfinished entries etc !

Anyways, what better way to celebrate than...

Posting a picture of the crazy cat (^^ )!~

And the crazy owner who the crazy cat resembles...


I'm retarded !~

And you too !~

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ella - 蔷蔷

When i first heard this song on the radio, i recognized its Ella immediately.
As a fan of S.H.E., and especially Ella, its not difficult really.

Ella's a really nice and friendly person, that its impossible to dislike her.
I've met her twice during fan meetings, autographed sessions, and as an "ex-professional-star-chaser", i've met loads of artists through fan meetings before.
There are friendly ones, and even those to the point of disappointment how unfriendly they are, but Ella never fail to amazes me.

Twice i meet her, she treats me, everyone else too in fact, like a friend.
Like someone she knows personally, not just between an idol and a fan, and therefore, i like Ella most out of S.H.E., and also she remains my favourite artist of all-time. She's really nice!

So anyways, when i first heard that song, i wondered why only Ella sang while Hebe only did the harmonizing, but i didn't bother to check why.

It was only until a few nights ago, as i was about to sleep and i heard the song on radio. This time, i pay attention to the lyrics.

I knew Ella has a dog, a very cute dog.
While listening to the song, only did i realize her dog has probably went cross the Rainbow Bridge, and therefore she is writing a song to commemorate her baby.

I checked it out today, and i was right.
I also found the MV, and end up crying like mad while watching it!!

Ella's dog, QiangQiang, passed away this year June. She wrote this song in memory to her, and even released an EP, which all proceeds will go to the homeless animal's home.
(Read the whole story here, its in chinese.)

I a bit the lazy (and emotional now) to go through the whole thing again, so its best if you read it yourself; but anyways, i went really emotional while watching the MV and seeing QiangQiang's photos and all, because its always sad when an animal passed on. Especially one you knew of while they are still alive, whether or not you know them personally.

Times like this reminded me of when my rabbits died, especially my BoyBoy.
I miss him everyday, and hearing this songs apart from bringing tears to my eyes everytime, makes me misses him even more.

I also missed my stray cat 2.90. Although i do not know where she is now, i hope she's doing fine wherever she is now. I missed her so much as well.

This song also made me think of lots of stuffs; such as how can humans be so cruel and abandon their pet, how an animals' life are not as worthy as a humans, how cruel humans can be when they treat animals...

Loads of stuffs, but i won't go there. My emotions have a tendency to mix easily these days.

But there's just so many things i'm thinking right now.

A pet is a responsibility for a lifetime.
Not just for now, not just for a while.

So anyways, before i get myself more haywired, lets not go to how i feel, but rather what i'm going to do!
I'm going to buy the EP!
Although they say all proceeds will go to charity, and i'm not sure whether me buying it will help or not, but i do hope it will!
All the best to the homeless animals and hopefully they will find their true home one day (^^ )!

Ella giving all proceeds of the EP to the homeless animal's home makes me admire her even more!
Not a lot of artist does charity for animals you see, when animal charity too need as much help they could get. Plus the fact not everybody is willing to give to animal charity.

And the fact that what Ella said when she releases this EP (also at the end of the MV) makes everything even more touching.
She said there are lots of animals out there without owners now.
所以 我要收起我的思念和悲傷 我要把我對妳的愛 分送給牠們
So i want to keep my yearnings and sorrows (for QiangQiang). I want to use the love i gave you, and spread it to all of them.
Its just so touching (ㅠ.ㅠ)...
I cried again while i tried to listen to what she said at the end of the MV!

If you've been to animal shelters before, i'm sure you'll understand how i feel.
Its just hurts seeing all the animals there, all yearning for some love and care.

For the little care you give them - love and care, food and shelter - the love they give back to you is even more rewarding.

However, we continue to treat animals these way.

I do hope anyone who has abandoned or treated their pets without any proper sense of responsibility before will get my all-time famous lightning strikes.

If you read my Blog from before, you'll understand what i mean i'm sure.

All pets, all animals in fact, deserve a happy ending.

Be a responsible owner.

You may not be able to give your pets the best.

But the again, you are the best to them.

As long as you're with them, nothing else matters.

Oh yah, and be a kind person to other animals too lar, not only your pets!

And especially NOT only cute, furry animals!

Wildlife too deserves our care for their survival!

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SamSoon the Great.

I don't easily give people "the Great" title; i mean, that title like so reserved SPECIALLY for me only... eiko-sama the Great, like duh!~


But my dear SamSoon SO deserves this for what she did!

Do YOU know what she did? (of course you don't, what am i saying now (= =")?)

Well, last night, we went yumchar at Centrepoint. There's a drive-thru McD right next to it. Its also where i parked my car.

Before yumchar, just when we got out from the car, i dared her:
"If you dare to "walk-thru" at the drive-thru, i'll treat you to a McD value meal."

She declined, stating she need to "get the mood" first, so i get to save the RM8 for myself, but i was really "serious" with my offer!

Though then after yumchar, when we were about to enter the car, there was no car around the place. I looked cheekily at the order-tiang-thing at the drive-thru (the place where you order you food), and i asked her again:
"You dare to walk-thru and help me order a sundae cone?"

Note i DID NOT offer to give her anything in return!


Isn't she BRAVE?
I mean, she's doing it OUT OF FUN, not because she wanted me to buy her McDs!!
If she had really wanted me to buy her McDs, she could've reminded me of the "deal" we had earlier before she does so, BUT SHE DID NOT! She's doing this out of pure-fun!

I'm so proud of her! She's like, so geng!

Mind, i would be dead paiseh to do so, i probably needed loads of time to get my courage up! So i really admired her guts!

The order place was just a screen, however, the McD staffs can see us through the CCTV. When they noticed that SamSoon is WALKING, not with any other mode of transportation, they messed around at first, randomly saying silly stuffs and making noices through the speaker. They thought she was just joking!

However when she really placed her order, they took us seriously!
"Can i have an ice-cream? Sundae cone."
"Hello miss?"
"Yes, sundae cone please."

"Hello? Ya sayang?"
"Sundae cone."
"Sundae cone?"
"Jalan kaki ke?"
"Sila bayar di depan ya, ambil kat depan."

The staffs are a sporting and outgoing bunch, so they allowed us to "walk-thru" instead of "drive-thru", hahaha!
I was quite worried they would ask us to go inside and order through the counter, luckily they did not refuse our order.

But they are probably bored to death with their job anyways, so really, we're providing "entertainment" for them. They should thank us =P!

And there weren't really any "notices" that we can't "walk-thru" at the drive-thru right =P?

So anyways, after placing the order, we walked to the paying window, and upon reaching, the guys there (those who took the order too) started laughing and waving at the camera (i was recording) while SamSoon paid. Auntie even went forward to help with the spare changes!

After paying, we went to the next window , the guy who gave us the ice-cream was also giggling as he handed us the ice-cream!

The minute we gotten the ice-cream, MISSION SUCCESS XD!~

I would've posted the video, however, it would be showing the world how retarded and mad my laugh sounds like! And i wouldn't want to be captured back to TR =P!

Cuz throughout the whole video, you can hear my laugh LOUD AND CLEAR!

My laughter's already very loud, but seeing i'm the one recording, and therefore even nearer to the recording source, my laughter became superly magnified!

So yeah, i'm keeping the video for private-viewing purposes only!

If you really wanted to watch the video, ask SamSoon for it!
I may be the one who record the video, but she's the one with all the rights to the video, seeing she's the one with guts and agreed to do it while i record it!

Ah, in times like this while we do all those silly and stupid stuffs, i miss PrettyCousinKat!
She's also another crazy one who'll "go with the flow" and "ki siao" with us, just as long as we're doing it together!

And also, ah~! Another good video for good memories sake (^^ )! Yeah!~

PPP: Military/ Police Gear

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I have this classmate of mine who absolutely loves the special forces. To sum it up, his a military fanatic. I remember the last time we went to play paint ball, he was on cloud nine during the whole session. I know he also likes to collect military related gears. I wonder if he heard about before? I'm sure he'll go crazy if he finds out about their 5.11 Tactical Series. Apart from that, also offers a wide range of police and military gears, which i'm positive he will love so he could add more treasures to his already vast collection.


There are just SO MANY stuffs i wanted to blog about these days.

Loads of events came up, which i really really wanted to blog about...

But i didn't (= =")... because i'm Procrastinate Princess!

Everytime drag, drag, drag and finally... lazy to post (= =")...

I have loads of pictures i haven't edited, upload and post; loads of stories/ events i haven't come up to writing about, and i'm afraid if i don't Blog about it soon, i may forget about it! Gah!


Furthermore, i kept on dragging posting about my Super Junior 3rd album post because i'm currently waiting for something else...

Thats another story...

My sincerest apologies to everyone who might be waiting for some of the posts i said i would post but didn't.

My hugest sincerest most apologetic apologies to everyone who is waiting for my Super Junior posts. I thank YOU for anticipating my SuJu posts, and i assure you it will be up soon. My Super Junior senses are tingling madly after not writing about my beautiful 13 boys these past few days, bah!

I promise you my SuJu posts will be up soon! 우리 슈퍼주니~~ ~~~ 에요!!~~~~~

I promise one fine day i will not do anything else, but just sit down in front of the laptop, and go on a POSTING SPREE!

When that time comes, you better be prepared!
Its advisable you get yourself some popcorn, and maybe some comfy stuffs like your pillow or blanky to make yourself comfortable... because i'm so long-winded, its going to be a LONG, LONG DAY when i posts all those posts!

Its just so me; its either i very "rajin", and every time something comes up i immediately post about it...

Or either i procrastinate until don't know when, and when its all going to avalanche on me, i quickly finish doing all so it can avalanche on YOU instead!

Teeheehee, so mean !!

But so me =P!

I promise, loads of goodies coming up soon (^^ )!

Especially one i'm sure most will anticipate...

The October 7th "MALAYSIA Responsible Dog Ownership Day"!

I have loads of fun DOG-SIGHTING that day, ooh, I LOVE DOGS XD!~

I really enjoyed myself that day, i hope you'll enjoy reading about it too! Teeheehee!

Till then, i love you guys!~

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tag: 5 things...

Tagged by BiBi =D!
I love tags!
She tagged me kinda a long time ago, but typically me, i procrastinated =P! Teeheehee!~

5 things found in my bag..
- Purse
- mp3
- Super Junior schedule book
- Mirror
- Ultraman mini-fan

5 things found in my purse
- IC
- Driving license
- Members card
- Receipts
- Super Junior's picture

5 favourite things in my room...
- My bed
- My pillow and softtoys (all of 'em XD!~)
- My Super Junior stuffs
- My books
- My room =D!

5 things I've always wanted to do...
- Scuba-diving (i so always wanted to try this!) and sky-dive
- Stop everyone in this world from taking Shark's Fin Soup! Or at least people around me first =)!
- Do conservation works to protect all endangered animals in this world!
- Swim with the dolphins, and also with the Great Whites, but in a cage of course! This is something which i had really really REALLY wanted to do for a very very very long time adee!
- Super Junior =D!

5 things i'm currently into...
- Super Junior
- Ethan and PlaySchool (will blog about this soon XD!)
- Mahjong XD!~
- Speaking in another language!
- Super Junior XD!

I love big and thick books!

Ooh, i love books!

I especially love huge, thick books, those type which you can kill the person whom you throw the book at!

Its a good weapon nya? Don't look down at book worms? Hahaha!

I love reading, however, i'm also very fussy with the books i buy!

I want to ensure that i am 100% satisfy with the WHOLE STORY; even if i like the opening but hated the ending, i would feel its a book unworthy of my money!

There's loads of books which i really want to buy - i read the back and it seemed interesting - however, as mentioned above, so i usually end up not buying 'em!

I'm afraid i won't like the story, so no point buying in the first place and waste my money (which i could spend for something else)!

And oh yes, i definitely want discount with the books i buy! I can wait till sales just to get some books i want!

I'm also very fussy with the quality of the book!

No seriously, if i decided to buy a book, i can stand there for 5 minutes just to look for the purr-fect copy!

Sometimes if there isn't a purr-fect copy, and i know i can get the book with the same discounts at another place, i rather go to the other place. Its only in desperate situation will i just buy it!

Oh yes, don't forget the smell of the book!

Yeah, that too!

I love new books, it smells yummy XD!~

Sometimes i didn't want to bring certain books elsewhere because i didn't want the smell of the book to "change"!

The smell and feeling of the book matters a lot to me, ehem ehem, teeheehee!~

Yeah i know, random and retarded yah (= =")?

Actually there are loads more, but i shall leave it like this for now for fear of forever branded as retarded. Teehee!

Wait, wasn't i already branded that from the beginning (-┏)?

PPP: French beds

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Beds takes a very important part of our lives. We need to get a good sleep every night so we can wake up feeling fresh and alert, and are more healthy to go through our everyday lives. Although its important to select a good mattress, its also important to get a nice bed frame to match the decor of our room, so we feel good even by looking at the design. Do you know about French Beds? If you like to add to your room's decor a touch of classical and romantic feel, you should consider getting french beds. I also like how the french bed adds a touch of "royal" feeling into the room, like the Princess's room during medieval times.

I'm getting sick of Daniel Wu...

I used to be one of those girls who swoon over Daniel Wu everytime i see him!

However now... i'm getting sick of him!

Everywhere i go i see him!

Guardian @ OU, the tiang billboard thingy near Zouk, etc etc!

A bit the sickening; all the time same look, same stare and same smile!! Like he has only one look!

And i find him very a tad bit-ish of arrogant... bah, i don't know, i don't feel his a good guy lar overall!

But ahah, its maybe because i've found a "better Daniel"!



(No SamSoon, i'm NOT in any way "touching" Henney, but in fact, i'm complimenting him! So you should be happy and VERY PROUD =D!)

My girl SamSoon has good taste, people (^^ )!!

So anyways...

Daniel Henney is like 10 times way better than Daniel Wu!!

The more plus point is...


Very friendly dude!

And very funny, not to mention retarded XD!
His also a good actor, sexy voice, good singer, and he doesn't have those fakely accent, very friendly, funny, nice, polite and overall a great guy!

So far so good, i've never seen him with a black face before, nor have i heard anything bad about him before!

Everyone is literally singing praises of Henney!

Of course, i don't know him personally (i know him through SamSoon, lol!), but i've seen loads of variety shows of him, plus his movies, to base all my judgements on!

And he really is a good actor (^^ )!

So sorry Daniel Wu, Daniel Henney beat ya nice and through =D!

Or maybe its because i already have 13 beautiful boys !~

Image credits: Yahoo! Korea

PPP: Pleasure Beach

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My brother loves rollercoaster rides! No matter which Amusement Park we go to, he'll definitely head for the rollercoaster rides first. If we get a chance to go to Blackpool, i'm very sure he'll love the Pepsi Max Big One, Europe's tallest and fastest rollercoaster.

Located at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool has UK's oldest theme park, which is also one of UK's biggest tourist attractions. Apart from the Pepsi Max Big One, there's also the Infusion and Big Dipper, which are all world famous rides, and attracts 6 million visitors each year. The park also has over 125 rides, attractions and spectacular shows, so if you're going to England any time soon, do drop by Pleasure Beach at Blackpool for rides you'll never forget!

J.K. Rowling's revenge!

I'm sure most of us, especially Harry Potter fans, heard the news that Dumbledore is gay!

Whatever everyone's theories are, here's MY theory!

Although i started to read the book after watching the first movie, but at that time, the late Richard Harris is a WONDERFUL and BRILLIANT Dumbledore!

The Dumbledore i imagined while reading is someone old (of course), however, calm and wise. Just like how he had portrayed it for me!

Until Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

OMG, Michael Gambon may be a good actor...


I mean, Dumbledore don't just go and strangle his students just to get an explanation right!! Totally ruined everyone's impression on Dumbledore ok?

Even if you don't read the book, its very obvious WHOSE the better Dumbledore by watching the movie!

Mind, i've read Harry Potter thousand of times over (Book 1-4 = countless times, estimating more than hundred times; Book 5 = around 3 or more; Book 6 and 7 = more than 5 times), and i'm re-reading from book 1 again now!

I can remember most of everything which happen, i can remember most lines spoken, i can remember most of Ron's classic speeches and all... i have read it through and through so many times, although i don't "claim" to be an expert in Harry Potter, nobody should doubt how much i know about the story!

So ANYWAYS, back to what i wanted to say...

Over SO MANY TIMES i've read Harry Potter, not a SINGLE TIME i remember Dumbledore being mad and angry and attempted strangulation at Harry Potter!


I think the times he got mad was like what, countable in one hand...

However, the Dumbledore in the movie from the third movie onwards seems like he has PMS or something (= =")...

So what i wanted to say is...

Probably JK Rowling too dislike the way Michael Gambon portray Dumbledore, and so in an attempt to revenge, she announces that Dumbledore is gay!

Just to get back at him, and making his character, well, gay!

I mean, of ALL TIMES JK Rowling could've announced this fact, she choses NOW... there must be a reason right?

Apart from the reason a fan had asked a question...

Ok, i'm so mean !

But anyways, i'm not letting anyone ruin the impression i have on Dumbledore in my imagination!

Or any other characters in-fact!
I've read so much i have my own set of characters in my mind set, and so... you get the gist of it!


PPP: Blackpool Hotels

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Are you going to Blackpool anytime soon? If you're looking for Blackpool Hotels, do check out Big Blue Hotel. It is a four star family hotel which offers luxurious accommodations for holidays or business meetings. Big Blue Hotel is located at the south entrance of Pleasure Beach, and Europe's tallest and fastest rollercoaster, the Pepsi Max Big One, provides the backdrop for the hotel. Many rooms overlook the park, so you can be sure to experience the fun and excitement of staying at Pleasure Beach. Furthermore, the hotel is only 5 minutes from Blackpool Airport, and a stroll from Pleasure Beach's own railway station. Being in such a convenient and fabulous location, its difficult to give Big Blue Hotel a miss when you're in Blackpool!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Power of 3?

Three different places.

Three different timings.

Three different basis.

However all to achieve...

One purpose.

Just that one reason.

근데 왜요?

Don't mind what i wrote, i'm just being myself (= =")...

ps: So freaking fake.

Sometimes its unnoticeable by whom who possesses it?

I shan't have done so...

But who can blame me for being over-protective?

When time comes i act as i see fit.

Monday, October 22, 2007

PPP: Holidays to Dubai

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Royal Cat Kim HeeChul...

... appreciates fine art...

She loves art nyah?

On the other hand, her diet is not working AT ALL!

On the contrary, she's getting fatter (or so my grandma and mom says, but i feel so too)...

I don't know where i went wrong, i followed exactly like what the vet said you know (= =")...

Maybe she's destined to be one overweight fat cat!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Random pics!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

Remember the movie which was released on July 11th 2007?

The "slogan" for the movie was: "Only one can survive."...




Kaijie got this for me from Adelaide (^^ )!


And some stickers too (^^ )!


Isetan pre-sale!

First time buying so many stuffs from Isetan!



Yummy 0.99sen Ikea breakfast!
Nasi lemak was on the menu!

IT WAS GOOD (^^ )!

Better yet, mine has double egg-yoke XD!

Cholesterol cholesterol =P!



But i burned my tongue because i ate it in a hurry (= =")...

But it was good, YUM XD!~


Went to Madam Kwan @ KLCC for lunch with Kaijie!

The chicken chop is like CHICKEN FROM HEAVEN (^^ )!

The garlic sauce is especially LOVED!~


PPP: Credit cards

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Friday, October 19, 2007

The Appearance of the Troll.

Someone pissed me off big time.

I didn't want to write about her, for fearing the filth she'll leave on my beautiful Blog, however, i really need to get this out.

I believe in karma, and therefore i don't believe in insulting or "talking bad" / cursing another person, because i believe what comes around goes around.

But she has crossed the line, everyone's patience has a limit (and unlucky for her mine's real short).

I understand the Buddha or GunYum (Goddess of Mercy)'s teachings, to forgive and forget and keep your temper. Unfortunately, i have not meditate to that level, i have much to learn.
Therefore I pray that Buddha or GunYum will bestow upon me the ability to not lose my temper and feel like slapping her across the face whenever i see her face.

Or rather, it would be better if i would not have to see her face anymore.

Namo amitabha.

I don't want to go to details, however, three times i have met her, and three times she pissed me off kao kao.

Ok, the first two times it was my fault - i break the club rules - however i loath the tone and attitude she used. Don't forget she's VERY RUDE. Smiling, but the tone is plain RUDE.
As JungAh said, she's very the LCLY.

If she was polite, even if she's unfriendly, BUT polite, i wouldn't mind really, seeing its my fault to begin with.
But her tone i really hate, and therefore i'm very pissed.
She sound like she owns the place, and therefore we should worship the thickness of her skull. What i hate most is the way she talks as if she is teaching us a "lesson", and like she's the "smartest" one in the entire universe.
Who does she think she is? My teacher? Hermoine?
Please, she is more like Crabbe.

Even my school teacher don't talk to me like that ok!!

Anyways, this time, the third time, is purely loathing her tone and attitude.
I was just enquiring something, but she maintained the same arrogant attitude, and "teaching me a lesson".

Luckily i keep my head and didn't slap her, which i really feel like doing so.

Yes, i'm so complaining to her superior, and lets hope she gets changed to another department. I cannot stand it anymore if i go there the next time, and i have to see her face.

Though i don't want to get to details, but just letting out the fact that i hate her tone and how it pisses me off, this i got to write out.

Due to certain reasons, i told her i can't go swimming because i did something pretty (will Blog about it soon) to myself, and i showed it to her.

Then she told another staff (also another arrogant piece of pothole - but she didn't piss me off as bad as that inflated piece of head), "Nak cantik tu," while pointing at me briefly as if its just a casual conversation.

Well, excuse me, OF COURSE i "nak cantik" lar!
Everyone also want cantik one right? Its just normal human behaviour.
What, do YOU think we would want to look like YOU?

I forgot she walks the ground as if she owns the place and everyone have to worship her.

Woopsy, "my fault"!

I don't know what my expression was when she said that, but i do hope its a black face and she knows how much pissed i am with her already.

But she won't i'm sure, the thickness of her skull prevents her from sensing normal human feelings.
Anything else too in fact. Don't forget her head is already so huge.

Maybe she thought she's just having a "casual conversation" with her co-worker, and totally "no offense" to me.
Too bad however, it offended me really much.
Its a very rude thing to say, and i feel everyone will generally have proper manners NOT to say such thing won't they?
She acted like she just came out from kampung really, doesn't she know any courtesy?

But, seeing her attitude, i won't be surprised if it is so.

She makes Gregory Goyle seem like a nice, sensitive boy.


ps: Ok, i Harry Potter BIG TIME don't i =D? Teehee!~

PPP: Insurance

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The similarities...

The more i see, the more i feel HeeChul is so alike HeeNim - personality-wise.

Because she is named after he.

This is something me and JungAh has agreed - the name of your pet totally affects their personality!

Look at her cat Rain (not named after the popstar Bi, but i'm sure most of you will think of him if she tells you her cat's name), who, like Bi, is VERY obedient.

Heck, Rain is the FIRST CAT i ever saw who can do DOG TRICKS (= =")!!
(You know how much i hate small yappy dogs =P!)

And darling Lazy is well, lazy XD!
(Oh gosh, i miss him so much, but i haven't go see him yet (ㅠ.ㅠ)...)

And also, HeeNim's cat HeeBum, who is named after himself and KiBum, is somewhat a little like HeeChul, but luckily has most of KiBum's good personalities.

Which is the ability to tolerate the rascal named Kim HeeChul (not my cat, the one his named after)...

Sometimes i wonder, if i hadn't named my cat HeeChul (but like i said, SHE chose her own name! Grr!), but instead, something else...

Like perhaps SungMin or HanKyung...

Maybe HeeChul will be like SungMin, a very cute, polite aegyo cat (^^ )!

Or maybe if she's named HanKyung... apart from being a very nice cat...

... maybe she'll know how to dance and cook 복경밥 (-┏)?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

PPP: Shoppers save money

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Sometimes when you wanted to get something for someone, but you can't afford it, maybe you can opt to get coupons for the person instead. You can save your money, and the receiver wouldn't need to forge out the full price as well.

My brother's laptop is quite old, and i know he wishes to get a new laptop. Maybe for his birthday next year, i can purchase Dell coupons for him. Besides that, i can also get 1800PetMeds coupons for HeeChul. I'm sure i could save a lot by getting 1800PetMeds discount on HeeChul's stuffs.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Chocolate chocolate ♪!~

Do you know what that means?

Chocolate chocolate ♪!~

Gosh, i better get up and post it all soon, gah!!


Whats better in life than CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE ♪~ XD?

I love Chocolate ♪!~

ps: JungAh better come on and explain it to people who might not understand XD! But here's a hint =P!

I'm drowning in CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE ♪~ now that i doubt i'll be able to give any replies XD!~

Edit: AND~... the magnae took me away from Chocolate again, as usual XD!~

I watched the "A Whole New World" performance again, and yes, i cried again!~
Heck, so normal! I actually surprised myself that i didn't cry when i listened to the whole of 2nd album last time, because BABY IS BACK XD!~

I so miss his voice! HE IS LOVED XD!~

Posting the video tomorrow, please look out for it (^^ )!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

PPP: Convenient way to travel

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One place i had really wanted to visit is Tokyo, Japan. I've been there before, but i've always wanted to go back because the last time i was there i was on tour, so i didn't get to explore Tokyo as much as i want. There are just so many things i wanted to do in Tokyo, and the one i look forward to most would be shopping! However, if i were to go back to Tokyo, i wouldn't follow the tour this time, but rather, i will be my own tour guide.

Have you heard of Hotel Reservations? They are a great website which i can use to help me book the hotels, and i do not need to go through the hustle and bustle of going to the travel agent to secure my bookings, when i can do so from the comfort of my home.

There's this function i particularly like, which is the "Hotel search". I like it because you just need to choose the continent, the country, the city, then enter all the basic information like the check-in and check-out date, plus number of rooms and guests, and it'll automatically send back all the different hotel informations required. All informations are also very descriptive, which can help you decide which hotel would be more suitable. There's even a function where you can add the information of different hotels to compare. Apart from that, there's also a Destination Guide feature which i can use to research and plan my trip first, so i won't need to worry over last-minute planning.

Hotel reservations do not just do hotel reservations, they also do flights and car bookings, and also vacation rentals and vacation packages. Do you know you can get up discounts up to 70% if you book online or make special internet rate reservation over the phone? If you're going to travel soon, don't forget to book with them!


Well, i don't want to jinx anything by announcing a news which is really good!

But i'm really really really happy!

So i'm not letting anything in for now, but i'm looking forward to year end (^^ )!

I'm giving everything a positive look, even if it doesn't come as i wished year end, at least we tried =D!

Ooh and yeah, decisions decisions...

I'm always bad at making decisions (= =")...

I don't want to regret, yet i fear if i do otherwise i will regret (= =")...

So fickle minded, tsk tsk!


PPP: Coupons

I enjoy shopping, but sometimes when you just don't know what to get for your family members during special occasions, it can really give you a headache. What more, during holiday seasons, the malls will be so packed, even shopping loses its fun.

This year, i think i would break from the tradition of giving them nicely wrapped gifts, instead, i would purchase for them coupon codes. That way, apart from it being easier for me to choose what to buy for them, they could also use the coupons to purchase items they really wanted.

I will get Expedia deals for my parents so they could go on a holiday, BabyCenter coupons for my eldest brother and sister-in-law, Dell coupons for my brother so he can get a new laptop, Petals coupon codes so i could use it to buy my grandmother a lovely bouquet, and not forgetting PetCareRX coupons for my spoilt cat.

Match made in HEAVEN!

Remember this post?

That time i haven't watched the performance, but now that i had...

I really cried when i heard KyuHyun singing "A Whole New World" with that contestant from Philippines (ㅠ.ㅠ)!

I mean, i don't know why really.
The video is not exactly complete you see (thats why i won't post it up here for now), but i amaze myself with my "ability" to cry by just listening to the complete audio with no complete video.

Imagine if i were to watch the complete version.

Guarantee bawl until tomorrow morning!~

I love baby SUPERKyu so much XD!~


Never get tired of saying that (^^ )!

As said before:
Seeing you back and performing is like heaven sent!


So anyways, i send the link to JungAh on MSN*.

eiko-chan bababu: ☆ said:
(sends link)

JungAh commented the girl's voice very mature for her age and look.
o◕‿◕o i ❤ RaiNb0ω ♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v ♪ says:
my god.. ur baby singing with that girl SOUNDS SO OLD!!!

Then retardedness took over.
And hence the attack begins.

eiko-chan bababu: ☆ says:
i sing with him better right
eiko-chan bababu: ☆ says:
everytime i sing that song i put on the "baby voice" one
eiko-chan bababu: ☆ says:
well, in the shower lar
eiko-chan bababu: ☆ says:
i'll sing using the cartoon voice one!
eiko-chan bababu: ☆ says:
but then hor, kyuhyun sing aladdin also follow the cartoon voice
eiko-chan bababu: ☆ says:
so we sing together will be purr-fect
JungAh ignored me =(...

Then we commented on the girls' voice, JungAh thinks she so young but voice so mature. I think the girl's voice is really very powerful, she have very strong vocals, very good!

But after saying it, i ruined "the mood" at the moment by saying:
eiko-chan bababu: ☆ says:
but i still more suitable =P

And she ignored me again (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

But teehee, because its... FUN XD!~

But no really...
I really am a better match for my Baby!
Don't you think so too (-┏)?

Match made in HEAVEN XD!~

Don't you dare say no *takes out baseball bat*.

*All the above MSN conversations have been edited and dramatised for the ultimate effect as seen fit by the all great kimchi-ness YoungJi ME =D!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I want to kill the fat cat.

I actually wanted to post about HeeChul's vet trip here, but its really fully HeeChul-oriented, of course, so i guess posting it on her Blog would be much more appropriate =)!

Do check it out, but its long-winded!
You have been warned =P!

I brought HeeChul to Healing Rooms on Thursday, just for a basic check-up. I brought BoyBoy there the last time, and i was very satisfied with their service, even if the consultation fee is a bit on the costly side.

Since its not her usual vet, and i find that they are very attentive to the animals, i decided why not just bring her for a check-up to see if she's purr-fectly healthy, as a second opinion too. I was a bit very worried with her weight too and her tummy part is a bit on the lumpy side, so i was wondering if its normal.

I'll write up about her vet check-up another time, i want to complain about something first.

I bought her a new brand of flea-prevention medication from the vet, and i can only apply it two days after i bathed her, which is today.

Surprisingly, all the times when i have to apply her medication, i'll have to catch her, kepit her between my legs, apply and only let her off.
This time she was sleeping on my chair, and when i pressed her head down and part the hair on the back of her neck, even when i apply the medication, she even let me do it without any fuss!

After finishing, her head was still down as if i was pressing it, when i was not! It turns out she fell asleep adee! What a good girl =D!

But happy too early (= =")...

I proceeded to use my laptop while Her Royal Highness sleeps on my armchair (i have to sit on the short pink Ikea stool instead - my mom complained i treat my cat better than her, because if she was the one sitting on the armchair, i would've shooed her away =P! Heehee!), i even pushed the armchair under the table so the place Princess is sleeping would be shaded from the light.

Bad idea.

Because after around 10 minutes or more, i take a peek at her and she was sleeping her signature sleeping style again.

Her face was facing upwards and THE BACK OF HER NECK WAS LEANING ON THE CHAIR!

An example of her signature sleeping style.
This picture was taken a couple of months back, but its the exact way she sleeps.

You guess what happens next.

I got her to move her head and i look at my chair...


I suspected possibly only 5% of the medication is on her now, the rest is currently on my chair. Idiotic fat cat.

The medicine was still very "fresh" on her neck, haven't even dry a single bit, when she slept that way, and so thats how a big part of the medication got onto the chair. The chair absorb "kao-kao"!!


Now i'm wondering what to do, because the medication is "racun", so how to clean it really.
But honestly, i don't mind it kena the chair lor really, i mean, kena also kena dee mar...

But i really want to kill her now because the medication is FREAKING EXPENSIVE.

Its like RM15+ per tube ok???

Luckily i'm planning to buy the spray version anyways (its milder and also more fuss, but otherwise also a good, recommended brand), so this month i can use both. But i still need to consult the vet anyways. Though, now i'm wondering if i should use another tube on her!!!


ps: I called the vet and they are very nice; i explained the situation to him and he very patiently explained all the necessary stuffs to me.
I emphasized on "very patiently" because i had asked him loads of question about the medication, and even about fleas, even asking him twice whether if his absolutely positive that the medication will still work on HeeChul, despite her rubbing it off! Despite so, he still replied everything very politely and nicely, unlike some other people who would sound very geram when someone has asked so many obvious questions!
Haha, i was naggy, and i guess they have a lot of naggy customers that i'm probably a few of the "better ones", and so they are used to it =P? Hahaha!

Oh well, i can get naggy when it comes to the fat cat. Hmph!

Selayang Pound Problem

Got this from Katz Tales! I hope more people read about this, become aware of this matter and PLEASE DO SPREAD THE NEWS AROUND! The more people becoming aware of this the better!

Do visit for the full story.
I read her Blog and i was horrified by the conditions in the pound, i hope lightning strikes again.

I received this horribly distressing email last night, and hope that by posting it here at least a few abandoned pets will be given a chance for a new life.

PS Please note that this email is discussing Malaysian pounds!


Dear all,

Thank you very much for all your concerned emails. We are trying very hard to "save" the dogs in the Selayang Pound. Unfortunately to be able to do things the "politically" correct way will take time and this means that the dogs there will continue suffering.

It is also important to note, that even the cats that are at the pound are not well looked after. On our last visit there on Tuesday, we saw 3 dead foetuses in the cattery, and a female cat that was still in labour. No veterinary care was provided at all, although we notified the staff on duty of the condition. No efforts were made to remove the foetuses either. See Cleopatra the Labrador for pictures.

We would also like to urge all dog owners to keep their dogs safe and not to let your dogs roam on the streets freely. Ensure that your dog is on a leash at all times when taking him/her out for walks. All free roaming dogs will be caught by the cruel hired dog catchers regardless of whether your dog is licensed!

1. Adopt a Dog from the Selayang Pound

Meanwhile, we have discovered that we can however give some immediate relief to the dogs at the Selayang Pound by adopting them. However as we have limited resources we will not be able to adopt all of them. So if each and every one of you could adopt a dog from the pound, we can all make a big difference.

Please visit here for details on how you can help.

Joanne and Leigh have managed to save the dog with the padlock and heavy chain over the weekend. The poor boy was in severe pain as the heavy chain and padlock had eaten into his neck and he had a severe wound on his neck due to it. The poor boy could barely walk when they took him from the pound. He is now being treated by a vet, and his overall condition is being assessed.

If you are unable to view the picture, please look here.

2. Give Strays a Chance

Strays, dogs and cats alike, have received a lot of flak from the public over the years. Strays have been cited to be a nuisance and are even categorised as pests by the local councils... Are strays really that bad? Please visit for full story.

Natasha Fernz
Tel: (+6) 016 322 8816

I personally don't believe in "bad strays", its more like irresponsible pet owners who didn't get their pets spayed!

I'm going to screw the next person who condemns me when i said HeeChul is spayed. I mean, if you disagree with spaying your pet there's nothing i can do, but to condemn me when it is the right thing to do (Come on, multiple websites of "what makes a responsible pet owner" can't be wrong, and then YOU, right? PLEASE!), you must be brainless.

You see, if you didn't get your pets spayed, you're just contributing to the number of strays which are already succumbing to the cruel hands of Malaysians. Even if you decided not to spay your pets, please at least with 100% assurance that your pet is NOT contributing to the stray population.

If you don't like what you have read, do something about it. Don't just sit and feel angry. Do something. Even merely spreading the word is good enough.

While you might have no power to control the strays from breeding, you have the power from ensuring your own pet who is under your control doesn't contribute to the stray population too. There are just too many strays in Malaysia, and a lot of them are suffering because we are cruel.

Be a responsible pet owner!

Please do spread the word!

Hopefully the authorities will have brains for once and do something about it, i mean, honestly, PLEASE LAR!
We're making our beloved country "lose-face" in terms of animal humanity ok!

So what if we're up in space, when down here animals are suffering because of our doings?

I don't get it.